The eve of a new season

Last night’s snooze-fest has re-emphasized my feelings of apathy for this upcoming season.   It’s been a long time since I wasn’t dying with anticipation for my beloved Dolphins’ opener.

I’m sure I’ll get more into it as the season progresses.   We’ll either get closer to a #1 draft pick or we’ll surprise people by being a miracle team.  I can handle either of those scenarios.   But as I’ve said, I predict we’ll win 4-6 games and take ourselves out of the Top 3.   We play some really crappy teams this year, and we will get several wins.  Possibly even Sunday.   That Raven offense is nothing to fear.  Just like that mighty Bears’ offense last night.  LOL, the Packers gutted their entire defense in the off season, and with a bunch of new guys, they held the Bears to 3.  Booooring.

I’ll have my chat room open Sunday, and all are free to join.    The Chat link should be in the top right of any page here on my site.

Also, we signed some journeyman offensive linemen today.  Ho hum.

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  1. Hard Rock Stadium has partnered with the SunPass program to offer fans a convenient, less expensive parking payment option for attending Miami Dolphins games and all other stadium events. As you approach the stadium, look for the SunPass Plus logo at the parking gates.
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  2. Did you know you can take Miami-Dade Transit to Hard Rock Stadium?
    For all 2018-19 Miami Dolphins home games, Miami-Dade Transit will offer a special Sunday service from the Earlington Heights Metrorail Station to Hard Rock Stadium.
    Simply take the Metrorail to the Earlington Heights station and transfer to the Metrobus route 297.
    You can also catch the Metrobus route 297 at the following Metrorail stations: Brownsville and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Miami-Dade North campus is no longer a stop)
    Service will commence two hours before kickoff and run until two hours after the game.
    Click here for a full route map, and download the Miami-Dade Transit Tracker app to start planning – and tracking – your next trip!
    Visit for more information.

    1. Karma I’m pretailgating here great info but….let’s talk about the game not about transit hahaha! I think that they may just win this one. Although drinking a lot of rum…

      1. I hope we do but I don’t see it happening. I’m pretty much a tequila drinker in my old age. Enjoy and no driving.

        1. Tequila wow give you credit can’t handle that shit anymore although I’ve taken down a few worms in my life. Love my rum although usually when watching the Fins I don’t drink Sundays is NFL only and a few ribs or roast haha! Either way no drinking and driving not cool totally agree. I can walk to work with you around here. Let’s go Fins!!! If you want to see some heart in sports watch the Canadian girl Bianca Andreescu 19 play Serena Williams tomorrow youth against old classic if you like tennis. I love it because if not about money like Antonio Brown they want to win!

          1. I enjoyed the game for a long time in Miami. I played in high school and in college and taught a while for extra $$$. I have never been a fan of the Williams clan.
            Sunday is Marco’s pizza day for me for game food. Honestly,I have had a drink since the SB in February.

          2. Andreescu needs to lose a few pounds, then I’ll watch her.

            1. Haha she still has baby fat only 19! I was impressed with her determination to win. Now if our young Fins have that same determination who knows they may impress us…

              1. I’d hit it! But then again,I’m 68.

  3. Just saw this on Dolphins FB page: FOOTBALL IS BACK! Celebrate with no fees on your tickets to the Miami Dolphins Home Opener vs the Baltimore Ravens!
    Purchase today!

  4. On Dolphins website:
    Take advantage of no ticket fees on Dolphins single game tickets until Monday, September 9 at 11:59 PM

  5. Would you guys want to sign Brown? I say no unless it was a complete bargain incentive laden contract. Even still I’d feel queesy.

    1. He’s a diva for sure and the Steelers did the right thing by letting him go for the good of the team. No matter how good he is,he is a cancer. Not worth the drama. The Raiders made a huge mistake by not cutting him and saving and moving on.They are terrible even with him and Gruden knows it and wants to keep him no mater what. No way I’d want him.

  6. I just saw they released him!!! I’m a little slow on the uptake! LOL!

  7. Antonio Brown has agreed to terms with the Patsies.

    1. Was there any doubt where he’d end up?

      1. Complete joke I hope that it blows up in their face…the guy is a certified loony toon…

  8. There ya go! Your chubby Canadian beat Serena easily!

    1. Doable!
      Dolphins extend Jesse Davis 3 yrs for 15m. Did he learn to play overnight?????????????????
      If anybody with a pulse had any doubt about just how bad our OL is,this will will erase that doubt!

    2. Yes very impressive maybe there’s hope for our Fins. I’ll be cheering them on!!!

        1. I think it will be low scoring so they have a shot. ST may win it!

            1. Special teams Grant will return one to the house maybe two haha!

  9. AB leaving the Raiders hurts our chance for the top pick next year. They were bad with him-now we will be competing with them and Arizona for the top pick.

    1. Author

      I think the Colts will be 0-16. Serious lack of talent there

  10. How can the patsies even afford brown? 10 M guaranteed up to 18 M or something they don’t even have that much cap no?

  11. I think it was 9m signing bonus and 1m salary with up to 5m more in incentives. But my numbers surely aren’t always correct.

    1. Yeah I think that’s it but how can they even afford 10 M I don’t think they have enough cap. Unless they plan on cutting a bunch of players hurting themselves elsewhere. This could be a Trojan horse….Would be awesome to see happen.

  12. Two Words – Trevor Lawrence

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