Halftime Update: Joe Philbin Trying Hard to Give a free win to the Chiefs

Philbin allows his coaching staff to trip a referee.

Philbin opts for a long long field goal with a poor kicker on 4th and two inside Kansas City territory instead of pinning the Chiefs back with a punt or going for it.

Philbin refuses to use his final time out of the half with 8 seconds left after Tannehill is tackled;  instead Clueless Joe waits until 2 seconds left.

It’s all shaping up to be an unfortunate, easy win for the Chiefs thanks to Miami’s inept head coach.

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  1. Pathetic drive to the 50. T-Hill gets sacked from his left and right with only 3 yards needed and nothing but daylight in front of him. Could have literally walked straight forward for a 1st down. Shattered is the way Im feeling right now.

  2. As far as the timeout at the half. I think it was called earlier but the reffs failed to grant it in time. Philbin was asking for more time on the clock so maybe its not on him. Nice! KC just scored again essentially icing the game. Cant wait to watch another 3 and out on offense. Whooopeeee!

    1. Author

      Phins, I doubt it was called. But even if it was, I have three concerns.
      One, it wasn’t adamant. Philbin should have been yelling and screaming the split second the play was dead. He should run onto the field with the T.O. symbol on his hands the moment Tannehill was down.
      Two, Philbin should have argued more. He must command the respect of the officials. Can you imagine a ref saying to Bill Belichick or to Mike Tomlin, “Oh sorry, I didn’t see you asked for time out. Your loss. Sorry coach.” It just would not happen.
      Three. T-hill himself needs to be coached in a way where he knows the situation. He himself needs to call T.O. the moment he is down, instead of looking around like a lost child.

  3. Answer: YES, YES, and YES. And Im sorry to say it as many would disagree and even I am having trouble believing this myself but T-Hill is the main problem.

    Dropped passes one might say? Ask yourself this about our league leading average for drops.

    Is it remotely possible that our receivers are dropping passes because they so rarely expect them to be catchable without adjustment? Are our receivers are so accustomed to making huge adjustments to catch most throws that they expect inaccuracy and therefore are taken off guard when the ball hits them in the hands or belly?

    Some have said the coaches are not allowing T-Hill to run out of the pocket. I think this is aqua n orange colored bull-sh*t! I will screen cap and post the 3rd n 3 yds where T-Hill was sacked while literally staring down daylight in front of him for a simple run n slide 1st down and possibly more. Im sorry to bash the poor guy , I really am. Hes robotic, follows orders to a T! Refuses to improvise and lacks a killer instinct to disobey for the better of the team. Hes not stupid, not even close. Hes cerebral, athletically gifted, but not aggressive, and sadly bankrupt of a killer instinct. Philbin needs to stop using T-Hill like a vicarious chance to play QB in the NFL and let T-Hill sink or swim. Tannehill is one of the guys and not the main guy and its so easy to see that. You cant coach someone how to think and cant teach the killer instinct or leadership traits. T-Hill is a great guy and can still be a benefit to this team in some way. Please let Matt Moore have a chance. At this point it cant get any worse.

  4. D-Truth. Ive became a somewhat disenchanted phin fan partly because of the light this site has shed on my favorite team. Ive also noticed recently some promoting you’ve done by posting article links in the forums. Nice Job! Just a thought here. This is an excellent time to kick your promotion into high gear. If enough pissed off fans keep voicing their displeasure then maybe, just maybe, our collective voices will be heard over the apologists and spin doctors.

    Don’t get me wrong I’ve not given up but Im sick of holding on!

    1. Author

      We’re sick of holding on too ! Each Saturday night, the anger subsides a little, and I truly look forward to the Sunday game. I am confident. But then 5 minutes into the game, we see what’s coming.
      I do go to ESPN and some other sites to comment. I try to “Like” all the comments that I agree with, and I even promote our site when I find a commenter who agree with me. Our goal is to spread the “truth” as much as we can, and recruit many of those Miami Herald commenters to come join us over here. We are small but growing. And we always speak out minds and try not to worry about Joe Philbin’s feelings. Be ready for tomorrow when he says “We have to get better.” đŸ™‚

  5. Admin. With your five minutes comment it was like you read my mind. No kidding the game was barely in the first quarter and the familiar foreshadowing of an impending collapse started to creep into my mind with its familiar signature. So funny a game hasn’t barely started and with our team you can predict where its going. Did we really beat the Patriots ? Or did I dream that?

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