Two Weeks in a row Adam Gase is overmatched—-refuses to adjust offense until 4th Quarter

Another pig of a game with nothing to show.

What do you guys think:     Blame?   Praise?   Rants?   I turn it over to you folks.

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  1. Maybe they should start Moore for the first half as he should do better than 3 points then in the second half let Tanny finish the other team off. Makes total sense to me as the offense does zip the first half of every game.

    1. I doubt Gase is allowed to start Moore. Philbin wasn’t allowed.

      1. Don’t even bring up philbin he couldn’t remember to pull his pants up after taking a shit…

  2. The team and mainly the players don’t seem interested in running the ball which would keep the D off the field to get some much needed rest. It’s almost like a madden culture pass pass pass and pass some more. It’s really too bad that they won’t work on this as it would help the team in so many ways. For those fans that say hurry up offense and pass all game that’s the definition of insanity as it hasn’t worked in the past so why continue trying this? Lazer and Philbin kept trying to do this with this group and look where that got us.

    1. Philbin took us a lot further than Gase will.

      1. I highly doubt that Gase at least understands what it takes to win but unfortunately the players don’t seem to want to play a balanced game or simply can’t as Ajayi keeps fumbling. I’m not saying the D is perfect but they could be a lot better with some rest the TOP is ridiculous you can’t keep going 3 and out with a hurry up. Gase also deserves some time to insert his players it’s been two fricken games!

        1. “Gase at least understands what it takes to win?”

          And you know this how? LOL

          And Gase is inserting his players.

          1. Gase has only had one offseason and two games do you change coaches like your boxers?

            I meant that anyone would understand the actual concept is to win games more than philbin he was in his own little world when it came to stuff like that.

            1. Gase should never have been hired.
              Another experiment destined to fail.

  3. Author

    FFF, I see your points, but I disagree somewhat as far as “needing” to have a running game or “needing” to rush the ball. If the pass game is working, stick with it. Period. We were destroying NE at the end with a steady dose of Parker and Landry. And then they handed off to Ajayi for no gain. This happened several times. NE simply could not stop the pass, so why make it easy for them?
    The problem wasn’t our 2-minute offense. That was excellent. The problem was that we started running it when the game was already over, instead of running it immediately.

    1. @Admin Thankyou! I was saying the same damn thing! WTF it was almost a repeat of last week. Except our D held better last week.

  4. The Defense lost the last 2 games. It was pathetic in the 4th quarter trying in vain to stop Blount even though the entire stadium knew he was going to keep running it just about every play.

    1. Fins had the ball a whopping 23 min today….do you think the D had anything left in them? If anything be mad at the first or second drive when they did nothing.

      1. Yeah and the D held Seattle to 12 pts!!!

  5. Sorry I wasn’t specifically saying that they should run it in the second half of this particular game. But overall that should be a sound game plan obviously things change and adjustments should be made along the way to what’s working. They obviously can’t just pass all day long every game as in the end they’re no better off as they aren’t good enough to do this most teams simply aren’t. IMO they need to work on the run blocking and guys have to hang onto the ball the’ll be better off in the long run and would take a step forward.

  6. 16 rushes to 45 passes…..4.4 avg per run higher than the pats but they refuse to run or do anything in the first half of games. Its baffling….but they also had 1 rushing fumble and the other was receiving with 2 ints. The rushing fumbles have to stop as that’s a lot for so little attempts.

    1. I should say that Ajayi needs to hold onto the damn ball or his career will be short!

      1. Well, TannePuke stinks and he’s started 66 consecutive games!!

        1. Tanny is definitely a question mark as he can’t put together a full game seems to start slow but you can see glimpses of success. I think that you have to play out the year and go from there. Would be a huge set back if they are forced to draft a QB again there’s also no guarantee that you’ll find your guy….see Cleveland.

          I would have loved an experienced HC but it didn’t happen. There will be growing pains but if they hit it here they will have their man for many years like Shula. That would be ideal!

