Highs and Lows of the Dolphins loss to the Dallas Cowboys

First the high points of the game.

Kenny Stills made another big long TD catch.  Neville Hewitt and Zach Vigil continue to show how useless Misi is and how easy he is to replace.  Andrew Franks has a booming leg.   Lamar Miller and Jay Ajayi combined for  57 yards on only 11 carries.  That’s over 5 impressive yards per rush.

Dan Campbell got schooled by a 2-7 team.

The entire defense (except Jamar Taylor) played proudly and were all over Romo all day long.   Yeah yeah yeah, let’s hurry up and get to the lows.

And now for the long. long list of LOWS.

Okay, my patience with Bill Lazor has officially run out.   And I hope it’s run out in Dan Campbell’s eyes as well.  Or in Tannenbaum’s.  Or in Aponte or whoever else is running this team.  Bottom line:   Bill Lazor simply does not have what it takes and he needs to go.   Examples:   The day began beautifully with Lamar Miller left, right, and up the middle.   We were rushing it Dallas’s throat and got into Dallas territory.   Then Lazor decide to “trick” the Cowboys.   Why continue with the successful rushes that were proving impossible to stop?

Every other team has plays that work against us, and they continue it forever.  The Bills did it.   The Pats certainly did.   Everyone.   You DO NOT need a mix of pass and run when the run by itself is netting you 10 yards a play.   So why on earth did Lazor call a pass on first down once we got into Cowboy territory on that initial drive?   Why why why why why.

First down, we gained a few.  Then a few more on a rush.  Then an incomplete.  A promising drive turned to dust.  All thanks to Lazor’s first down play call of a dump pass.

Later in the game, it was the Jay Ajayi show.   They went to Jay 3 downs in a row, and all of a sudden we were in Cowboy territory again.    The entire stadium saw how great he was running, so of course Lazor took him out and started to call passes.  Why ?  I will never understand why Lazor tampers with success.   It’s like Joe Philbin’s ghost is still infecting Lazor.  His play selection sucks.

Seems like we spent the entire game around midfield, and only got deep twice.   That falls on Lazor’s shitty playcalling, it really does.

Why do we always abandon the run?

We all know the in pattern to Rishard Matthews has been effective all year.  We tried it ONCE today and it worked.   God forbid we try it again.

Mike Pouncey.   Another week, a few more crushing penalties, a low snap, etc.   At least this time, his bad snap didn’t cost us a safety.  Pouncey’s been overrated since day one, and it’s starting to show.  Really tired of him killing drives.

Jason Fox.   Talk about killing drives.  on the holding penalty that cost us a first down, Fox literally just had to stand there to prevent the Cowboy from running to Tannehill.  Instead, Fox tackled the Cowboy in front of three refs.

The refs.  On Brent Grimes interception, there was a bullshit “low block” penalty on the return.   So instead of getting the ball at our 30, we began around the 7.   A few plays later, and Dallas was up 14-0.  Or how about the mysterious holding call on Jamar Taylor that bailed out the Cowboys.   There is no way of knowing how much Jerry Jones paid off these guys, but someone needs to look into it.

Jamar Taylor.  When he stayed on his feet, he was still 10 yards away from whoever he was supposed to cover.  When he fell down (often), he was 20 yards away

Ryan Tannehill threw one of the worst interceptions ever, and that’s saying something for him.

Jarvis Landry.  Flashy one moment.  Sheer stupidity the next. Two drops of easy passes PLUS a crushing kickoff return.

Matt Darr.  Hitting a guy as he’s about to go out of bounds is one thing.   But after he’s been out for like 10 full seconds.  Boneheaded.

Darren Rizzi.  So sick of idiots who believe Rizzi is a good coach. Two weeks in a row where our kickoff returners stand around looking stupid.  The ball lands in the endzone, but we end up at the 4 yard line.  TWO WEEKS IN A ROW.

