Poor Training Camp So Far But Time to Recover

By all accounts, the Dolphins offense, especially its new offensive line, is not doing well at camp.  There’s no reason to panic, as time can sort out a lot of the issues we’ve all been hearing about.

The one thing that is scary and concerns us is that Joe Philbin keeps talking about how patient he is.  Players sense when a coach is patient with them, and it sends a TERRIBLE message.

“I can screw up again and let the QB get sacked, because my coach is patient with me and he won’t do anything about it.”  THAT is the danger of Joe Philbin’s nice-guy approach.  He risks losing the players’ respect.,

Publicly, the players say all the right things and praise Philbin.  But deep down, do you think anyone has that much admiration for a guy who can’t form a winning season?  A guy who only beat Buffalo once in the 4 tries?  A guy who was an offensive coordinator but wasn’t allowed to call a play?  Thus far, there are zero accomplishments on Joe Philbin’s resume, and he needs to change that.  And soon.

As we said, there is time to recover, but it has to start from the top.

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