Get ready to see jonathan martin again

Jonathan Judas Martin, who whined his way out of Miami and cost Pro Bowl guard Richie Incognito his job, will now be back with the Dolphins…sort of.

Martin, as part of the Carolina Panthers, will participate in joint practices in August with the Dolphins.  I’m not sure why teams practice with other teams.

One of these men is a Pro Bowl Guard. The other got his wittle old feewings hurted.

It seems that injuries are more likely and the familiarity is not there.  These practices will be held in advance of the Panther-Dolphin preseason game.

It will be interesting to see how the Dolphins treat this fallen traitor.   I will lose respect for any Dolphin who still respects this big crybaby.

There are a lot of questions, but only one certainty:   if anything bad happens to Martin, such as an injury or someone calling him a name, he will go running to Mommy and the Media before anyone else.  THAT is the Martin legacy.

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  1. I could have cared less about Martin leaving the Dolphins because he was a turnstile on the offensive line primarily because he isn’t that good.

    But he took Incognito out with him and that really set us back a year on the OL.

    Richie hasn’t played pro bowl football in a while but he has been in between good and very good which is better then all but one man on the Dolphins OL!

    If I were in charge of the Dolphins I would refuse to allow any players to interact with Martain at all

    But then again if I were in charge Martin would have been canned long before he was in a position to take out Incogneto

    If philbin had more of a feel for his team and a little less for the chalk board he would had know it was time to get rid of this menice long before bully gate

  2. Incognito was a cancer and has been kicked off every team he’s ever been on. He had no place on the Dolphins and Philbin didnt want him. Signing him was just another blunder by Jeff Ireland. The Dolphins are far better off without him. As far as Jonathan Martin the guy started from day one as a rookie so he is not terrible. And he plays much better without the discrimination and racism he was subjected to on the Dolphins.

    1. Author

      The fact that Philbin didn’t want him is more than likely a hint that he was a good player. Just like several other Pro Bowlers who Philbin didn’t want. Clueless Joe has wiped out a whole slew of Pro Bowlers in his time here. Joey hasn’t learned how to turn the problem players into his type of players. Instead, old Joe just gets rid of them, including Incognito.
      Meanwhile, Judas Martin is on his third team in two years. Stop being silly, Anthony.

      1. Nothing silly about anything I said. Poor argument about Philbin. If the fact that Philbin didn’t want him is more than likely a hint that he was a good player then the fact that Ireland signed him is a guarantee he’s a bad player.

        Did you see the Wells report? It clearly showed Incognito was a cancer. Heck, they sent him to a funny farm as a result. He also tweeted about doing ecstasy at the strip clubs.

        When Don Shula was asked if he would have an Incognito on his team his response was “You win with good people both on and off the field.” I agree.

        1. Ummmm….. Your argument isn’t just bad it’s revisionist history!

          In 07 I think is when the ram drafted Incogneto he was the strongest and most explosive player at the combine. This is a guy who is a tremendous athlete

          You claim he sucked so the Rams let him go?

          Again revisionist history

          He played on a line that allowed a 4500 yard passer a 1500 yard rusher and two 1000 yard recovers! Do you know how many other lines have done that?


          The kid was immature and he and his coach didn’t like one another and after four or five years the Rams had enough. Of course by then they were rebuilding and Incogneto was claimed off waivers and played the final three games that year with the bills and was very good and the bills wanted to keep him but he was a free agent and Miami signed him

          Then you cite the wells report…… Come on doing that is insanity

          The kid can play football he a bit immature but Martain can’t really play football and is equally immature

          I’d take Incogneto in a minute and so would a lot of coaches

          Because the kid can play

          1. The Wells report is the most objective report there is. Its more objective than anything you or admin or I say.

            And I never said the Rams let him go because he sucked. The Rams let him go for the same reason the Dolphins and Nebraska let him go. He’s a cancer. And didnt he also sexually abuse a woman at a charity event and the cops were called. He is not the kind of guy I want on my team.

            1. Author

              It’s a free country and a free website, where all comments are welcome, even illogical and incorrect commenters like Anthony. The Wells Report was a joke, and this website has shown it time and time again. Wells believed every single little thing that Martin said, and then disbelieved every single thing Richie said. If Richie was a cancer, then at least one person would have said so. 51 Dolphins on the roster and 50 of them supported Richie’s side of the story, and only Judas Martin supported his own version. Every Dolphin wanted him to stay. That’s a fact abut how respected Richie was. A Pro Bowl asset, not a cancer.