That falls on lousy coaching.   Just terrible.   How many times this year have we had penalties on special teams?  How many times has our punt gunner stepped out and then  ran back in to illegally make a play?   Young players need to understand every possible scenario, and the Dolphins do not.   Coaching coaching coaching.

Dan Campbell blew several huge calls again today.  Number one, he keeps letting Jamar Taylor play.  Number two was in the second quarter.  Dallas punted from about their 10 yard line and we ended up getting the ball around our own 30.   Holding on Dallas.  Campbell chose the 10 yards from the end of the run.  So we start at our own 40…not too shabby.   However, isn’t it better (yes!) to make Dallas punt again, this time from the back of their endzone?   Even if he blasts a long kick, Landry catches it at our own 40 and probably gets at least 10 yards.  Possibly much more.  Make an exhausted punt coverage team sprint downfield again.

Then there was Campbell’s Philbinlike decision to punt to Dallas with 6 minutes left and the ball around midfield, down 10 points.  Best case scenario:  Dallas rushes three times and goes three and out.   They punt back to us and we get the ball around midfield with 4 minutes left.   But guess what?   We ALREADY had the ball at midfield with SIX minutes left.  just a horrible decision by Campbell.

Campbell also remained inconsistent when winning the coin flip.   No wonder the Dolphins are so bad in the first quarter.   The coaches can’t get their act together, and I truly think it rubs off on the players.

Campbell refuses to bench opponent-helpers like Jamar Taylor and Jason Fox.  There is simply no way possible that their backups can be worse.

On Dez Bryant’s TD catch, Lou Anarumo decided to cover him with 4th-string linebacker Neville Hewitt.    Lou gets a negative vote for that.   Horrendous usage of personnel.

The turning point of the entire game was the bullshit defensive hold on Jamar Taylor when we had Dallas sacked deep at their own 3 yard line.  That play, the refs, and the combination of “lows” noted above took us right out of the game.





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  1. The highlight of this game for me was not watching it because I was in the Atlanta airport

    1. Author

      Bryan, you saved yourself some heartache. It was nice to come back from 14 down and really have control of the game. But then a bogus defensive hold gave dallas the win.

    2. Tannepuke was terrible. He does nothing well except throw the pick 6!

  2. It should have been a very winnable game for us. However I think Forrest Gump said it best-“stupid is as stupid does.”

  3. I too, thankfully couldn’t watch to game but not because I was in the Atlanta airport. No I was sitting in my home in Naples Florida, less then 100 miles from the game and I had the choice of the Jets on CBS or Tampa Bay on Fox.

    What does that say when in south Florida the Jets game is aired over the Dolphins game.

    Pitiful and the product on the field is why

    1. Tampa and Jacksonville are both now better than the Dolphins with better QB’s and futures. Thanks Ross.

  4. So we change all the WR’s, we blame Sherman, Philbin and now Lazor, …… but Tannepuke gets a free pass?


  5. The stench of Jeff Ireland remains in Miami. Jamar Taylor and Tannehill lost the game all by themselves.

  6. No free pass for Tannehill from me. But he still didn’t cause this loss. I agree with Admin that Dan Campbell made SOME smart changes, but he didn’t go far enough. Why keep Lazor when scoring is down? Why only Coyle got the boot? Why not bench Fox and Jamar Taylor and at least TRY to see if the next guy on the chart performs? Why not go for it on fourth down against a 2-7 team? All of those moves helped us lose, and none were T-hill’s fault.

  7. Hey guys I’m in Orlando and the game was blacked out for me as well maybe I should have taken the networks advice and not watched instead I loaded up my trusty XBMC player and watched this awful dumpster fire of a team embarrassed it self in front of its home fans again. you mean to tell me we pick off Tony Romo twice and we can’t at least have a more competitive game out of it are offfense is anemic I don’t know who’s to blame but it can’t all be on the defense they can’thold a team back forever if they get a million chances they’re going to actually start scoring .our offense can’t score sheet and we can’t convert a third down to save our own lives. I don’t mind losing actually in Philbins first season when we went seven and 9 many of those games were very very close I wasn’t that upset about that year because we never really got embarrassed in any of our losses they were close competitive games we just couldn’t finish but this is pathetic.