          1. Author

            The Tannehill interception came when his arm was hit. It looked awful at first, but then you can see what happened. So many breakdowns all day long. DeVante Parker dropping several balls before he turned it around. Jay Ajayi doing nothing after mouthing off last week. Arian Foster doing nothing after mouthing off about his pal Kaepernick the last two weeks. Kenny Stills has more holding penalties this season than our entire offensive line. All-around garbage play from our skill positions

          2. Chad Henne had more glimpses of success than Ryan Tannepuke.

            I’ve never seen a worse QB get 66 consecutive starts!!!!
            Its laughable.

      2. Author

        That Ajayi fumble was the nail int the coffin. I have to think that if Ajayi AND Landry didn’t lose fumbles, we had a chance. But BOTH of them dropping the ball? That was doom.

        1. They never get many breaks in NE. The refs also fight to make calls the head ref had to pick up flags! Communication went out during a critical series. It just doesn’t end. Lots of obstacles in NE that you don’t get anywhere else.

          1. For real when was the last time you saw communication issues for the Dolphins… EVER? Other teams complain about this always happening in NE and then it happens at just the right time to stifle any momentum the Phins could have gained by getting the 1st down. Umm yeah. Supposedly it was a bad battery, then why hasnt that atleast happened once before? I cant ever ever remember even once a com problem. Magically it happens in NE. And there was also something fishy about how the 1st half unfolded. It was like they knew exactly how our defense would play and had the perfect response every damn time. Now this is a 2nd string QB and I get it hes coached by brady. But he looked too damn good like he had fore knowledge. I dunno man it just seemed more choreographed than happenstance football.

    2. It appeared to me Tannehill had the best runs of the game. I wonder how many of those rushes were his and what that average was.

      1. It’s pretty sad when your QB leads the team in rushing.

        Ryan Tannehill 6 35 5.8 0 17
        Jay Ajayi 5 14 2.8 0 8
        Kenyan Drake 2 12 6.0 7
        Arian Foster 3 9 3.0 0 5

        1. It’s sad when you see the Dolphins in 3rd down and half a yard to go and Tannehill is used as a rusher to get the first down.

          1. Author

            Yeah, and I am the first person to scream “QB Sneak” all the time in that situation. But the way it developed, it became way too obvious what the call was. Tannehill was hurrying everyone on offense to the line, totally giving it away that they were going to try to run a quick sneak.
            So now instead of just calling for a QB Sneak, I’m going to have to call Smart Qb Sneak.

            1. Actually Admin, if I’m the OFC, I would’ve called on that rookie named Drake to run the ball and pick up that first down.

              1. Author

                you’re right… let’s see what Drake can do. Anything woulda been better than announcing your intentions to the whole stadium like we did. I saw Mike Gillislee score for the Bills last week. Another guy we shoulda kept.

  7. Team needs a running back and a few corner backs bad. At least the young wide outs looked good, Tannys time is done tired of the fools good. Always plays well in blow outs and when the team is eliminated from the playoffs

    1. Exactly…..only plays well at garbage time. When the game is on the line he’s pathetic!

      1. @Jay you are spot on! As I already posted. I said to myself as the 2nd half unfolded that Tannehill would do just enough to keep the fans hopeful and just enough less to insure the loss. I want him out and care not if he proves me wrong. He needs to go .

        1. Oh and one more thing. Go back to last weeks posts I also heavily criticized Tannehill so I stand behind my beliefs and don’t flip flop. Gase is young, idealistic, and seemingly wont take shit from anyone (Hear that Ajayi). Maybe its him that will either give Tannehill an ultimatum or bench him even if Ross and Tannebaum object. I so prey he has the wherewithal to do that for the benefit of us all. I dont know if anybody has ever watched documentaries about Shula but let me clue you in, he was a world class ruthless mean m-fer and extracted excellence by refusing to ignore deficiencies or make excuses for under performing players. .He once kicked a late arriving player off the team for coming to practice late and trying to sneak in by jumping the fence to the field. Shula kicked him out and made him leave the same way he came in by having to hop the fence and trek through the marsh. Thats how to keep the expectation of excellence and dedication from your players and to weed out those whom are not fully committed. Tannehill only wants loose close games but doesn’t want to press the needed amount to eek out a win. That apparently is too much to expect from a 100 million quarterback in his mind.

      2. I said when he was drafted the team would never have a winning season as long as he was their starter. Four years (five after this season) later and I haven’t been proven wrong.

