Highs and Lows of the Dolphins Loss to the Detroit Facemaskers


The offense only put up 16 points, but that is a high considering how badly they started.  They showed grit and played tough, especially without two starters on the O line.   They don’t quit anymore.

The defense held a pretty decent offense in check.  Except for one catch, we shut down and shut up Megatron and all the hype about this average receiver.  As we said all week, Miami always has a good game plan to stop the opponents’ stars.   Not much you can do when third-string bums like Theo Riddick (who?!?!)  come in and beat ya.  Just tip your cap and take solace that Golden Tate and Megatron were well covered.

Mike Wallace continues to score when given a chance.  He should have been targeted more.

Caleb Sturgis gets props for a long field goal.

Earl Mitchell made an impressive block of a field goal.

Ryan Tannehill’s tackle was something to remember.  He actually caught up to a DB.  He took away the angle twice.  He got facemasked.  He didn’t fall for two different fake-out attempts.  And despite all that, he made that play.  Without his effort, we are down 17-0  at that point and game woulda been over much sooner.


Gotta give Kevin Coyle a LOW here for having no answers on the final Lion drive.  A blitz or some kind of change-up would have thrown Stafford out of his rhythm.

Jamar Taylor demonstrated how weak we are in our secondary depth.  Once Finnegan was hurt, we all knew we were in trouble with Taylor in there.

Dion Jordan.  I’ll keep picking on him until this NUMBER THREE OVERALL does something impressive.  He picked up a fumble with smooth sailing in front of him.  He ended up getting caught from behind by a slow, fat backup tight end.

Joe Philbin.   He lacks whatever it takes to win that elusive 4th game in a row.   I don’t have any specifics to point to in the Lion game, but he did nothing to inspire his team.   He was outcoached by the most predictable and mistake-prone coach in NFL history, Jim Caldwell.    Philbin got nothing out of his team in the last five minutes, and that is puzzling.

It always hurts to lose to a bad team.  The Lions actually think they have a good team, and now we have to listen to them celebrate.  This is the same Lion team who led woeful Buffalo 14-0 and then handed the Bills a free win.  The same Lions who lost to last-place Carolina.  The Lions are going nowhere, and they got lucky against Miami, but we have to give them bragging rights and move on.


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  1. HAHA, your shitty ass team lost to a BAD Detroit team…


    1. Author

      True. Detroit is a bad team.

    2. I don’t think that detroit has the number 1 defense because they are a “Shity ass team”

      I think you might need to go back and redefine what your expectations are for a SAT because being rated No. 1 in the NFL in defense makes ANY team at lest decent.

      With that object lesson out of the way I can tell you what I think the the issue is with Philbin

      When I started coaching basketball at the High School level the hardest thing for me to learn to manage were the final 90 seconds of the periods becasue of how fast it ran. It took some time and experiance for it to slow down for me and only then was I able to process all the correct information and make good decisions that put my men in a position to win.

      With philbin we are still waiting for the game to slow down for him especially at the end of the halfs which is why he mismanages the clock and makes poor decisions in these close games

      After 2.5 years I think Hickey and Tannehill and most of the rest of the team and coaches are fine. I think Philbin needs to go.

      He is a fine X and O guy but not a head coach.

      Hell I think Lazor would make a better HC and I would bet he was over ruled with 4:12 to go by Philbin calling run right – run right – oh crap its 3 &12 better through a pass


      1. Well lets see said the blind man the number one ranked defense according to the NFL is the Detroit Lions not my words but theirs and as being a bad team their record is 7-2 second best in the NFL and first place in their division so that makes you the Idiot.

  2. I would take a million losses not to live in Detroit. Enjoy the victory this evening, for tomorrow you will wake up in the biggest shit hole city in America……

    1. Author

      I usually edit out bad language, but Big J as usual says it best, so it’s staying!

    2. having lived in miami for close to 20 years, all i can say is tg i’m back in detroit. TG! and finally my hometown team is worthy of beating wannabes like the team that calls joe robbe home.