    1. Author

      For those who didn’t see the game, I can’t emphasize enough how bad the refs screwed us. I make no excuses. Certain Dolphins played like crap, and it hurts to watch. But we come to expect that stuff from guys like Jamar Taylor and Jason Fox. But the refs? We expect a fair game.
      PhinsUp, on the first pick, Brent Grimes was sprinting down the sidelines and had a nice return of the INT. But the refs called a bullshit low block penalty on one of our d-linemen during the return. Yes, the block was low, but nothing whatsoever was illegal about it. So it’s half the distance from the spot of the foul. Moved us back to around the 6 yard line, instead of the 30. That was HUGE. A huge, terrible call by the refs.
      On the second pick, Neville Hewitt made a nice play and we got the ball around midfield. Two plays later, Mike Pouncey commits a questionable chop block. It was another low block and he had no intent of taking out the defender’s knees. But it’s as if the refs wanted to stall the drive, so they threw the flag on a very mysterious “chop” block. Dolphins then faced 2nd and 25, and that drive ended fast.
      Thirdly was the holding call on Jamar Taylor. We had just tied the game and had all the momentum in the world. We stuffed Dallas DEEP in their own end. Vernon sacked Romo on third down, and the place was going bananas. We had just come back from 0-14 and NOW we were about to get the ball back in great field position. But THEN came a late flag out of nowhere. AFTER Romo was down, some field judge 30 yards away decided to go to his hip pocket for his flag…again, this is AFTER the sack. Replays showed no holding. You guys know that I love to hate on Jamar Taylor, but this time, he did nothing wrong.
      There was a play where Darren McFadden broke a big run, and in the chatroom, we counted 4 separate holds. As you might expect, the refs looked the other way and allowed Dallas to hold all day.

      Did Jerry Jones slipped a few bucks into all the refs’ pockets? It was just disgusting officiating.

      1. I saw the replay but that was nowhere near as bad as the Holding NO Call on Shu during the Buffalo game when the T. Taylor threw the TD on 3rd and long.

        The hold was text book penalty and their were two refs looking right at it and nether called it!

        so this game is just an extension of the same old crap!

        1. Author

          True, good point. The better teams tend to get the calls. We rarely do. We’re usually stuck with the D-list of announcers too, which means there are fewer cameras and fewer replays. Remember the Bills’ game where the running back fumbled right before the pylon? They couldn’t reverse it because CBS didn’t invest in enough cameras for the lousy Bills-Dolphins game. If that game were prime time, they’d have all the fancy new pylon cams, super slo-mo, etc.

  8. Benching MVP Matt Moore for this fluzzy was MORONIC!!!!!

  9. Tannehill has given the opposing team points in four games in a row…got to be a record?

    1. Author

      JaySayin…did you watch Mike Pouncey’s snaps on those 3 safeties?

  10. Clearly need a better QB. Tannehill can’t throw long, so teams just wait on short throws. When he scrambles, he runs like he has one foot in a bucket. Very clumsy for an ex receiver. His accuracy sucks, receivers always need to make adjustments. Nuff said.

    1. @Jay

      I hate to say this but I didn’t even watch the game but I saw three nice long balls on replay from Tannehill yesterday.

      Maybe you didn’t watch the game!

  11. @Jay

    We are stuck with Tannehill for at lest two years that is just the reality of the deal he incredibly made with Ross.

    Since were all set at QB I will be very disappointing if we don’t get


    1 – New HC
    2 – New DC
    3 – New OC
    4 – New OL Coach
    5 – New DL Coach
    6 – New QB Coach

    Then we need at lest a few players. Thank god we have a receiver we can trade.