        I actually watched him in college. There was nothing there to indicate he would be successful in the NFL and cringed when the Fins drafted him.

        The good news is that he’ll be gone at the end of this season. No way they allow him to continue to rack up losing seasons. He’ll be a backup somewhere else.

    2. Author

      Corners didn’t play too bad today. Those quick slants cut across the middle become the linebackers’ responsibility, and you know how our LBs did. NE got to 35 real fast. That’s a month worth of points for the Dolphins, and NE got there right after halftime.

      1. @Admin OMG “That’s a month worth of points for the Dolphins” I so LOL’d at that . Im still laughing , good one!

    3. @Zach Yes you are absolutely correct. He’s the king of garbage time stats. Im sick of him and what he brings to the culture of this team. 3 points in the 1st half is ridiculous and at some point you have to ask what is the common factor between different personnel, coaches, and players. Yet the same type of offensive problems. That common factor is Tannehill. Jay Im slowly becoming a convert to your side. I even said it to my self while watching the game that he would do just enough to keep us tortured phin fans hopeful but just less than needed to win. Hes cursed and by extension so are we as a team as long as he is here.

  8. Seems that when the D is playing well the O sucks or vice versa or both stink. It’s just enough to kill them. At the end of both games the D just needed a stop but couldn’t find the steam to do it. Today was frustrating as they knew they were running and still couldn’t stop a third string QB. Fuuuuucccckkkkkk!

    I’m giving Tanny this year and that’s it….

    1. Yep folks you heard that right. We got beat by a 3rd string QB. Talk about humiliating. And I dunno what the heck is up but defensive stops to win are becoming too much of a horrible groundhog day repeat for us. Why do we loose so many games that way? Its probably the worst way to loose with so much hope on the line. I would have so much preferred a competitive loss than this garbage.

    2. Author

      Ye, that’s the hardest part of NE’s last drive. We knew they were gonna handoff and did not stop them. They took 5 valuable minutes off the clock. That was the dagger

  9. Lets be brutally honest with ourselves for just a moment. This game was only close because of 2 reasons. NE lost Garrapolo and Tannehill plays like the QB we wish he was only in garbage time. The score wasnt even that close and I know we had a chance to tie at the end , but isnt that always how things go? We never are in position to put a team away we always need our d to stop them because of our lack of scoring. He played lights out in the 2nd half but thats b/c NE took their foot off the gas and left things open so we would chew up our own clock. There is also something to be said about an opponent not wanting a roster change for a QB they know they can beat. So they do what is necessary to make him look good but not good enough to win. Thats Belechick. We are the laughing stock of the AFC east for many reasons and Im sure stat manipulation by the opponent is one of them. To further support this when was the last time anybody can remember a 5 Touchdown pass game by Tannehill that we actually won? Yes we’ve had some blowouts but a lot of those scores were by our defense. He simply cant rise mentally to the moment, he has the skills but never puts them in play when needed only when the pressure is off b/c the game is out of reach. He lacks killer instinct. Marino could suit up today and play better b/c his DNA is wired to have a drive and killer instinct to crush opponents. Tannehill wants to be friends and might actually feel guilty for scoring.

    1. Author

      Phins, I’m not so sure how much was mop-up time. Belichick does not have that mode. He keeps passing when NE is up by 40, and he keeps blitzing when up by 40. He does not ease up.
      Rather than NE just taking it easy and letting us score 24 points for the heck of it, what we saw was how a hurry-up offense where we pass every play works. Gase saw our offense do it first-hand against Seattle in our last drive last week, and then this week he abandoned it, until it was too late.
      It’s that INCORRECT old adage that you have to keep the defense honest and trick them. No you don’t. You need to stop handing off to Fumbling Ajayi

      1. yes im not totally convinced of my suspicions as to why Tannehill played so much better when the game was out of reach. But it seems when the pressure is off his back he plays better or the opponent eases up . I dunno but he refuses to get pissed like Aaron Rogers and freaking start screaming at his supporting cast to get it together. Im done with this conundrum and unsolvable issue with a QB who seems to have all skill and lacks the competitive drive to put into play consistently. We need change , culture change that only a different QB can bring. Or Gase needs to seriously coach up Tannehill. Because right not I feel as a fan like Im in Tanne-hell.