  3. haha. You lost to Buffalo too. By much more, 29-10 I believe. Buffalo is pretty good, and we would have won that game too if not for 3 missed field goals. Carolina was a bad lost, and it was early in the season. But every NFL has a bad loss. sounds like you are butt hurt. Take a breath. Move on to next week

  4. golden and megatron each had a 100 yard games soooooooo

  5. The Dolphins are nothing but 3rd rate trash and they showed how they just aren’t a competitive NFL team in the NFL. Hopefully the NFL will move this 3rd rate piece of trash team to somewhere where they can have half way decent fans cheer for this team, because we all know Miami is a waste land for fans.

    Good luck Miami trailer trash.

    1. Dolphins are the scariest team on our Pats’ schedule for the rest of the year. Lionesses barely squeaked by this game at home. They have zero chance in Foxboro.

      1. Let me say this Patriot Nation yeah your two games up on the Miami Dolphins after losing to the best defense in the NFL/Detroit Lions will beat the Pats. in Foxboro and when the Dolphins play the Patriots in Foxboro it will be for first place. However, I tip my Miami Dolphin fan spirit if the Pats beat the Lions in humble defeat of your words “Lionesses have zero chance in Foxboro.”

  6. The libraries must be open late in Detroit because the trolls are out in full force. You won a close football game, big deal. Your team would lose to most of the 4-4 teams in the NFC.

    On top of all that, you live in Detroit! Enjoy the filth, the cold, and the Halal menu at McDonalds. I’ll be enjoying the sunny skies, 70 degree weather, and hot chicks everywhere I turn…..

  7. Big J, Miami is a complete dump, it may be warm, but it’s still a landing zone for boaters and drug smugglers. Enjoy your below avg Dolphins, they are nothing more than a .500 team in a weak AFC.

    Everyone wants out of Miami, look around, your sports teams are pathetic.

    1. @Bill ummmmmm and your city isn’t? Oh that’s right the City of Detroit is bankrupt of not only money but intelligent fans. It appears the city’s only commodity is lame azz sports fan trolls. Hey you guys can save your city from the brink. Now if you could just find a way to get folks to buy into your bullsh*t ?

      1. Enjoy living in South America, I heard its nice and warm, they also have a a Dolphins team that struggles to sell out because thier fans suck.

        If I want to enjoy Miami, I’ll turn on 48 hours.

        1. Who the hell name their kid Ndhomicohm Suh?

        2. @bill

          And I’ll watch yours on Cops! Ta ta!

    2. Isn’t Detroit a part of Canada yet?

  8. It was a close game 1 play from going our way. Even if I were a fan of Detroit , I think calling that a whooping is reaching farther than Grimes did with his one handed interception. Our excellent team took another bite from the humble pie while Detroit has false confidence from this very close victory. I saw a relaxed resilience from our team methodically correcting things until we started clicking. This game will serve our confidence going forward even more. We will be stronger facing Buffalo and will take out this tough loss on them. Its revenge time this Thursday. And to any decent Detroit fans, enjoy your victory. It was a hell of a game and this fan is sure you had a heck of a good time watching it.

    1. You’re high

      1. Excellent Detroit Fan here. Our Should I say Detroll fan.

        Compliment your team, you still cast insults. Its ok I know you cant help it. The better your team does this year the more heartbroken you will be when they choke in the playoffs. I mean you almost lost to our shitty team. How good could you guys really be. And if I get high is on some good bud as opposed to you being able to get high from your city’s terrible air quality. Take a deep breath now.

        1. I think your pretty high now and don’t know how to get down from the cloud your on because you surely don’t have a clue what you are taking about Detroll fan because I know your not talking about the Miami Dolphins that lost so it must be the Buffalo Bills winning by three points against the Detroit Lions and talking about the city of Buffalo having some kind of bad air quality and choking in the playoffs well if you mean the four straight Superbowls the Bills lost in at least they where there.

