Worst quarter in recent memory…and it ain’t over

I don’t mind that we didnt’t stop a fake punt, but the way they made it  so so so so so easy?

Our offensive line is being destroyed…again I don’t mind that as much as Lazor not adjusting to it.

Brandon Fields needs to find a new team.   He retired after the Pro Bowl but forgot to tell us.

Tannehill seems to forget that he can run.

Three really bad Dolphin penalties have hurt.    Not a single thing going well.

Philip Wheeler is a massive liability. Cut him yesterday.  How many games must he cost us?

Jimmy Wilson just celebrated a Lion incompletion.   Look at the scoreboard, Jim.

Maybe Detroit’s second fake punt failure will give us life.  As we said all week, JiM Caldwell is perhaps the only NFL coach who makes more errors that Philbin,   Jim just did us a huge favor, like Philbin does for our opponents.

Lazor needs to prohibit Tannehill from throwing deep.  He can’t do it, so just move onto other plays.  Our short passing game cannot be stopped, so why vary from it?

The interception was an awful pee wee throw.  We haven’t seen such a horrific pass from Tannehill in weeks.  But give him credit for that tackle.   The kid is tough and fast.

Brandon Albert is gone.  We dead.

10-3 at the half is a still winnable game for us.  It is remarkable we are in this game.  But, man, we needed 7 at the end.

Time to get fired up.  Are we gonna let Detroit facemask their way through this game without getting mad?

Great effort, but not there.  Eerily similar to the Packer game.  Defense needed to make one stop, they failed.  Offense needed 10 yards to ice the game, they failed.  Again.  On the previous series, we had first and goal from only 8 yards away, and we settle for 3.

The playcalling on our final two series was awful.  We we 8 yards away and refused to look toward Wallace and Landry.    On our previous red zone trip, we went right to Wallace and scored immediately.   Why why why not stick with it?







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  1. Im hopeful we can turn this game around. The loss of Albert hurts but so far so good. I thought the 2nd fake punt by Detroit was foolish. Wish we would have capitalized and seized the momentum. Its the start of the 2nd quarter and Landry is electric. The team seems to be staying poised and not rattled by the bad 1st half. And just as I say that, Thomas fumbles.

  2. Hey Dion Jordan is now on the list of contributors! That’s why I love this game.

    1. Author

      No way! Earl Mitchell contributed. Dion simply picked up a gift right in front of him and failed to score. He got tackled by a 300-pounder. Drugs do that to ya.

  3. Here we go again, late 4th quarter lead. All we need to do is stop them and its pretty much game over with a 1st down or 2. The game comes down to this.

    1. Author

      You comment jinxed us! Surely you know that we never get a simple first down when we need one most !!

      1. Ain’t that something just can’t seem to get a first down when trying to run out the clock when Dolphins had the lead late in the fourth quarter again in a close game but even still calling time out to help Detroit succeeded in several shots in the end zone for a touch down to win the game instead of a field goal try is silly of Dolphin coaching let the clock run and force Detroit to tie the game let them burn a time out if they want to stop the clock they still had one left but the Dolphins coaching gave them two so they had no pressure for a field goal to tie the game for they was still outside the twenty yard line when Stafford completed the pass just outside Dolphins ten yard line and time out Dolphins and no pressure there for Detroit to hurry up to the line and get a play off and why not when you have the clock stop and chances for shots in the end zone silly silly coaching in close games both with Green Bay and now with Detroit. Oh well.

  4. controversial 1st down. Bad call changed this game.

  5. Does anyone seriously think Joe Philbin is fit to lead this team?? I have never seen a worse team with a lead and 3 minutes to go in my entire life.

    Throw in the BUF, GB, and now the DET game and you have all the proof you need. Stop throwing the f’ing ball and do what every other good coach does- pound it down their throats.

    And who keeps calling timeouts for the other team??!?! Not only does it help the offense, it screams, “YOU HAVE US ON THE ROPES AND WE NEED TO REGROUP!!!!”

    Absolutely pathetic. Joe Philbin leads the league (and the universe) in squandering talent…..

    1. Author

      Agreed. There are intangibles about Philbin that cost us games. We simply cannot win a close game, and at least some blame is his for sure.

  6. BTW- Reshad Jones can’t cover backs out of the backfield to save his life. He’s decent in playing over the top, but get toasted by backs. The TD was almost identical to the play last year where Sproles ran that wheel route on him when we got blasted by New Orleans.

    I have no idea why he was waiting at the line of scrimmage for the back. Play a few yards off and he can’t get behind you…..

  7. In all seriousness, I wish Joe Philbin would come up with a philosophy and game plan for what to do when his team is up by less than a TD with 3-4 minutes in a game and stick to it. It’s clear he has no clear conviction on what to do and it is really hurting this football team…..

    (Hey Joe, here’s a hint- it’s a good idea to run the ball in obvious running situations, and it’s even better idea to bring in extra offensive lineman to do so. Also, you should never only rush 3 pass rushers when rushing 4-5 has worked the previous 58 minutes of a game…..)

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