      2. The scary thing that I noticed was the Gase, much like Philbin, does not seem to gear his strategy against his competition’s weaknesses, rather seems to have a predictable game plan that is easily defeated. He is new and young so we hope this improves but it seems very familiar to the last several years.

  10. I don’t get why the Dolphins have stuck with TannePuke so long. Can anyone name another QB that got 66 consecutive starts without ever sniffing the playoffs and without ONE winning season??

    1. Author

      Jay, I honestly don’t know either. But just to settle a point, there is NO proof that Philbin, Gase, or Campbell were prohibited, bu anyone, from benching Tannehill. I think the coaches hate to do it so they can spare T-hill’s feelings. I don’t think Ross orders the coaches to go with the guy.

      1. I think he does and I think Ross and Tannenbaum made it a condition on hiring a HC which is why they ended up with Gase. An experienced HC would never have agreed to that.

    2. They’re sticking with him because the front office would be admitting they were wrong to sign him to that fat contract even though he never produced positive results.

      Just like they should consider benching Suh for the same reason but won’t.

  11. Browns have a lot of picks….McCown’s injured…..maybe they’d swap for T-hill

    1. That’s a solid idea the Browns might be the only team that would give up a 1st rounder for him

      1. Author

        FIRST??? Not in a million years. Tannehill plus Dion Jordan for a 6th.

        Then again, Cleveland was dumb enough to give us a pick for Jamar Taylor !!

      2. HUH?? NO ONE is giving up more than a 5-6th for TannePuke!! GEEZ!!

  12. Author

    Who should we take with the #1 overall pick next year? I suspect that management will grab another unneeded Wide Receiver.

    1. It could happen now that we made Garrapolo look so damn good today. Brady as a Dolphin? I think I would rather drink my own piss but the NFL is a business.

  13. No one is giving up more than a 5-6th for TannePuke.

  14. That’s what gets me come tanny doesn’t get in wrs face when they drop a catchable ball,his expressions says it all and that is oh well and goes back to the bench and awaits his turn again… heart and no passion for the game and it shows….I don’t know what the answer is .I have never seen him rally the troops and pump them up and as far as killer instinct NONE.

    1. He cant really do that he’s not good enough. If he did that the WR’s would be screaming at him for ALL his mistakes!!

    2. Yes, exactly. He never gets mad.

  15. Idk people who aren’t Dolphins fans like tannehill for some unknown reason. I feel like he could at least get a 2nd round pick

    1. No way Jose. Lucky if we get anything more than a ham sandwich for him. Another Chad Henne…..worthless.

      1. Yea I had one to many last night lol first round pick is crazy

  16. 1st round pick is a little crazy but it’s the Browns man there like the only team dumber than Miami

  17. Between the Zika virus, the public display of disrespect for our country, and the pathetic team, I have no idea why anyone would pay to watch this disaster!

  18. This is what happens when you bring in someone who barely knows the game and make them a head coach.

    Gase was brought into Chicago to help with Cutler and Cutler’s offensive numbers declined. Completion percentage – down, average yards per pass – down, yards per game – down, TDs – down, TD % – down. And the Bears only improved by one game (6-10 vs 5-11).

    I predicted a 7-9 season. Now I’m considering whether to change it to 6-10 or 5-11.

  19. The Browns are starting a rookie QB next week.

    The odds of the Fins winning just went down.

    1. The new stadium home opener fans will be loud and proud…for about 10 minutes. Cleveland will go up 17-0 and fans will be silent.

  20. The Pats need a QB for their next 2 games.

    I say we trade Tannehill for Edelman. At least Edelman was a QB in college.

    1. Author

      You think the Pats want Tannehill? They just won won with a rookie 4th stringer, and they have Tebow in negotiations now. Plus Boomer Esiason is reporting the Peyton Manning-Patriots speculation. No way will they give us Julie Edelmann

      1. My post was in response to your juvenile comments about Edelman in the ESPN message board.

        And it went right over your head.

  21. Everyone needs to settle down here yes it’s been a shit start but the Fins have also played two solid opponents on the road. Plus they could have easily won those games if they played up to their potential. Now if they had no chance that’s a different story but that’s not the case.