          1. “We lost FOUR Super Bowls IN A ROW, but at least we were there.” Only fans of the Bills say such laughable comments! That’s like Germans bragging about losing two World Wars in a row. “At least we were in those wars.”

            1. I think killing people in a war and losing your life and love ones has nothing to do with losing four straight in a Superbowl football game shame on you people for such a comment.

              1. @BuffalowBillyBob.

                Your comprehension or lack thereof is on full display. I was talking about Detroit. See what I mean? I had to clear that up for you. Your welcome. BTW nothing much going on in the Bills forums? Feel free to hang here then.

                1. @BuffalowBillyBob

                  Its called a period like this one . Try using it sometime.

                  1. My bad PhinsUp and thanks for claritying but you sure don’t compliment your team calling it shitty if that’s how you feel and a big fin hypocrite but I was also referring to the remark of Admin towards the Bills losing four straight Super Bowls and comparing it to Germany losing two straight world wars which was in bad taste and disrespectful to every American that died in those wars and of their families and no I care not to hang here.

                    1. Author

                      Whether it’s war, or football, or girlie gymnastics, people who lose do not have the right to brag. And their fans have even less right. Speaking of right…how about WIDE right?

                    2. @BuffaloBilly

                      Me saying our team was shitty was sarcasm. Some Detroit fans were saying out team sucked even though they barely beat us. The way I see it you cant have it both ways. Either we suck and get stomped by the Lions or we’re actually a decent team given how close the game was. The choking in the playoffs comment was retaliation for all the harsh comments directed at mine which was genuine when I congratulated them , only to get trolled in reply. So we can call a truce as I don’t enjoy saying crappy things to ppl on the internet I don’t know. But I will respond in kind if other people do towards my comments , this site , or my team. Feel free to hang around. Theres plenty of interesting stuff to read and comment about and even if you disagree its cool as far as Im concerned. I wouldn’t take too seriously the Germany comment. It was a comparison of attitudes not an accusation that Bills fans are like German soldiers from WWI and WW2. My grandfather proudly fought in WW2 and yes he was American. So if that comment didn’t offend me, I hope it wouldn’t offend you either. Thanks for replying with some class, it helped me feel better about answering back to you.

    2. Humble pie? Are you retarded or do you just look that ugly? Reread that article if you think you miami fans are humble.

      1. I believe the humble Dolphin fan was referring to himself and not all Dolphin fans that had cut into your stupidity of not knowing the difference between a humble comment and an insult which is obvious of you.

      2. Author

        Such a creative screenname. I’ll sure he’ll reply again with a screen name like SquishTheFish

        1. I love SquishTheFish. But we all know it should be
          SquishtheAquatic Mammals. LOL couldn’t resist.

      3. Hey f*ckthephins. If you want to do something stupid like having sex with a dolphin. The fin is not the place your looking for. Or maybe it is… weirdo!

  9. 12 comments in your pathetic little article, I’m glad I could give you a few extra hits. I hope it helps you get out of Little Haiti someday.

  10. This site is embarrassing if you’re a Dolphins fan, and hilarious if you’re a Lions fan. This “analysis” is purely sour grapes homerism from somebody who knows nothing about football.

    1. This site is indeed a homer site for us Dolfans, but can you name one item that is untrue or embarrassing as you claim?

      1. the color scheme for starters… my eyes are burning

        1. @Dolphins R
          You’re eyes burn from the smog, rotting corpses, and excrement. Im surprised you can see at all.

  11. This write up is the most laughable trash I have ever read. Tate and Megatron both had over 100 yards. That is keeping them in check? This has to be a joke page.

    1. Those were the most quiet yards ever. It seemed more like they got about 40 yards each and were shut out of the game when it mattered most. As Dolphins Truth mentioned, the Lions are in trouble when they need to be bailed out by some unknown Riddick

      1. WHAT? Did you watch the final drive? Both Calvin and Tate had big plays that resulted in a first down. “Quietest yards ever” You’re trash.