              1. Thats not true. Sorry. Wells spoke to everyone and Martin’s allegations were widely collaberated.. And those are the facts. Nothing incorrect as you wrongly claim.

  3. Anthony I don’t do this much but I have to TOTALY disagree with you but I can’t respond now as I’m laughing to hard from reading your post!

  4. The NFL released the independent investigation into the Miami Dolphins workplace harassment claims, which were made by offensive lineman Jonathan Martin on Friday morning.

    In the 144-page report, which comes with a warning that the language and behavior described in the report are extremely vulgar, it concludes that three starters on the Dolphins offensive line, Richie Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey, engaged in a pattern of harassment directed at not only Jonathan Martin, but also another young Dolphins offensive lineman and an assistant trainer.

    “The Report finds that the assistant trainer repeatedly was the object of racial slurs and other racially derogatory language; that the other offensive lineman was subjected to homophobic name-calling and improper physical touching; and that Martin was taunted on a persistent basis with sexually explicit remarks about his sister and his mother and at times ridiculed with racial insults and other offensive comments,” Ted Wells states in his summary.

    Wells, who led the independent investigation, reviewed thousands of voluntarily produced documents, including text messages, emails and team policies, and completed more than 100 interviews, including interviews of all Dolphins players and coaches, key front office personnel, and the team’s owner and chairman.

    With all due respect:
    Any fan on here that thinks they know more about these incidents than Attorney Ted Wells is quite delusional to say the least.. I think I’ll go with the guy that conducted months of inteviews, studied phone and text messages and wrote a 144 page report over any of the casual fans on this site. LOL

    1. Author

      Anthony, there is no doubt that Richie called Martin names and spoke very vulgar about Martin’s family, including racist remarks. No question, BUT….Martin also said the same exact things about Richie’s family. That is our point TWO GROWN MEN TEASED EACH OTHER. TWO men. It wasn’t one sided.
      Did you miss the text message when Martin said he would kill Richie’s family? Did you ignore that text? Ted Wells did.
      In fact, as I’ve pointed out on my site countless times, I’ve studies the Wells report in detail, numerous times. There are far too many examples of Wells harping on all of Richie’s faults, while ignoring Martin’s role.
      Richie sent a vulgar message to Martin? Wells says Richie is a bully.
      Martin sends a vulgar message to Richie? Wells says Martin is just joking around.
      Mike Pouncey testifies that Martin was vulgar and teased back? Wells says Pouncey is not a credible witness.
      Martin admits to drugs and alcohol and prostitutes? Wells gives Martin a free pass.
      All the guys laughed when line coach Jim Turner teased them all? Wells says Martin didn’t get it,

  5. I never claim that I know more then Wells and his moronic report.

    What I do know is that all the players (Who actually did know these idiots) all sided with Incognito.

    The NFL was on a witch hunt because martin’s mother was about to sue the hell out of them and Miami Capitulated the NFL and gave up a Pro Bowl Caliber Player who you call a Cancer.

    Some people called Joe Montana a Cancer too especialy once Jerry Rice stole some of his spot light

    OJ Simpson (Before killing his wife and her other lover) was the king Cancer of Prima donnas

    Some people called Dion Sanders a Cancer Too…….

    Would love to have these guys in their prime

    I’m not saying that Incogneto is in the same company talent wise I’m just saying he was one of the most talented O Lineman we have had in a long time and getting rid of a talented O linman in this day and age in the NFL where the good ones are few and far between was a Hugh Mistake cancer or no cancer.

    Sometimes a coach had to eat crow and learn how to manage those types of people.

    Many coach’s better then Philbin have done it in the past!

    1. Author

      I agree with Brian, but I’d further point our that the Dolphins suspended Richie BEFORE the Wells report. BEFORE the NFL even looked into it. BEFORE the season was over. The Dolphins listened to the politically correct public bleeding hearts and suspended the man BEFORE there was any investigation. Richie lost his job because of an accusation, not proof.
      Compare that to the Patriots. Did they suspend Tom Brady based only upon an ACCUSATION? No, they let him go win a Super Bowl, and THEN deal with it.