    I think the key is to make it clear to Tanny that he needs to start better no more F’ing around for the first half or he’ll be benched. Create some urgency.

    Get a little more balance so practice the run blocking until they get it right. Don’t get me wrong the pass can set up the run I don’t care but you still need some runs especially in certain situations you can’t pass 100% of the time.

    On D they shouldn’t blitz very often as it opens up the secondary which isn’t strong. Make other teams have to drive the field to score and with a decent front 4 they’ll find their sacks and focus on stopping the run. It’s working for Pit as their secondary sucks. The pats took advantage of every blitz and killed them!

    Tanny is not going anywhere this season and if he continues to start slow or not perform in general they’ll draft a QB in the next draft. You don’t need to do anything ridiculous 2 games in…

    1. The Fins have the 11th hardest schedule in the league this season. It’s not going to get any easier.

      Not beating NE with a backup QB and missing several of their best offensive weapons is pretty much an indicator of how the rest of the season is going to go.

      1. Man , MoreacP called it right. And not only did New England’s backup beat us, by the backup’s backup beat us.

        1. This may be the season both the Bills and Jets beat us in both games against them and we go 0-6 in the division.

          There won’t be a split with NE this year like years past, that’s for sure.

          1. The bills look like a dumpster fire Rex may not make it the season and the Jets are well the Jets. Either way they probably split with all three although anything can happen. I just want to see progress this year overall in all phases….

            1. Too late for that. Seasons over no playoffs again.

            2. A dumpster fire is still preferable to a train wreck.

        2. JG played out of his mind no doubt they were flying but wait until everyone gets some tape on him. The Fins should have rushed four and laid back in the passing lanes. They played right into their hands. That’s on the D coordinator.

          The back up to the back up lost 24-7 although 7 was too much in my books the D had to focus on run stopping at that point!

      2. But you don’t get more difficult than their first two games either. Don’t get me wrong they missed opportunities to have a legitimate playoff shot but I wasn’t counting on that this year anyway as they are doing a semi-rebuild with the new coach. Let’s see the progress this year and we can then make a better decision as to where they are at.

        1. Strange that comment was from me?

          1. The Name/Email boxes didn’t clear when you replied.

            I’ve noticed that on some of my responses and had to correct it.

            1. Yeah thought something was up that shouldn’t happen hopefully they can fix that as I never had this happen before. I’ll keep an eye out thanks.

              1. Author

                FFF (and MordacP), can you explain what happened and what was the issue? I’m not sure what you encountered, so please let me know what you noticed and what you see that is different than normal. I know they were messing around this weekend trying to get our chat room back up, and maybe it was something to do with the comments author field. Comment here of send me an email to Thanks, guys. Always good to know what I can and fix anything that pops up, and appreciate your help

                1. Sometimes when you hit reply to a comment, the person’s screen name and email address who you’re replying to shows up in the Name/Email fields instead of your own.

  22. We don’t need Edelman we need a QB.

    I predicted 4-12 and I’m thinking about going to 3-13 if we they lose this week.

    1. Edelman can’t be any worse at QB than what we have now.

      At least we could count on him putting in 4 quarters of effort instead of the 2 we’re getting now.

      1. Matt Moore is far better than TannePuke.

  23. The only thing Tannehill does well is hurry up offense when the game is all but out of reach. His throws were arriving late in the 1st half and he makes poor decisions mostly. Hes too afraid of throwing a pick than trusting his receivers to get the ball. Garrapolo completely outclassed him in the 1st half. If their back up is performing better than our starter thats not only a player issue but its a coaching issue. So i would respectfully ask that along with your derisive comments about tannehill you also include Zach Taylor. Hired by Mike (Im friends with Philbin) Sherman to be the quarterbacks coach. And while your at it also understand Zach Taylor is Mike Sherman’s son in law…. that’s the strongest qualification on his resume! He should have been fired along with Sherman.. he simply isnt qualified. And if Tannehill is still throwing 5 yard passes to the sideline and they are arriving late enough to let the corner to slap it down or worse plow through the receiver, then he will never learn at this point in his career. Tannehill lacks that intangible of superior vision and intensity. Now go watch an old game of Marino and see the grand canyon sized difference between the 2.