  12. Reading this article about stopping megatron and tate when both combined had what 17 catches and over 200 yards. Who would allow such a horrible blog to be posted. Sour grapes is all I am hearing

    1. Author

      Sour grapes to you, but facts to knowledgable NFL fans. Your Megatron got a nice touchdown grab, but otherwise he was meaningless. These Lion fans are worse than the Bills fans…even when they win, they complain.

      1. yeah… that miracle catch on 4th down was meaningless… that 20 yard pass on the game winning drive was meaningless

  13. Cry me a river. Lions played a terrible game and still owned your pathetic, weak, over-rated, Patriot $%@# sucking @$$.

    1. Author

      LOL, how was that ‘owning’ going when we had the lead on your frightened Lionesses?

      1. felt sorry for your pathetic, sun-burnt, @$$es and decided to give you a little hope. Now go back to feeding the homeless old ladies sleeping in door ways down on South Beach you mole.

  14. Wow now *Admin is talking junk because the Dolphins actually had the lead for part of the game.

    BTW “third string scrub” Theo Riddick is what good football teams call “depth”.

    1. Author

      I’m not talking junk. I’m just laughing that you claimed to own Miami today when you trailed for the majority of the second half!

      1. Scoreboard.

  15. Philbin sucks period. Terrible end of game management just like the Packers game. But if Clay holds on, just like if someone fell on the ball when Wake crushed Rodgers at the end of the GB game we would have won. And yes, when you hold Megatron to around 100 and 1 TD and get one pick against him – that is as close as you get to shutting him down. Lastly, Fuck Jeff Ireland, he cut Dan Carpenter, left us with no O line last year, cut Dansby, and all his draft picks suck. There is not enough room on this page to write how much better this team would be if he (and Parcells for that matter) never existed.

    1. Author

      Absolutely agree about Parcells.
      We’re still unsure just how much influence Ireland had. For example, almost everyone admits that it was Philbin–not Ireland–who wanted to get rid of Carpenter.
      Speaking of No Offensive line, watching Albert get carted off was not a good feeling, especially in a loss.

    2. How do you feel about Dan Carpenter now missing that field goal against the Dolphins that cut him which was important at the time that could have tied the game and changed the whole field of play that gave the Dolphins great field position to start their TD drive RickGatorNoleHater?

      1. Author

        We still like Carpenter, and your kicker is better than ours. It was bound to happen sometime.

        1. The Bills played a good game BUFFALOBILLY but I’m so glad the Dolphins won that game and shut the mouthy mouth guarantee Bills win up!

  16. Sorry, but in sports “beat” = “owned”. And you must practice some weird math down in Florida because Miami only led for eight minutes the entire game, and not the “majority of the second half” as you claim. Did you even watch the game?

    1. Author

      Nate, in that case you got owned by the 3-5 Panthers.

  17. In response to Admin. 1)Megatron is far from an average receiver and had he not played we would have won because they would have not generated a big play against our defense like the fifty-yard bomb he caught. Take that away and we win by a field goal. Looking at how The Lions beat Green Bay handily at home and came back to beat the saints at home also. Their defense is formidable on the frontline and the linebackers and secondary is much improved. The Lions are far from a bad team this year. Hence their record. Now on to us. We have a lot of talent and are deeper than recent years but Dennis Hickey needs another season to clean house of all the Ireland failures. They come back to haunt us at the worst times. Players like Phillip Wheeler and sad as I am to say Jamar Taylor are Ireland deadweight that needs to be jettisoned. Taylor gets more penalties in limited snaps than the starting corners do in extended action. We may be a year of housecleaning and drafting from actually being a team that can be a consistent playoff-contender. Games like this show me that because it was winnable due to our defense but our lack of depth at runningback and our developmental offensive line were in full display. Not to mention that we have been done no favors as far as the injury bug striking key personnel. This was actually a game that I had picked for us to lose but had changed my mind about recently due to the way we had been playing. Our last two losses are by a td combined and it would have been great if Clay would have curtailed that third down touchdown catch instead of let the safety knock it away.