  6. At Nebraska Incognito began displaying the behavioral problems that would follow him throughout his career. During his second game, against Troy State, he was accused of spitting on a Troy State player. Two weeks later, he was ejected for picking a fight in a blowout loss to Penn State. Per NCAA rules, he had to sit out the first half of the Huskers’ next game, against Iowa State. In the second-to-last game of the season, against Colorado, he was flagged for a 15-yard personal foul penalty late in the game that largely contributed to the Huskers losing to the Buffaloes.

    In the spring of 2003, Incognito got in a fight during practice and was suspended indefinitely by head coach Frank Solich. By this time, Solich and his staff were concerned enough about Incognito’s behavior to send him to the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas for anger management treatment.

    In February 2004, Incognito was involved in a fight at a party and was charged with three counts of assault. In June, he was found guilty on one of the misdemeanor assault charges and paid a $500 fine. Incognito was shifted to center during the 2004 preseason camp. He entered the season with high expectations. On September 1, however, he was suspended indefinitely for repeated violations of team rules. The final straw for new coach Bill Callahan came when Incognito got into a fight in the locker room. Within a few weeks, Incognito withdrew from all classes at Nebraska and left Lincoln.

    In late September, he transferred to the University of Oregon, only to be dismissed from the team a week later. Head coach Mike Bellotti said Incognito failed to meet the conditions he’d agreed to meet before his arrival in Eugene. Bellotti didn’t elaborate, but Incognito had been required to complete an anger-management course and adhere to a strict code of conduct.
    2009. On December 13, during the first half of a 47-7 loss to the Tennessee Titans, Incognito drew two 15-yard penalties for headbutting Titans players. Head coach Steve Spagnuolo benched him for the second half, and the two got into a heated confrontation on the sidelines. It was the second time Incognito had been benched for losing his composure; he’d been pulled from the season opener against Seattle for two personal fouls. However, the Titans incident was the last straw; the Rams waived him two days after the game.[20] In 2013, former Rams general manager Billy Devaney told ESPN that Spagnuolo had given Incognito numerous chances to clean up his act, and had put him on notice that the Rams would cut ties with him if he couldn’t control his anger.

    The two personal fouls led to a $50,000 fine from the NFL and a letter from the league office warning him that “future infractions of the types you have committed may lead to increased disciplinary action up to and including suspension. In four years with the Rams from 2006 to 2009, Incognito drew 38 penalties, including seven unnecessary roughness calls, more than any other player during that span.

    Can u say CANCER???

  7. Cancer is your opinion, but Pro Bowler is a proven fact. I’m with Brian M on this one.

    1. Read the 4:59 post. Every coach he ever had labeled him a cancer. And Mike Wallace was a pro bowler too I guess you were sorry to see him go also.

      1. Author

        Yes, every Dolfan with half a brain was sorry to Wallace go. You do not cut a Pro Bowl caliber player whose main fault was speaking up about how open he is getting and how he wants the ball. To want Mike Wallace OFF the team is to acknowledge that Joe Philbin is intelligent when it comes to personnel, and that is ludicrous.

  8. Yes I was sorry to see Wallace leave. Not only was he jettisoned prematurely but this stupid coaching staff never utilized him properly.

    You can say tannahill couldn’t get him the ball but after years that falls back on coaching to have fixed but instead of fixing they got rid of him.

    Another illustration of philbins incompetence

    You just can’t afford to keep getting rid of pro bowl type players when your at the bottom of the heap

  9. Anthony I get that you don’t like the guy. I get that personally he is a scumbag. I get it. I don’t think anyone is arguing that point.

    But you are a dolphins fan right?

    Do you honestly believe there aren’t others on the team with questionable pasts?

    Probably not as bad as incognitos but some of these guys are scumbags too.

    The problem is our coaches can’t manage them and they just get rid of them which is ok if your talking a special teams guy once and a while but not a talented O Lineman who then ends up with the Bills!

  10. I agree they should’ve kept Wallace. He was the only playmaker on the offence. But they had to get rid of Incognito and it didnt matter how good or bad a player he was.

  11. Mike I don’t disagree for a moment that they HAD to get rid of Incognito. I think Ross would have had the franchise taken from him by the NFL had they not gotten rid of incognito to toe the company line and avoid a very public lawsuit which Martians Mother was threating…. ummmm no mention of that in the all inclusive Wells Report?