    1. Perhaps this has more to do with system then being outclassed? I have no idea about Taylor but if the results aren’t there fire him….

  24. “So i would respectfully ask that along with your derisive comments about tannehill you also include Zach Taylor. ”

    Two points:

    1. Gase is a QB coach. He was brought in specifically to work with Tannehill. It’s not helping.

    2. No coach is going to improve Tannehill’s lack of pocket presence, his inability to make quick decisions and shorten his hold time (one of the longest in the league). He came into the league with only one college season of QB experience. There’s no time for him to learn what he needs to know, and should have come into the league knowing, to succeed in the NFL.

    1. Not trying to be argumentative as I agree with all you have said. But why hasnt Gase fired Zach Taylor? Is it because being the quarterback coach is a title in name only? Or is he truly a Coach? I dunno but same QB coach and same problems year after year.

      We both agree Tannehill has issues big time. Are they inherent and non coach-able, or is the coaching that bad?

      I fully understand Tannehill’s college record and lack of experience there. But after 4 years I have seen marginal improvement in his performance and a far more stability in his deficiencies.

      Is Gase too busy to address Tannehill directly because of the workload of being an HC? I dunno but its the same ole same ole every year mostly . Tannehill has a good game here and there but mostly plays best in garbage time. Good coaching could be the difference between stagnation and improvement. Why have we not as of yet seen it?

    2. Gase is about the 5th QB coach brought in to work with TannePuke. There is no helping him he sux,

      He should’ve been drafted as a 6th rd project instead of a 1st rd pk. And even then he’s a failure as he’s totally useless to any team that wants to win.

      1. He’s not horrible he went 21-22 to start the 2nd half he’s just not consistent so its either horrible game planning or making adjustments in game that are the problem. Philbin sure as hell didn’t help him. IF you have a link to QB stats that show release times etc…please post it. Henne had a fast release where did that get him?

        Even if some of this is on Gase now he’s only had 2 games everyone needs to give the guy time to change the past years of Philbin F’ing the kid up….if it can be fixed at this point. Hopefully he’s not ruined.

        1. Author

          FFF, just wanted to make sure you saw this post above. I appreciate whatever detail you can provide

          –can you explain what happened and what was the issue? I’m not sure what you encountered, so please let me know what you noticed and what you see that is different than normal. I know they were messing around this weekend trying to get our chat room back up, and maybe it was something to do with the comments author field. Comment here of send me an email to Thanks, guys. Always good to know what I can and fix anything that pops up, and appreciate your help

          1. Yes I emailed back to the Admin email addy. Thanks.

          1. You don’t go 21-22 if you suck that badly the guy has it in him. Some QB’s can’t even string 10 passes in a row especially with a bad oline. He’s not flawless just very inconsistent and hasn’t had the best support. I bet he’d be fine in NE.

            1. You go 21-22 when your passes are 3 and 4 yard dinks in the flat. I can name a dozen college QBs would could do that in the NFL.

              1. You do realize that he had a better long ball percentage than brady last year right? I guess the TD pass to Stills didn’t happen plus the one the game before that he dropped but should have been a TD. Let’s just be realistic here we’re not morons…

                1. “You do realize that he had a better long ball percentage than brady last year right?”

                  Completely irrelevant to Sunday’s game. And that’s a meaningless stat since it also includes yards after the catch. So a 5 yard pass and a 10 yard run after the catch becomes a 15 yard pass play for the QB. I’ve always been a proponent of crediting the QB with only yards in the air.

                  “Let’s just be realistic here we’re not morons”

                  Yeah, let’s be realistic. One of the Fins’ TDs Sunday was a gimme since there was a false start on the outside linebacker on the right side that wasn’t called.

                  1. No the long ball stat is balls in the air before the catch is made and Tanny was better at it than brady which takes away the Tanny can’t throw deep argument. He’s also had countless receivers such as Stills, Wallace, etc…drop the ball on him.

                    Either way you are not a shit QB when you can have stretches of near flawlessness when the team is playing to its potential and he’s getting good blocking. You guys are going way overboard.