  18. Hey, if you want to count 100 yards and a TD as shutting someone down, be my guest. Whatever gets you through the night. Of course, Tate had over 100 yards. So he got shut down too.

  19. At the end of the day we may not be a play-off team simply because we cannot yet overcome the ineptitude of previous terrible draft picks and free agent signings of Ireland. It will take more time.

    1. Author

      True, and I include Dion Jordan at the top of the failures list. Big deal, he picked up a ball that landed right in his lap today. I give Jordan no credit on Earl Mitchell’s great block.

  20. We sure did get owned by the Panthers, and the Bills, too. But we are 7-2, in first place in our division. And we beat you.

    1. The only person that equates losing to getting owned is someone who has never owned a pair of cleats in his life. Let me guess- your mommy was afraid you’d get hurt??

      1. Says the guy who unironically supports a page that whines about the “Facemaskers” from Detroit. This is more a page for Dolphins groupies than actual football fans. Have fun being a complete joke.

  21. Who runs this page? I mean honestly, this has got to be one of the worst sports articles I’ve ever read. As a fan of neither team, maybe this author ought to try his or her hand at something else, because the writing’s not working out for ya.

    1. Well, it’s a fun, opinionated page for sure. Some statements are over the top, but it’s more hoenest than the trash that the mainstream Miami writers write

  22. You can tell the closest any of these d-bags from Deez (nutz) troit ever got to Miami is some late night Miami Vice reruns. Boaters and Drug smugglers?? Seriously?? That’s too funny.

    If I recall, this is the same trashbag city that went 0-16! There have been plenty of terrible teams in the NFL over the years, but only has ever gone 0-16.

    There have also been some pretty miserable cities in America, but only one had to turn off street lamps because they couldn’t afford the electricity. Yes, that too was Detroit.

    So we’ll take our drug smugglers and you can keep your mosques and pawn shops.

  23. You can tell the closest any of these d-bags from Deez (nutz) troit ever got to Miami is some late night Miami Vice reruns. Boaters and Drug smugglers?? Seriously?? That’s too funny.

    If I recall, this is the same trashbag city that went 0-16! There have been plenty of terrible teams in the NFL over the years, but only has ever gone 0-16.

    It’s also that same team that had to turn off street lights because they couldn’t afford the electricity.

    So, we’ll keep our drug smugglers, hot chicks, and waterfront that doesn’t smell like raw sewage, and you can have your mosques and pawn shops…..

  24. Boaters and drug smugglers?? I bet the closest any of these trolls has even been to Miami is watching Miami Vice reruns on nick at night.

    May I remind you that of all the terrible teams to even play in the NFL, only one has ever gone 0-16. Who might that be??

    And this same proud city had to turn off its street lights because it couldn’t afford the electricity. Seriously, how poor can you be??

    So we’ll keep our drugs, hot chicks and waterfront that doesn’t smell like raw sewage and you can have your mosques and pawn shops….

    1. Hot chicks? You mean your sister n cousin lol get your imbred azz outta here talkin some ish about a city you never been to. We damn well kno you wouldnt step up in detroit cuz we smell that weak pu$$y a mile away lol get robbed n slapped up real quik

      1. I hear Afghanistan is nicer.

  25. I’ve been to Detroit- nastiest city ever- looks just like Afghanistan. I hear you know a lot about “package handling”….