    We need

    1 – A starting caliber CB and a backup for when Grimes gets injured

    2 – A REAL MLB Please!!!!!!

    3 – OG and Tackle and a few backups

    That is a realistic list and if we can get that I think we can reasonably expect 9-7 with the rest of the cast which after the last decade I would take in an instant

    1. Author

      Brian M’s needs list is absolutely correct. the sad part is that we had the same exact needs list back before the draft. We addressed our need for a CB and a MLB by drafting a first-round benchwarmer WR instead.
      The worst part is, there’s no disclosure about who wanted to pick Devante Parker. We don’t even know who to hate! At least tell us who wasted this draft pick, so we can hate on the person responsible!!

    2. Not stuck with Tannepuke at all. That’s loser talk.

  12. @admin

    You said we’d be .500 after this game. Its a good thing you’re not a betting man!!!! lol

  13. @admin

    So…..you blame Mike Sherman, Joe Philbin, Lazor, Dan Carpenter, the OL, the WR’s , Mike Pouncey, the schedule, the Refs, and El Nino for Tannepukes’ woes??? HILARIOUS!!

  14. Its time to stop with the musical chairs of coaches and realize that 90% of the players stink!!

    1. Author

      I wouldn’t say that 90% stink, but there are definitely some guys who kill us week in and week out. If a coach allows a shitty player to play, whose fault is it? If Jamar Taylor can’t cover anyone, do you blame Jamar, or blame the idiotic coaches who let him play?
      Dan Campbell made some gutsy calls when he first started, but lately he has reverted to the same-old same-old.
      I know you disagree Jay, but if Campbell wants to stick to a losing formula, then Campbell will have to accept the blame.
      Campbell allows Bill Lazor to abandon the running game and allows Lazor to use a shotgun on 100% of our formations…etc. Those are losing formulas that Campbell is allowing to happen. So you bet we’re blaming the coach AND the players here!

      1. So you bet we’re blaming the coach AND the players here!??

        Who is WE?? You mean YOU!! lol

        1. @Jay

          Actually I blamed the coaches in my post above! Blame was implied in my list replacing all of them. Same with the players who suck!

          Also you suggest it’s loser talk to say we can’t get rid of a QB who is still gurenteed 16mil of a 20+mil contract?

          That’s not loser talk it’s simple mathematics.

          No owner will pay that kind of money to someone not on the roster. tannenbaum kept Geno Smith in NY and that kid sucks. Tannehill is statistically, even this year, way better then Geno Smith was in NY so I would interject it to be “IDIOT TALK” to suggest that Tannehill will (baring injury) be playing anywhere but Miami for at lest two more years.

          1. The Seahawks paid mucho bucks to Matt Flynn, benched him, cut him and won a SB.

            Tannepuke should be benched, traded, or cut if they EVER want to win. There are 50 QB’s out there that are better plus next years draft.

            1. Author

              I don’t agree that Tannehill is as bad as Jay does. However, Jay makes a sound point about Flynn. There are others too. Just because you sign someone doesn’t mean you have to keep them. New England had a big contract in place with Drew Bledsoe, but then some other QB came along, and it was Bye Bye Drew.

              1. I will look into both of those tonight but my gut is telling me that the Seahawks nor NE had the equivalent investment of

                1 – A 15+mil hit that would count against the cap for 3 years

                2 – Another on the team taking up even more cap space limiting who you can sign

                1. I meant another player in the team taking up even more cap space

                2. Author

                  Bledsoe’s deal was forever ago, before the current cap rules were in place, so mine was not a good financial example. But it was an example of a coach and organization who gave up on their starting QB because someone better came along. Is Ryan Fitzpatrick or Blake Bortles better than Tannehill? We know what Jay would say !

                  1. So do the QBR rankings. But keep arguing for Tannepuke.

          2. Geno Smith > Ryan Tannepuke

            He beats him every year.

            And has a lot less experience than Tannepuke.