          1. This is from 2013? You also realize that his oline has been crap and if he’s holding the ball it could be that no one’s getting open which I know was the case in the past. Did he have a Moss, Bryant, Green, etc…anyone real good to throw the ball too? Wallace has probably been the best but has since bounced around…this doesn’t happen very often to studs. Hopefully Parker and Landry can help change that moving forward….Anyway something to chew on as some of you are going a little overboard here. We’ll know more after this season but I’m not writing the guy off until he gets a fair shake. Philbin didn’t give anyone a chance do to incompetence and Gase still is unproven.

            1. Sorry meant due to…damn spellchecker. Also if you are running for your life it does make it tougher to complete your passes. Look what happened to brady when his oline was injured he fell apart to our Fins and eventually the Broncos. Even the bad man Rogers had a tough time last year when his top wide out went down. This is a team sport great QB’s would have had trouble with this team the past few years…Manning would have been a duck back there that’s why he went to Denver. He’s no dummy.

              1. Tannehill had all the time in the world Sunday when he threw both his picks.

                In the game Tannehill had only 6 hurries and 5 hits on 33 pass rushes.

                Blaming the OL is what fans who don’t follow the stat lines do.

                1. One pick his arm was hit when throwing but sure you can have that one he’s been pretty good on the turnovers this year so harp on 1 int.

                  On the 2nd one he was throwing a hail mary into the endzone which if Parker would have tracked it better he would have won the jump ball at the back of the endzone with a smaller corner. The ball placement was perfect you can’t pin that on Tanny either.

                  I never blamed the oline in this game they were good at pass blocking but run blocking is another issue which I did call out and if you look at the stats it backs that up. Some on the RB’s for not performing. Either way the oline should get better which should give Tanny a better chance this season to find more mid to long range passes.

  25. You know what really sucks, there’s no good quarterbacks in the draft this year.

    1. @Zach

      Hogwash! There’s a bunch of great QB’s coming out.

      1. J.T. Barrett if he decides to leave OSU.

  26. TannePuke has a slow release in addition to his lack of pocket presence and inaccuracy. Too bad the Dolphins didn’t notice these BEFORE they drafted him.

    Johnny Manziel showed he was a far better QB but had too many off the field problems. TannePuke is just another in a long line of Ireland’s busts.

    1. Who would be a good quaterback to take this year ?

      1. Jackson, Mayfield, Barrett, Rosen, Kelly and Zaire would all do well in the NFL under the right coaching staff.

    2. His pocket presence can definitely be worked on but after getting hammered behind a porous oline to start his career wouldn’t you be a little gun shy? He’s actually held out quite well under the circumstances guys like cutler go out with a hang nail. Don’t get me wrong I acknowledge that he has flaws but don’t embellish them without investigating all of the facts that lead up to it. People did this with Alex Smith and ran him out of San Fran now they have a great QB situation don’t they? Smith isn’t great either but good enough to win a super bowl with a solid team….if dilfer can do it so can Tanny as he’s smart with the ball.

      Even after all of this I would still draft QB’s later in the draft to create competition you may also find a diamond in the ruff. I sure wouldn’t waste 1st rounders on mirages as you just never know….see cleveland.

      1. At some time we as fans must start grading someones value on what they have accomplished not their potential. Hes had 4 years and yet shows the same traits of slow starts, inconsistency, and only playing well in garbage time. Our lack of offense in the 1st half of the NE game had everything to do with his over conservative play and its even more obvious when he loosens up in the 2nd half down 31-3. Then he’s got nothing to loose and starts playing like the QB we wish he was. Hes too afraid of making a mistake and thats why he holds too long or throws short passes b/c they have little chance of being intercepted. Its not his talent per se its his mentality and attitude. I only care if he can get the job done and actually scare our opponents and so far he’s done neither. NE, Jets, and Bills understand very well how to get into Tannehills head and thats why they beat the crap out of us every year.

      2. @FlyerFinFan

        If u think Tanny can win a SB then WE KNOW you ate your brains for breakfast! He’s F’N pathetic!!

        Wouldn’t make the practice squad on 10 NFL teams.