  26. 1. Detroit needed lucky ass tipped Megatron catch on 3rd down which led them to tying FG
    2. Detroit need Charles Clay to drop a TD that woulda, at worst, led us to OT.
    3. Stafford would have been crushed if the refs did not allow their O-line to hold consistently. At least they called the blatant ones.
    4. Detroit needed our starting RB out. They needed our starting LT to go out. They needed our 2nd best corner to go out.
    5. Detroit also needed Philbin to be Philbin. Gutless predictable 4 minute offense AGAIN. All 3 2nd half TOs wasted. One on 3rd and 14 when everyone knew it was leading to a punt. The other 2 on the final drive. ON DEFENSE. AGAIN. Its not like they were called to conserve time. They were called to give Detroit a breather and get their best package in.
    In conclusion……..Detroit is a very good team. About as equal as the Fins, maybe a tad bit better. the most pathetic thing is that Caldwell, one of worst coaches ever, is even better than Philbin. the Dolphins win despite their coach. I do not know when they will finally replace this bum. He continues to show his immaturity and lack of football presence. The refs were so used to him blowing TO’s that they even called one for him. He had to call a TO to say he did not call a TO. Such a buffoon.

    1. Yeah that time out was a lame excuse of confusion that stop the clock allowing Detroit to get set again and save a time out but I think that was a mess up on the refs trying to determine weather a first down was made or not and charged Miami a time out instead of an official time out to measure for the first down that could have been reviewed so Detroit caught a break on that play as well and as again extra time luck for the other team beat the Miami Dolphins.

  27. Wow, Dolphin fans are a bunch of poor losers, and total azzholes. I never knew, but now I do.

    And I can tell none of you have ever been to Detroit. Downtown Detroit is amazing, and the suburbs are the best in the country with 5 million people. We have the 2nd richest county in all America, and has been the #1 richest longer than any other county. You bunch of ignorant hicks need to grow up.

    1. Oh yeah, and we have some of the best Universities in the country here, and UofM is one of the best in the world, look it up. You back water hillbillies are pathetic.

    2. No, I’m not a poor Miami Dolphins fan looser if anything I spake good of the Detroit Lions having the second best record in the NFL and first place in their division neither do I speak bad things of the city of Detroit so whats up with you lolwowlol calling Dolphin fans azzholes? I’m just making a true comment on the game of how I seen it as being an exciting football game that went down to the wire and as being a Miami Dolphin fan it was another tough lost for the team having extra time on the game clock for the other team that benefited from it as Green Bay did to beat the Miami Dolphins nothing more said.

  28. Miami ur qb sucks how many passes did he throw beyond the line of scrimmage.

  29. Heres a perfect example of a lame DTroit fan who complains even when the post is complimentary and with best wishes. Hey you guys won remember?

    Anyways barely loosing to obviously the best team in the NFL means were not far off the mark. No time to sulk got another game thursday. A must win. We are 2 critical defensive stops from being 7-2. Things are getting better. Good luck Detroit, you sure had it with that first down call that was obviously a bit short which extended your drive.

    1. Sorry, NEVER complain to a Detroit fan about being screwed on a call. It was close though. I will give you that. I looked at the markers on the side and not the yellow line. He may have been short or it could’ve been a bad angle. Either way, they would’ve gone for it on fourth down. And, to be honest, the Dolphins could not stop Joique Bell so I’m guessing they would have gotten it but, you never know.
      It was a gritty game. A great and gritty game and truth be told both the safety Ihedigbo and Tannehill should have both been called for facemasks on the return. Look at it again subjectively and you will admit I’m telling the truth.
      Great game Fins. If you were playing any other team than my own I would have been rooting for you so hard. I like to see a game where two teams that haven’t been to the playoffs in a while are fighting tooth and nail. Good luck the rest of the way guys.

      1. Classy post thanks for seeing past some of the provocative posts and article titles and posting intelligently . I honestly think the first down was a generous spot. Respectfully I disagree a 4th down attempt would have followed. Too risky when your trailing and on 4th down. If you turn over on downs its over. Even though Caldwell proved himself a gamblin man with 2 fake punts and go for it on 4 and 6. This would/could have been disastrous if the 4th down failed. But its cool we can agree to disagree there. The game coulda gone either way, your team showed a lot of poise to take the lead back and gave our team a challenge they are sure to improve from having faced. The comment posts are in gest and only given by me in retaliation and don’t really show any of my feelings towards respectable fans like you. Though with some of the titles I honestly can say that I cant blame some for getting pissed. But its all in good fun. The only team I truly hate is the Pats and if you guys play them I hope you stomp them badly . Good luck this fan will be rooting for that!

