POLL: Should the Dolphins carry three QBs on game day

Ryan Tannehill doesn’t have to worry about unemployment.  Neither, it would seem, does Matt Moore nor Josh Freeman.

The three quarterbacks should be with the Dolphins on opening day.  Tannehill will be the starter, leaving Moore and Freeman to battle for the backup job.   Joe Philbin does not like to carry a third emergency QB on game days.   Dolphins Truth feels this is a risky move, but Philbin has gotten away with it so far.

An NFL team can only dress 51 players on game day.ou carry 3 QBs, that means you have 48 others to work into the game.  Dressing only two QBs means you can have 49 others, which is Philbin’s preference.

We wonder how you feel….should Miami carry three QBs on game day?

Should Josh Freeman be our number two QB, or is it too early to tell?

Did the Dolphins waste money signing Freeman, as we could have gotten an undrafted rookie to be our third stringer?

And as far as third stringers go,  it’s sad that former Dolphin third stringer Doug Pedersen has a Super Bowl ring and not Dan Marino.


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  1. I think Matt Moore is a better QB than Tannehill so Freeman wont be the picture unless they just want to save money and sacrifice talent(which Ross often does).

    They should’ve drafted a QB because Tannehill has proven absolutely nothing after 3 boring years.

  2. Well I agree with DJ that Matt Moore is a very good QB. As good as THill? I think this year will tell if THill can be the franchise QB. Remember that THill has been behind some of the worst lines in football and has been hit a TON.

    Matt Moore could easily be one of the best backups

    He isn’t used much and one thing THill has proved is his durability so I say roll with the two of them and carry an extra linebacker or CB.

  3. Two is enough! I could possibly see 3 if T-hill was questionable.

    Speaking of Tannehill, it is time for all you Moore people to give it a rest. T-hill has gotten better every year he’s been in the league with NO adequate weapons around him. This year ought to erase all doubts as he will become a top 5 or 7 QB. Moore is a terrific backup and HE knows it. Otherwise he would have left as a FA to go start for the Bills, Cardinals, Houston, Cleveland, or even other team with no QB. Just appreciate we’ve got a guy who can step in and play.

    1. Still making excuses for Tannehill in year 4? No weapons? Wallace and Clay and Hartline were all good weapons. And good QB’s MAKE weapons out of nobodies. They make their teammates better. Tannehill lacks accuracy and pocket presence and makes his teammates worse. He just dinks and dunks. He was horrible when the playoffs were on the line the last 2 seasons. He has never had one winning season. Amazing that the Dolphins are satisfied with a below average QB.

      1. Tannehill’s coaching is the reason, plain and simple. Phillbin is an old school 1960s coach, and he won’t let his QB play 2015 style football.

        1. Not just the coaching

          The biggest problem for tannehill was his offensive line. The kid has been not only sacked but more importantly he has been hurried so much that if you take those plays away its amazing that he has done as well as he has

          1. Bad OL? Bad coaching? More excuses?

            The problem is that Tannehill is not a good QB.

            1. Well let’s look at Tom Brady. When he gets hit and hurried consistently in a game his passer rating plummets and he makes mistakes. When his OL keeps him clean he eats defenses alive.

              There is no secret to it. That’s why the patriots run a three step 2 second release offense. Brady Disney get hit and he kills everyone.

              The only way to beat Brady is to hit him.

              Tannehill has been hit more then anyother qb over the last three years. That’s not a point that can be argued. The kid has been mugged.

              Yet last year dispite the mugging that was the second half of the season he stamped a 4k yard season on the NFL.

              If your not impressed by that then you may not be able to be impressed.

              We had three games last year early I. The season where tannehill wasn’t hit but a few times and he killed it. If I remember he had a few games in a row close to or over 100 passer rating.

              We desperately need a line that protects him.

              Marino had great protection during the great years and almost all the great qbs had good OL to support them.

              Miami needs to get the OL fixed

              1. Glad you brought up Tom Brady. He is the perfect example. He won one SB with no OL another with no RB’s and another with no receivers. He makes an average receiver like Wes Welker look like a HOFer. He just wins no matter whats around him. He makes everyone better. No excuses, just wins.

  4. Also P Manning won a super bowl.with no D. Top QB’s overcome defiecencies.

  5. Finfans said the exact same thing about Chad Henne that they’re now saying about Ryan Tannehill. He’s developing. He needs more help around him. So they got Mike Pouncey, Jake Long, Reggie Bush, and Brandon Marshall. Guess what? It didnt help either.

  6. Henne nevr put up 4000 yards to prove himself. tannehill did. Plus, Philbin throttles Tannehill with abysmal coaching and play selection. I vote for T-hill over Henne?

  7. Yeah, yardage doesnt impress me. Its pretty meaningless IMO . The goal of the game us to get W’s in the big games. Thats how I measure QBs. Thats why I’d take Griese over Marino. He could win the big games. I realize many fans are impressed with stats especially with fantasy, but the W is the only one that matters to me.

    1. That is hilarious. Obviously you don’t remember the defense the Dolphins had when Griese was QB. Marino never had a defense and had to score 45 points to win games.

      1. Excuses for Marino? You’re right that is hilarious. He was probably the biggest choke artist in sports history and was never good on the biggest stage. His 1-11 in road playoff games speaks volumes about his choking. Not the guy I want in a big game and not the same QB in the postseason that he was in the regular season.

        1. 12 road playoff games would be hard for ANYONE to win. Tom Brady has probably played a handfull of games on the road in the playoffs, cuz NE always seems to have home field advantage cuz they cheat

  8. Hello everyone,

    Did some tool actually come here and bash Dan Marino?? Obviously this guy chokes his chicken while looking at pictures of pre-lap band Rex Ryan in his bedroom in his mom’s basement.

    As for those still criticizing Tannehill- say what you want about weapons, the guy has never played behind even a halfway decent O-line. Ryan has been sacked more than any other QB since coming into the league and it’s not even close. Plus, he had the disadvantage of playing for a has-been/never-was offensive coordinator and his son in law for his first two years.

    Given those impediments, a lesser man would have folded by now. Don’t listen to the BS about David Carr- that guy was legit. I saw him in college absolutely destroy a pretty decent Colorado team (before they really started sucking) with not much around him. He got thrown to the wolves with no O-line and got sacked more than anyone ever in his first few years. The damage was irreparable. All things considered, Ryan has done very well his first three years. He’s not the reason we haven’t made the playoffs.

    As far as our backup QB situation goes- I like Matt Moore, but he’s got a low ceiling. He’ll wow you with a nice, high deep ball, then make a bonehead play. There was a time that Freeman was viewed as a smart, athletic QB who once threw for 4,000 yards, had a very good TD:INT ratio, and even made the Pro Bowl.

    He’s another guy that once his decent offensive coach left (Gruden), things went downhill fast. There is a reason Raheem Morris is back to being a position coach and Greg Schiano is out of work.

    If Freeman can even get close to his old self, I would stick with him, and even go so far as to make sure he gets every opportunity to do so in camp. Again, I like Matt Moore, but his ceiling is low and we have been spending too much on our backup QB.

  9. Big mistake not signing UM standout and future HOFer Andre Johnson. He said he wanted to play for the Dolphins and would’ve put fans in the stands too.

  10. Earlier this summer, when questions were asked of the Dolphins regarding any potential interest in Johnson, . Miami instead signed veteran wide receiver Greg Jennings, “who came at a cheaper price tag.”


  11. Why is the time on this blog 3 hours off?

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