        1. Either that or FlyerFinFan plays a mean game of Madden with Tannehill.

          1. Haha maddens too complicated for my fingers now but in my day damn straight I could win with Tanny!

            Seriously yes he definitely has a problem with slow starts but part of that is the whole team. Guys like stills Cameron even Parker dropped balls that stalled drives that not all on the QB. I’m just being realistic here that if they all focus more they can succeed. Either way yes draft a QB next year but not in the first round…..they have more important needs there like CB.

            1. Nothing is more important than a new QB……by far!

  27. Deshaun Watson is the only one I can think of

  28. I’m not going to pull out any hairs on my head over the loss to New England because the Dolphins usually split the match ups with the Patriots during the season. Now on the other hand, that loss to Seattle was basically inexcusable. The Dolphins would’ve been sitting pretty right now with a 1-1 record. I mean, starting the season with three games on the road out of your first four and finishing with a 3-1 record was certainly realistic.

    Right now, us Dolfans need to see a 3-2 record at the end of the fifth game in order to start breathing a sigh of relief.

  29. Author

    But then Pittsburgh in Week six makes us 3-3 ! Assuming we come anywhere near 3-2 to begin with.

    1. “F” Pittsburgh, they’re my buddy’s team and the officials are always cheating my Dolphins when they play. I remember one year when they played, the Dolphins had the Steelers at fourth down and a mile to go and the steelers had to go for it to win the game, and Dolphins stopped them and those cheating ass refs called a holding foul on a Dolphins defensive lineman when he was rushing the quarterback….I said, “you got to be fucking KIDDING ME?!!!!” And yes, the Dolphins lost the game because of that call because it kept their drive alive.

      To beat Pittsburgh I say, throw often and throw deep. The Steelers secondary is their weakest link.

      1. Author

        I hate Pitts almost as much as I hate NE. How about a few years ago? Pitt was at our two yard line at the end of the game, and we were winning. Big Rapist Ben fumbled at the two, got tackled at the one, and Miami recovered the ball in the endzone. The refs’ call: Pittsburgh’s ball.
        Watch this only if you have a strong stomach:

        1. I’ll never forget that lol Miami came out of the pile with the ball literally stole the game from us, but we got them back when brown stepped out on that crazy lateral play 2 years ago

          1. @Zach an illegal forward pass was thrown before Antonio Brown even got the ball. Watch the replay the play should have been over before AB even touched the ball. Reffs ignored this.

            1. Author

              The funniest part is that Brown wasn’t even touched or pushed out !! He took himself out of the play by running a stupid angle.

        2. Or the last second lateral in which it seemed antonio brown should have scored a TD if he hadnt stepped out of bounds. What I’ve only heard my self ever mention is that Rothlesberger threw a forward pass after crossing the line of scrimmage and that should have ended the play there. Watch the replay. Or the obvious safety on the Ravens last year. I was at that game. No challenge. Or when we sacked brady and I forgot who but one of our guys was trying to recover the fumble but accidentally knocked the ball back then another dolphin recovered. But reffs gave the ball back to NE saying the player intentionally hit the ball backward when it was so obvious he was trying to dive and scoop it.

          1. Author

            I remember in the mid-90s we played in Buffalo on MNF. Jim Kelly fumbled as he was sacked and Miami recovered. They actually called a holding penalty on the Miami guy (I think Marco Coleman) who was in the middle of tackling Kelly. Ref said that Kelly didn’t have the opportunity to recover his own fumble because the Dolphin had him wrapped up. NEVER been called before or since.

          2. That attempted fumble recovery call in NE was atrocious made me spit blood off my deck. It’s unbelievable how the NFL allows that stuff to happen. I guess that’s why they come down so hard on them because of crap they pull year in year out.

      2. I hate them too and remember that BS…always seems to happen in places like NE and Pitt. Still hate the Jets more because they are the jets….don’t need another reason.

        1. If the Dolphins win the rest of their division games along with at least four non divisional games, they should make the playoffs.

          I believe it’s possible.

          1. Good thing you’re not a betting man or you’d be totally broke! LOL

            1. Faith, Jay brother, you gotta have faith!

              Oh brother, I can’t believe I just said that……….

              1. @Phil

                I gotta have faith??? HUH??

                Nah, I gotta be realistic!!!

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