Gronk is out! … plus chat info

Okay, Gronk is out.   That’s the good news.

The bad new is the stupid chat room is requiring you guys to login in with accounts, so I said No for now.   Let’s just chat via the comments.   Or, if you see the chat window in the right column, underneath “recent comments” you can try that.   I think if you have a WordPress account and log in, then the chat will appear.

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  1. keep me posted fellas. I have to watch Cincy at Pittsburgh.

  2. Author

    Still can’t cover a simple Edelmann slant. That is 99% of the New England playbook. We’re in trouble already

  3. Author

    Please cover little Julie edelmann. He’s like 5 ft 5 for Gods sake. HIT HIM

  4. Man, do they look unprepared! Guess a good team will do that to ya…

  5. Author

    Sean, the game is over. I hope Pitt-Cincy is better. It’s like the the Dolphins has no idea that N.E. would throw slant passes. They threw 4 of them and in the endzone already

  6. Admin, i just saw a 3 and out, so, you may be right. Though i want to believe we’ll get it together real soon.

  7. Author

    Cameron sucks.
    Playcalling sucks. Compare the long complicated plays we ran (three and and) compared to New England’s playcalling of quick slants (touchdown). It’s not rocket science.
    You can even tell them what we’re gonna do. Then just do it faster than they defend it. NE’s been doing that for years

  8. Author

    7-11 Hogan burning us. But don’t worry…we have Kenny Stills to disrespect the flag and drop passes.

  9. Don’t forget, Hogan wasn’t good enough for the Phins

  10. Author

    Hogan again. 14-0 coming very very quickly

  11. Author

    Pats do us a favor every time they hand off. We can’t stop a single pass.



  13. Next weeks opponent, the Browns, are up 14-0 over the Ravens.

    1. Author

      @Sean. LOL, just when we thought we had an easy team coming up

  14. Author

    3 and out. Patriots’ ball

  15. Author

    They got Misi covering Edelmann and Jelani covering Amendola. No surprise it’s a blowout already.

  16. Author

    Kiko Alonso had the QB wrapped up for a sack, and let him escape. Gonna be a long long day

  17. Pats have 204 total yards thus far. I’m already dreading my Patriots fan coworkers tomorrow.

  18. welcome to the Dolphins we know and love

  19. Author

    Why would Gase accept that penalty? We coulda had NE at 2nd and 15. But Gase chose to give him 1st and 20? Give them less downs, stupid.

  20. i’m going grocery shopping with my wife..

  21. Wow…..

    I don’t think this is how they drew this game plan up

  22. Author

    Utterly embarrassing. This is like watching pop warner kids vs. a professional team.

    1. Author

      Kel, we are doing it right, but just too slow.

  23. Author

    Kenyan Drake returns kick from inside hi own endzone. Trips all my himself at the 5. Falls at the 9. the day is awful

  24. @admin

    Let’s not start insulting pop Warner teams!

  25. Author

    We need 5 yards for a first. Why is he throwing bombs? Horrible playcalling

  26. Phins are so overmatched they make it look like NE has 22 on the field vs their 11. BB spankin’ the rook.

    1. Author

      Yep. T-hill had Foster at the top of the screen wide open. instead he throws long into the Pats’ 22-man defense!

  27. 3rd and 5 and throws bomb to a covered TE ???????

  28. Author

    HA! Interesting. Tannehill’s wireless helmet not working in Foxboro. but NE’s is working fine. Happens every year

  29. Author

    Dolphins clapping for a false start on NE. Look at the scoreboard before clapping, ass munch

  30. Tannehill could be receiving in super stereo surround sound and it wouldn’t make a difference.

  31. Author

    Wow. You mean Miami is allowed to run a slant too? And successful? LEARN YOUR LESSONS GASE

  32. Author

    Davante parker dropped one right ion his hands

  33. Author

    Los of 25. Tannehill missed the snap. LOL

  34. Could be the worst team in the league

  35. At least tannehill will be gone after this year

  36. Author

    Xavien Howard keeps drive alive with illegal hands in facemask.

  37. Well we can all look forward to our halftime adjustments. 🙂

  38. Author

    See, when you pop little Julie Edelmann, he drops them. Just get in front of him and hit him

  39. wow a turnover and we go 3 and out again

  40. Author

    Kiko made a nice play. Recovered a fumble after a Patriot already had it wrapped up.

