Keys to beating the New York Jets

If a play works, stick with it.  Run it twice in a row.  Thrice.  Run the same play until the Jets stop it.

Rush the ball and rush often.   Bill Lazor should have lost his job for calling only 7 rushes last week.   We have two stud running backs begging for the ball, but instead Lazor prefers to trust Jason Fox’s pass blocking.  Ridiculous.

Stop Ryan Fitpatrick.   The novelty is over.   He’s had a nice ten games or so, but time for his fantasy to end.   Time to make him play like the journeyman scrub he is.

Take advantage of whoever replaces the injured Revis.   Every team takes advantages of our inadequacies, and now it’s time we do so also.   Seriously…it doesn’t matter what the guy’s name is.  Pick on him.

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  1. Totally agree run the ball and run it some more and you’ll magically see everyone play better. Lazor better get his shit together or he’ll never get another opportunity…

  2. No passing = no pick 6’s, no safeties, no INT’s, no sacks.

  3. We’re averaging like 5 yds a rush but instead Lazor prefers to trust Tannehill’s incompetent passing. Absurd.

  4. Admin, you need to get this to the Dolphins organization! Do they not see this? Do they not know if it works, don’t change it!!
    I desperately want us to win, but they seem to crap themselves.
    I can’t always put the onus on the coaches, BUT, offense needs to show up with the playbook and the play by this team. The players need to step up from scrub players football to professional. Sick of mediocrity. If Tannehill does not kill it tomorrow, he should expect to be tarred and feathered.

  5. There’s an article today in the Miami Herald talking about Bill Laser saying that Tannehill is audibling out of the run plays so so I guess Tannehill does in fact have the option to audible what does everybody think about that now. many reporters and regular fans just like us are wondering why we’re not running the ball more. oh and the only chance that we beat the Jets tomorrow is it the Jets forfeit I’m done with this shit can of a team

    1. I don’t believe Lazor. I really don’t. WHEN does he make the audible? I watch every play, and he doesn’t call out anything. The great ones change entire plays, and they yell out all the assignments. Tannehill doesn’t. I can’t possibly see when these alleged audibles are happening Mr Lazor

      1. Allowing Tannepuke to audible is like allowing a 4 yr to play with a machine gun. lol

  6. All I know is that Lazor is like a little kid playing Madden it’s always more fun to throw the ball..but you don’t win that way with a mediocre oline and average QB.

    If they stick to the run they can win after all Ravens won with dilfer and Tannys better than that tool.

    1. Tannepuke is no where near average, he is last in the league in overall QBR, , he is not better than Dilfer and the Fins don’t have the Ravens D either…..

      1. The Admin and Jay have a good point again. Why Did we start with a pass-run-pass play selection? NEVER works and never fools the defense. It’s not 1973 when that shit worked. RUN THE BALL

  7. Interception. Why not run the ball with Ajayi?

  8. The whole organization needs to be blown up and rebuilt

  9. So……now….everyone agrees with me and what I have been saying for months!! LOL

    1. No you comments about Tannehill are as dumb today as they have been all year.

      No QB would prosper here. O line is still a HUGE issue. Too many quick pressures and sacks for anyone to feel comfortable.

      Once Tannehill started getting time in this game, he made good throws and racked up yards. Imagine if they had balance and could run the ball.

      Oh wait, that is what they did against the Titans and Texans, when Tannehill broke the record for most consecutive completions.

      1. As a matter of fact all offesason it was me who was talking about how poor the Oline was. Even during the preseason when the dolphins looked so great I bemoaned the Oline because there was no change from the crap we had last year.

        Guess what! I was right and the Oline is a major issue. We can’t runt he ball against good Defensive fronts at all and we cant protect the passer!

        On top of that we have pop Warner coaches who can’t help protect the passer ether.

        On top of that we have a front office that apparently doesn’t see the problems on the field.

        So they all need to go in a hugh off season tide wave!

        1. Maybe we can trade all our coaches, front office, QB, and draft picks for Sean Payton and Drew Brees!

  10. The players, QB, coaches, GM’s, and owner ALL STINK!!!
    The franchise is a joke!

  11. 3 years of bad oline play runied Tannys development, which is the saddest thing ever. Even when our franchise is given a QB who has all the physical tools ya need we find a way to fuck it up

  12. Read my previous post I told you there’s no way we beat the Jets and left they forfeited. Instead of stepping up around our deficiencies our players just give in to them this is a pathetic team.

  13. Let’s see. All we need is two new linebackers, another corner, two offensive lineman, and a new coaching staff between the next year’s draft and free agency. And by the way all the players have to be starting caliber. Unbelievable!

    1. We also need a new QB, new RB, and 2 new WR’s.

  14. Chad Henne would be a huge upgrade at QB.

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