Highs and Lows of the Dolphins Win vs the Minnesota Vikings

The HIGH points:

Mike Wallace made another spectacular touchdown catch.  Not since Reggie Bush have the Dolphins had such a skillful, electrifying player.  Dolphins fans who keep bashing Wallace and his contract need to stop embarrassing themselves.

Ryan Tannehill threw a lot of short passes today, and nothing seemed quite spectacular.  But still it was a high point to see him throw for 4 TDs.

Terence Fede won the game for us.  He’ll probably be gone within a few months, but we give him his props here today.

Cameron Wake came alive on the last Vikings drive.

Nice interception by Shelby.  That killed a Viking drive.

And now for the LOWs:

Stephen Ross officially confirmed that inept mediocrity will return for a 4th straight season next year.  It is such depressing news.

Joe Philbin‘s coaching.   For the second straight week, the Dolphins opened the game by getting into opponent territory.  They ended up facing a 4th-and-2 in the opponent territory.  BOTH times, Philbin chose a long, risky field goal.  Both times, the cowardly Philbin refused to go for it on 4th-and-2.  BOTH times we were down 7-0 a minute later.  Philbin’s mistakes make us angry.  But Philbin NOT LEARNING from his same, repeated mistakes makes us furious.

Jarvis Landry has dropped far too many kickoffs and punts this year.  He needs to stick to being a WR, and Philbin needs to replace him.   We love the kid, but he’s a liability when catching punts and kicks.

Damian Williams.   I’m still mad at him for dropping that easy touchdown vs. New England that would have changed the entire game around.

Joe Philbin.   At the end of the first half, we had 4th and 2 around midfield with about two minutes to go.  Cowardly Joe refused to go for it against the last-place Vikings.  Instead he punted to them.  Minnesota promptly drove down on us and scored 3 more points.   What makes this wrong is this:    After the punt, the Vikings were content to just run out the clock to halftime, but Clueless Joe called timeouts.  Philbin was trying to hold the Vikings and force them to punt to us (similar to what happened at end of second half).    The best that Philbin could hope for is that the Vikes punt and we get the ball back around midfield.   What Philbin forgot is that we JUST HAD the ball at midfield BEFORE he punted it.
So Philbin’s plan was to have the ball at midfield.  Then punt it to the Vikes.   Then try to hold them so that they would punt it back to us.  Then get the ball back around midfield.

The KC Chiefs.  The Chefs didn’t even try against the Steelers, and their lack of effort got Miami kicked out of the playoffs.

The Buffalo Bills.  This sorry, sad team couldn’t even beat the Raiders.   Now we stand to finish ahead of them in the standings, which hurts our draft pick and hurts our schedule next year.   How on earth does Philbin lose to these bums at least once a year?

Joe Philbin and Stephen Ross.   This dynamic duo has doomed the Dolphins for another year.  Why is Mr. Ross so incredibly blinded?  By the way, I found it hysterical that Greg Cote of the Miami Herald applauded this insane move by Ross.  It just goes to show you how many people in the media are afraid to tell it like it is.  I don’t blame Cote; he knows that if he criticizes Ross, he’ll be out of a job.  But seriously?


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  1. Small potatoes here… but why do you think Terrence Fede will be gone in a few months? The limited action I’ve seen from him has been positive.

    1. Author

      Don’t get me wrong. I like Fede and I do hope they keep him. But he was a 7th-round pick and didn’t play much with Wake and Shelby and Vernon and even Dion Jordan ahead of him. I just don’t know if he fits into the team’s plans, especially if there is a new defense next year. He adds some nice depth, but I don’t know if the coaching staff will see the value in that.

  2. They are actually contemplating finally moving Dion to outside linebacker so that could open up a spot for Fede on the defensive line. As far as Mike Wallace goes he has been a positive in his second year. His double-digit tds are very impressive. He has proven to be more versatile than I thought. Still if a guy is making $15 plus mil a year he should be your best player or at least top ten at his position league wide. He is neither. If Megatron was put on the trade market this offseason half the league would be clamoring to get a deal done or at least entertaining taking on his enormous contract. Including teams without the necessary cap space. He’s that much of a difference maker and a true #1 receiver. If Wallace was put on the market this offseason with his which teams would entertain taking on his enormous cap number. The Raiders and maybe the Redskins. Just look at those teams recent management history. See any correlation? When Wallace has a 100 plus catch season with 1200 yards and 12 tds then i’ll stop saying that’s he’s overpaid. Because those stats are 15 mil a year stats to me.

  3. Author

    Your points about Wallace are well stated. I do think he’s our best player on offense, but I agree about other teams not dying to give him big bucks. A lot of Wallace’s lack of production is from the offense we run. Only the last few weeks is Tannehill noticing Wallace on longer passes. Last year, Wallace ran the same route 90% of the time under Mike Sherman, and his stats were awful but not his fault.
    We’ll see what happens with Fede. I’m not confident in Dion Jordan no matter where he plays. I know I’m hard on the kid, but I base my criticism on Jordan’s lack of production. He’s been suspended more times than he has sacks. I don’t think moving him to LB will suddenly turn him into a great player, let alone good.

  4. Author

    By the way, Dion Jordan’s “sack” last Sunday was because Teddy Bridgewater fell over his own lineman and hit the turf. Dion was just there to cover him. The official stats registered a sack for Dion, but in reality, it wasn’t.
    He’s a Jeff Ireland bust, and I’ll keep saying it until he shuts me up.

    1. With all due respect, Dion had great penetration on that play (that’s what she said) and was in position to make the play. If he doesn’t get the sack, he’s at least been pretty close many times (considering how little he plays). I’ve watched Olivier and Cam both allow themselves to be “velcro’d” too many times. This typically doesn’t happen with Dion.

  5. I agree that Dion has had little impact besides special teams. Hopefully a switch to olb will invigorate his career.

  6. LB is a position of weakness so why not move a guy like Jordan there as they have plenty of DE depth. He’d just be more dangerous and he can’t possibly be worse than Wheeler….makes too much sense hopefully they give him more reps there this Sunday so we can see if possible before FA and the draft.

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