  41. Only thing I like about this so far is Jamie Erdahl on the sidelines (audio off)

  42. Author

    Landry fumbles the game away

  43. Author

    Arian Foster out. Dolphins career: No TDs, and 2 disrespecting the flags.

  44. Pats are dropping everything and we keep moving the sticks for them

  45. Author

    Peronal fouls, illegal hands to face, helmet to helmet….all bullshit calls

  46. Author

    Bullshit call…Edelmann lowers his head and the call is against US? Bullshit

  47. Author

    LOL…. New Englans 3rd string QB about to enter. Garroplo cant take a hit

  48. @admin

    “Landry fumbles the game away”

    That isn’t fair the game was WAY out of hand before the fumble

    Have we even gotten to 5 first downs?

    1. Author

      @Brian…. I think 3. One was via a penalty

  49. This kid will light is up to I’m sure

    1. Author

      @brian, Sadly I have to agree.

  50. Well Brissett will be cut tomorrow for that incompletion I say we pick him up and send Tannehill to the Jets!

  51. even if they don’t score the rest of the game. We can’t score 24

    1. Kel, I was just gonna write that

    1. He sucks bad. Worse than Chad Henne.

  52. Author

    Guys, rewind of you can. Cameron out of bounds with 2:15 left. Back to huddle. THE CLOCK STARTED AGAIN.
    How does NE get away with these clock/deflation.helmet shenanigans week after week after week??

  53. Author

    Time for Matt Moore. Possibly permanently. Just awful decisions all day long

  54. Maybe if the team didn’t just let Sean smith, vontae Davis, Ordick, Vernon go on defense and Mike Wallace, Brandon Marshall, Lamar Miller, fuck at least Brian hartline go on offense they wouldn’t be so trash

  55. Even if I thought Miller wasn’t that bad to lose the team just never brings in good replacements for any of the guys I just named. Always replacing young talent with over the hill vets

  56. Well it won’t be a shutout!!!!

  57. Author

    DeVante Parker has 3 drops that I counted

  58. 3 pts for the first half is good right?

    1. Author

      2 weeks in a row, 3 points in first half. 🙁

  59. Awful throw that should of been a touchdown to Parker

    1. *should have

      Do you guys like hummus?

  60. Author

    Mike Wallace catching TDs left and right

  61. Thanks for the penalty to start the 2nd half stills. Our team is hot garbage.

  62. Author

    Kenny Stills with another hold, after refusing to stand for the Anthem earlier. I said we should cut him, and I stand by that. He COSTS us

  63. I guess asking for more than three points in a half is a sin….wow! It’s like they’ve never seen this team before I said before the game double edelman and stop the run at least they stopped the run. The offense doesn’t seem interested yet 7-11 who no one wants seems to get open and catch the ball. Ridiculous….

    1. Author

      FFF, I couldn’t agree more.

  64. Finially we run for a three yard gain!!! Oh sorry that’s a turnover

    I guess we’re going to spot the patriots a few more points

  65. Author

    The passing game is FINALLY working good, so genius Gase decides to call a handoff to Fumbler Jay

  66. Well the wheels are coming off the bus now

  67. 31-3 in the 3rd is not that bad right?

  68. Author

    LOL, third stringer lighting us up, as predicted. It surprises no one.
    Not even the announcers. They’re not even saying how amazing it is fo rthis bum to come in and kill us. It’s like it’s expected. So sad

  69. If you want to enjoy watching these games, try rooting against the Dolphins and watch the game like you’re watching a comedy. Much more enjoyable and amusing that way.

    1. Author

      @Rick, not a bad idea. What else can we try, lol

      1. You should try it. They’re only playing for the best draft pick anyway. So rooting against them makes sense.

  70. Author

    NE give Stills a garbage TD. Meaningless at this point

  71. The biggest game of the season is actually next week – loser will be the favorite for #1 pick.

    1. Author

      LOL… Miami will get the #1 pick and take a Wide Receiver

  72. Pats are playing soft with no worries

  73. Author

    Third string QB with ZERO experience burning us by running, burning us by passing, and outsmarting our defense.