  15. Author

    We is the army of intelligent Dolfans!
    Jay blames Ryan Tannehill for every time Jamar Taylor gets burned…and then questions OUR intelligence? LOL

    1. When you only score 14 pts you lose 90% of the time.

      Not to mention giving up a pick 6.

      And 1-10 on 3rd downs.

      Jamar Taylor played QB?? LMAO@ admin

      1. Author

        Jay, you consistently blame one and only one player for every single thing that goes wrong with the Dolphins. It’s funny to us.

        1. Well, you should know the QB has the biggest influence on the win -loss record and that’s why they are paid the most. Similar to a pitcher in baseball.

          Granted, there are other holes on the team but QB is by far the biggest weakness. A good QB makes EVERYONE better and can turn a team around on a dime.

  16. They don’t have to spend a lot of money. Matt Moore is far better. There are cheap backups on 15 teams that are far better. And there is also next years draft.

    Playing a guy that stinks just because he has a big contract is what losers do. Winners play the best players no matter what their contracts are.

  17. Dan Campbell knows Miami’s defense can only do much and that’s what made him most frustrated on Monday, a day after the Dolphins lost 24-14 to Dallas.

    The defense was on the field nearly 40 minutes and for the most part held its own.

    But the Dolphins offense is now scoring just 20.5 points per game — 26th of 32 NFL teams.

    “That’s a hard way to live,” Campbell said. “Our offense, we have to score points. We have to find a way. We have to be scoring more than 21 points a game or whatever we’re at.”

  18. Patriots versus the bills just watched Brady go three and out go to the sideline he screams at somebody don’t know who it was. listen I’m not taking sides on the Tanehill debate bt does he ever do that? Watch some old game tape of marino he did the same shit. If I had to complain I sy that tqnnehill is in Jays words a half stepper. Hes not socially assertive is not dominant he’s tentative just like when he plays quarterback if he gets even slightly rattled. He has the talent and the brains but he does not have the gift. And I’m just about ready to move on from him.

  19. @Jay

    Again the same stupid statement from you….. Matt Moore is better!

    No he is not hence he sits on the bench overlooked by all the other teams. How old is he now? If he took half the hits Tannehill does he would be retired

    Give it a rest or I’ll start posting your stupid comments about how great a coach philbin is after all your posts again.

    1. @Brian M

      Clearly, Matt Moore is a much better QB than Tannepuke. He was voted TEAM MVP when he was playing every week. Tannepuke stinks.

      But post whatever you like, I don’t care one bit. lol

    2. Moore wouldn’t take those hits. he has pocket presence and a much quicker delivery. And he can READ DEFENSES!

  20. I will say this on the other side of the argument Tom Brady’s offensive line is playing like shit and Tom Brady’s not looking so hot so yes it does have some to do with a Offensive line. I can’t believe as a Dolphins fan I’ve resorted to rooting for Buffalo just to seewhat a real team plays like. No matter how the game end up. you can tell the bills are playing for Rex Ryan they’re actually doing everything they can do They’re actually executing and their frustrating Brady big time. What does our team do they wilt under the pressure and they put their tails between their legs and they give up before halftime I’m so sick of it.

  21. @Admin. The refs in the NFL are horrible and getting worse every year. However I believe that it is illegal to block below the waist during a play that features a change of possession. Such as the defense intercepting a pass or recovering a fumble and attempting a return as such was the case with Grimes pick. If I’m not mistaken that’s been the rule for years.

    1. Author

      You might be right. I know blindside hits and defenseless player blocks are illegal, and maybe low blocks too.