  30. Hey D-Truth. Speaking of that 1st down. Lets get the replay analysis. Even the commentators called it.short and the replay looked conclusive.Did we get screwed again?

    1. Author

      I watched this several times, and it is iffy. They gave him a decent spot on the field, so I honestly think that replay would have upheld it. There was no 100% irrefutable evidence that the ref made a bad spot. If they would have marked him an inch short, they might have overturned it in that case. The refs seemed to be generous to the Lions as the game wore on.

      1. Yeah and being the seemed confusion of who called a time out that stop the clock for Detroit and gave them time to regroup and saved them of their one last time out only adds insult to the Miami Dolphins defeat as of Green Bay.

  31. You guys have your own homer fan site and there is nothing wrong with that but you have to expect to get trolled with such a title for an article. Facemasks happen to all teams not just yours so you may as well lay back and enjoy it!

    1. Lions were called for 3 separate Facemasks, plus the cameras caught them committing 2 more that the refs decided to let you get away with. I think the Facemasker headline of this article is accurate.

      1. Author

        Some fans were noting all the non-calls every time Detroit held Cameron Wake. There was definitely holding, but I don’t know how obvious it was. Lions are pretty good at disguising their dirty play.

        1. Were those same fans noting the roughing the punter that the dolphins got away with?

          Rule of thumb- if you need to create a conspiracy that the refs are against you, then you are a delusional fan that needs to move on.

          1. @Nate
            Ruffing the punter ? You mean where your guy pushed ours into your punter. In that case your own team should have been called for ruffing its own punter. Have a nice day 🙂

            1. Nope, nobody got pushed, but go ahead and believe that the refs are against you, and every single questionnable call goes against you, if that is what you need to get by in life.

              Seriously, “ruffing”? Wow.

              1. Author

                Nate, I’ll be happy to send you the indisputable video images of your blocker pushing our player into your punter. Just post your home address here.

                1. Annnnnnd there was a second case I am sure he’s referencing to. The 2nd time the Kicker flopped and was never touched by our defender trying to block the kick. The close up footage shows your kicker was never touched and tried to fake being hit. Nice try its of little consequence now but the intelligence factor between us an you has a very large gap. Is there something in the water up there?

                  1. And yeah Ruffing! Cause I like to spell it that way like you like to call out plays that never happened. Seriously Roughing the Kicker. L to the O-L.

              2. Anything? ……………..Anything? I think I hear crickets chirping. Silly me! Its the voices in my conspiracy minded head. No matter the conspiracy theorist is the person accusing others of the same. Ruffing!

  32. Hey Dolphins fans. I know loosing last week sucked. But are any of you watching MNF? Yeah we could be the Carolina Panthers right now. A dose of perspective if nothing else to gain from last sundays heartbreaker. And oh yeah, Ruffing!

  33. Wow! AdmIn do you really believe that fans of the losing team in a Super Bowl don’t have a right to brag about their team being there which is a hard task just to even get there. You should be flag for unsportsman like conduct and I suppose a parade in support of the losing team should stop too, that we don’t support a loser of the Super Bowl team or the loser in any sport. Such harsh criticism but you do have the right to criticize and yet want to take away the right of fans of losers in sports that brag of their team or person or persons wow!

    1. Author

      Well, fans of a losing team certainly have the right to brag, but those fans are saying that 2nd place is successful. Dolphins Truth does not believe that. In this business, championships matter. Nothing else.

  34. Hey PhinsUp! It’s all cool! Brother!

    1. @BullaloBilly

      Cool bro! Hope you hang around. Assuming your a Bills fan, brace yourself, some of the articles will be very biased but I enjoy it, they are challenging and engaging. I say this because it may seem like a bunch of jerks hang round here and its not true. Even admin will admit when he’s wrong but it isn’t easy achieving that :-). Anyways, you have my internet handshake.

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