  74. Author

    Delay… a ref tripped and fell

  75. Author

    Michael Thomas does nothing at all today except: Disrespect our nation and then commits a holding penalty

  76. Author

    why do we ALWAYS gain 4 on 2nd and 5 ? Always

  77. Author

    Landry makes nice catch but still doesn’t make up for his costly fumble

  78. Author

    Landry got held twice today at the line of scrimmage and refs refused to call it either time. So hard to win against the typical Foxboro refs

    1. On one of Miami’s TDs there was a false start not called.

      It evens out.

  79. Wow great TD pass and catch…..

    If the def can get a three or six and out we might claw back into this.

    However if we get within a TD I predict the NFL will reinstate Brady who will come back out with 36 seconds left and win the game

  80. lets see if the D can stop again

  81. Author

    PATHETIC ball awareness. How did we not recover?

  82. Another missed sack I think that four today!

    You have to make those plays and now they had a fumble on the ground and can’t get it

    you have to make the plays

    1. Author

      @Brian, very true. The killer instinct simply isn’t there. Cant be taught either.

  83. NE Offense took over 4 min off the clock!

  84. It is nice to see both te starting to catch the ball a little bit

  85. Author

    STOP HANDING OFF TO AJAYI. Jesus Christ.. they cannot stop our passes this half, so why do them a favor and hand off?

  86. To bad Ryan didn’t show up in the second quarter

  87. Author

    Trent Green makes interested point, but partly incorrect. He basically pointed out how well the hurry up offense works, but you can’t do that unless you’re down by 21. Wrong. We should do it right out of the gate, whether up 35 or down 21 or tied at 0-0 to open the game.
    Gase sees what works and refuses to use it earlier. Why.

    1. It only really works when Defenses start to tire. You do that in the beginning of games it’ll be just faster 3 and outs

  88. I think we need to take Tannehills wife away from him until he wins 6 in a row!!!

  89. Why can’t the offense just do this in the first half ?

  90. Author

    Time for Brisset to turn superhuman. I predict a 6-minute drive to end it

  91. Author

    Are we allowed to tackle Blount?

  92. Author

    Note to Gase: They are gonna handoff to Blount. Please be ready.

  93. Author

    Yeah, as predicted, they are just running out the clock. Meanwhile, Gase has the safeties bacl 20 years protecting against a bomb that isn’t coming. And not using timeouts soon enough. Piss poor management

    1. I thought timeouts were for helping the other team.

  94. Author

    Horrible defense on this last drive. Just horrible. How do you NOT prepare for a bunch of handoffs? Why why why were we in dime package?

  95. Author

    LOL. now we get to lose heartbreakers TWO weeks in a row

  96. Author

    LOL… I love Tannehill’s fake-slide, then got up and ran over a guy

  97. Author

    Game Over. Lots of blame to go around, but this one is ALL on Adam Gase. He’s in over his head as far as preparation and adjustments. Our offense proved what it can do when they call the right plays. But when you don’t start calling those plays until you’re down by 28, that’s not the players fault

  98. Author

    0-2 now, and down by 2 in our own division. Another year, same old result. My God, we lost to a QB named Jacoby Brisquit

  99. Author

    And I do NOT wanna hear Gase talk about how proud he is for the comeback, etc.

  100. @parting thoughts

    1 – defense 2ndaery is as bad as we thought preseason

    2 – loved the halftime adjustments on offense and defense scheam

    3 – D line can not play at a high level for a full game – conditioning?

    4 – linebackers having a hard time tackling for the 9th year in a row will this ever be fixed

    5 – why do we have to play balanced on offense and not just stay in the two minute toss the ball scheam that tannehill actually does well?

    Thanks guys have a great week!

    1. NE made the adjustments for the Fins.

      By having to play their 3rd string QB. Which left the NE defense on the field longer and anyone can capitalize on a tired defense.

  101. “No Gronk, no Brady, no Garoppolo, …..NO PROBLEM! LOL” —- So sad and yet so true.

  102. Oh yes

    7 – we need a running back

  103. At least Parker looked good. Landry Parker plus maybe a free agent next year with a real quaterback could be nice

  104. Draft needs

    1) New owner
    3) QB
    4) RB
    5 ) TE

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