    But if Incognito is SOOOOOOOOO bad what the hell is he doing playing in Buffalo?

    Why are the Bills projected to have the second best OL in the AFC east (which is 2 ahead of last place Miami?)

    Why the hell did Miami have to give up a pro bowl guard who they haven’t replaced with NO DAMMM COMPENSATION and why in the world would any Dolphin Fan sit back and say, “Wow that’s great that he is gone?” oh “….and its great hes playing in buffalo”

    Pro Bowl Player – GONE
    Compensation – NONE

    No other team in football would have bent over and taken this without a fight except the stupid Dolphins

    One last parting thought on this subject that has been beaten like a dead horse (partially my fault too) why did Philbin escape from any culpability? This crap wouldn’t have happened on Belichks teams or anyother decent coaches teams they would have put an end to it but cluewless Philbin had no idea it was even going on.

    I don’t think Wells report was Unbiased, Conclusive or exhaustive.

    I think it was purely a PR hit piece to placate Martians Mother and make the NFL look good to Women who happen to be the NFL’s #1 priority right now!

    Thanks all of you guys for listing to my rant on this. This is my final post on the topic!

    1. You’d probably like Aaron Hernandez on your team too. He made a pro bowl.

      1. No way! Aaren Hernandez is a criminal. He did a lot more than just playfully tease his teammate, which is all Richie Incognito did.

      2. Thats a pretty stupid comment Anthony. Incognito was pursued by seven other football teams and is now playing for the Bills.

        Aaron Hernandez is a gang member and murder of probably more people then we will ever know about and thankfully going to probably end up spending the rest of his life in jail

        Why you would think I’d want him out of jail in the first place much less back in the NFL is beyond me

        1. Well, it sounds like if a guy made a pro bowl you dont care how bad a person he is. Incognito has always been in trouble with the law, his own teammates as well as his own coaches. And whats stupid is you still dont know how to spell Ryan T or Richie’s last name.

  12. Pretty much, yes! We want to win titles, not citizen of the year award.

    Well, it sounds like if a guy made a pro bowl you dont care how bad a person he is.

    1. WOW!!! And are you Brian because you always answer for him,

      1. Just because Brian and I agree, doesn’t mean I am Brian.

        1. I’m not talking about agreeing or disagreeing. 3 times he was asked a question and you answered. Same person?

          1. No, I just thought you were asking us all indirectly. Didn’t know it was aimed at Brian.
            Hey Admin, what do you think of our offensive line this year? We needed an upgrade abut seems like we kept the status quo.

  13. Brian and Floridan (misspelled) same person?

  14. So I’ve asked Brian 3 questions and haven’t gotten an answer on any of them FROM HIM.

    1. Anthony your entitled to your opinion. I respect it and have read everything you have written. I don’t agree (obviously) but I respect your view enough to not belittle you.

      On the other hand when I state my opinion and others seem to agree with me and not you, you resort to personal attacks


      – So you think murders should walk free
      – your so stupid you can’t spell names
      – your such a loser you post under at lest two
      Names that I know of
      – you never answered my last three questions
      So you must be scared of me ( or whatever
      Your thinking is there)

      So let me get this right

      1 – you obviously dislike incognito because he was a bully (not a criminal mind you)

      2 – when no one agrees with you, you resort to bullying on the forum to try to shame me away?

      I guess your no better then incognito!

      Also since you want to go tit for tat you mentioned that none of incognitos team mates liked him but the only dolphin player who didn’t back incognito was Martain.

      Also in my comments (if you actually read them) you would see my response to your questions.

      1. Brian, you are making up a lot of stuff. I never bullied anyone, never said murderers should walk free, and you referred to my post as stupid. As far as spelling I can’t take you seriously when you can’t spell the names of the players you are writing about.

        1. I’ll keep that in mind when I see your future posts!

  15. Also I don’t know Floridian nor is it another name I post under!

  16. My own spelling is an old nickname my buddies came up with. Real name Dan. They combined Florida and Dan and got Floridan. It’s not supposed to be Floridian. More like FloriDan. Regardless, Brian M and I are different people with similar views on some topics. that’s all

  17. Brian you think Anthony is a bully and Incognito isnt? Thats hilarious.

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