In an excellent move, the Dolphins re-signed center Samson Satele, a much-needed improvement and a much-better option than Joe Philbin’s recent philosophy of “Let’s take a guy who never played center in his life and make him our starting center.”

First thing we point out is that Satele was always a loyal Dolphin (do you know what the word “loyal” means, Jonathan Martin?). Satele was traded away by the previous regime…he did NOT move away as a free agent, not did he rat out his teammates in order to get traded to San Francisco.

More important than his loyalty is Satele’s resume of work. He is a center. A real center. Not an experiment. The question is not why was he signed the other day. The question is why didn’t we sign him the moment Mike Pouncey got hurt?

Joe Philbin has to stop waiting so long to realize his mistakes. It took him a month to realize that Satele was a better center than the other guys he’s been auditioning? No wonder it took him two full years to fire his friend Mike Sherman.

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