  22. Whatever jay you win. Tannehill looked like he was on the up and up halfway through last year, but since then he really has sucked. And this is coming from one of his biggest supporters. I’m always worried about messing with a quarterbacks development so I countiously gave tanny the benefit of the doubt. But he just doesn’t have it, doesn’t have the fire, the leadership, nothing. I mean just look at the dudes face on the sideline when the team is getting smacked. It literally looks like he doesn’t even care, swear I saw him yawn the other game. After re watching the cowgirls game I agree I’m done with him. Fuck the money if they lose to the bills bench his ass. Tank for a solid quarterback or just draft mad linemen and sign some random

  23. Admin while I agree the calls were garbage, every team in the league deals with that at some point. The good ones bounce back from it, the bad ones fold. The differnce between the good and bad ones teams are leadership, tanny gives none. Hell that QB for the raiders looks better right now, even the broncos backup played well, tyrod Taylor is better at this point. I know how much I sound like jay but at some point you just gotta know when to make a change.

    1. @ Zach

      Congrats for finally seeing the light. One of these years the Dolphin coaches will also. I wouldn’t want Tannepuke as my backup he just doesn’t win.

    2. Author

      Yes, his lack of leadership hurts us weekly. But again, I think he is coached that way. Let’s say that Tannehill will never have the skill set of Tom Brady. But the coaches need to at least give him the same tools.
      Last night on MNF, the Pats had a 3rd and one. Brady led the team to the line and they got set for one second and snapped the ball. The Bills were still looking around. Why do the Dolphins NEVER run a fast snap to fool the defense? NOT Tannehill’s fault.
      Brady is also allowed to call audibles. Tannehill not. NOT his fault. It’s the stupid offensive calls. Brady is allowed to throw the same cross pattern to Welker or Edelman or Amendola or whoever. Same exact pass pattern for 15 straight years and it works. Bill Lazor tries it once, watches it work, and never tries it again. NOT Tannehill’s fault.
      Tannehill’s missing pocket presence and 3 years of no long pass ability are entirely his fault. But the other intangibles are the coaches’ fault.
      Does Miami EVER practice a play to fool the defense?

      1. @Admin

        More excuses for Tannepuke??

        HILARIOUS!!! LMAO!!

      2. I compleatly agree except I saw three really nice long balls from Tannehill last week and a few the week before.

        Since Campbell has taken over that aspect of his game has improved so don’t take that away from him!

  24. BTW, Carpenter said that Tannepuke cant handle audibles. He doesn’t have the football mind to do it IN YEAR 4!!!!

  25. The Big O on 560 AM said Tannepuke doesn’t have a QB’s mentality which is quite obvious.

  26. Admin I agree that coaching from the start doomed tanny. If Philbin wasn’t around I think he would of had a legit shot to be a dam good quarterback. He has all the physical potential, but at some point damaged goods are damages goods. He has that Philbin attitude and idk if that will ever change. I’m not about to blame everything on tanny and troll everyone’s comments but I’ve just given up on him.

  27. From the Miami Herald….

    So why don’t the Dolphins give Tannehill the freedom to change to any play he wants?

    “When you do that, there’s two schools of thought,” interim coach Dan Campbell said Thursday. “When you do that, you take the chance it slows him down in his rhythm. You open the full playbook up, those are sometimes the problems you run into. I’ll be honest with you. His first few years with Mike Sherman, he somewhat had that a little bit.

    “He had a lot of options he could do. He did a good job of getting us into the right plays and protection, but we felt like it slowed him down a little bit with his rhythm. We felt like he could be a better passer by taking a little bit of a load off of him.

    1. Author

      Campbell is starting to sound as silly as Philbin. “We felt like he could be a better passer by taking a little bit of a load off of him.”

      That’s like saying, “We feel that Ryan would be a better driver if he didn’t have to worry about the gas pedal.”

      1. @Admin

        Blame EVERYTHING but Tannepuke??

        TOO F’N FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!

      2. The guy is not an NFL QB plain and simple.

        1. Author

          Jay, you may possibly be right. But that does not mean that Dan Campbell is right. If a pass play is called and Tannehill studies the defense and KNOWS he’s gonna get leveled, how does it make him a “better passer” to be forced to stick with the play? Several announcers have made the comment already this season. Tannehill is not a confused rookie anymore. He is a 4-year vet who deserves the right to audible for a different play when he clearly sees that Lazor’s play call is wrong.

          1. Evidently he doesn’t clearly see anything .

  28. Just saw we picked up Coples off waiver from Jets….. got rid if Bowman

  29. @Bryan T. Yeah I saw that. Tannenbaum drafted him so the so-called experts were expecting us to pick him up. Apparently the Jets questioned his commitment to the game.

  30. @Bryan T. Yeah I saw that. Tannenbaum drafted him so the so-called experts were expecting us to pick him up. Apparently the Jets questioned his commitment to the game.

  31. I honestly don’t understand why they don’t run the ball more….they’ve talked about it and agree that there’s a need to do so and don’t. That’s on Lazor and Campbell for allowing it to happen…no different than Philbin letting it happen. Drives me nuts.

    I also agree that the holding on Taylor was BS…couldn’t believe it and that was a huge play in the game. Either way if they run the ball Tanny the line everyone will magically become better but they won’t…it’s disturbing.

  32. The fact that they won’t run the ball is especially disturbing considering that Jason Fox has been horrible filling in. You’d think common sense would depict we run more in order to mask his defencies as a pass blocker but they inexplicably refuse to. All we can do is pray that they nail this next coaching hire. With this ownerships track record that is far from a given though.

  33. The Herald or maybe the Sun Sentinal the other day made up a ton of lame excuses about why we didn’t rush the ball more. It was like “well, some of the downs were third and long so we couldn’t run then.” And also “there were penalties on some runs, so then after the penalty we couldn’t run again.”
    It was such bullshit. Run the damn ball down their throats until they stop it three times in a row,
    Lamar Miller was on fire and only got a handful of carries, disgusting. Dolphins coaches overly-complicate things and the sports writers defend them with stupid excuses. 2nd and 6 is a passing down, so God forbid we rush it.

  34. Very hard to run the ball when opposing D’s stack the box knowing Tannehill wont beat em passing.

  35. As I stated early on in this thread (and this is no knock to Campbell who is a TE coach)

    We need REAL coaches who have had success in the positions they are hired to coach.

    Lazor has been exposed – there is not two schools of thought among NFL Proven OC about letting a 4 year starter audible out of a play! The only apposing school of thought that Campebll is talking about is from his OC who has no business being an OC anymore.

    Time to rebuild the whole damm coaching staff

  36. @Mike. How is it hard to run if the backs are averaging 5ypc or more lately? So much for that ridiculous stacked box theory.

  37. They probably would be better off if they ran the ball every play and didn’t allow Tannepuke to pass at all! LOL

    1. Author

      There is some truth to what Jay says. Our running game has been working. To abandon it just makes no sense. Lazor calling for pass plays on first down does NOT confuse the defense. It might confuse our own QB, but that’s about it. How’s that Jay!!?? 🙂

      1. Yeah, strictly running would eliminate the pick 6’s, safeties, sacks, and INT’s, wouldn’t it??? LOL

  38. I’m surprised there has not been more talk out there about the Quinton Coples pickup. He seems more promising than a Zack Bowman penalty

    1. Zach Bowman—the human holding penalty

    2. If they cant make the Jets squad they can always play for the Dolphins. Sad.

  39. Campbell refuses to bench opponent-helpers like Ryan Tannehill There is simply no way possible that his backups can be worse.


  41. So on to our next game…the NY Jets. The most hated AFC East rival. Game is at MetLife Stadium, fans very much behind their team and they are much better than the Dolphins. But that does not mean we can’t pull a win here. Oh, wait, we have a QB that can’t read the freakin defense on his feet so why would you allow him to audible? Watch Brady…he reads the D before he gets in his stance, has total vision in his head. Does anyone think Tanny has that same ability? Not this fan. I’m never going to be convinced he has what it takes to be the QB for this team.

  42. So Ross is raising ticket prices next year for his losing circus clowns. He wont get one dime from me.

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