Ten Questions: An Open Questionnaire for Stephen Ross (or any Dolfan who supports Joe Philbin)

If Dolphins Truth could sit down with Mr. Stephen Ross or somehow bring this blog to his attention, here are the questions we would ask him concerning his recent decision to bring back Joe Philbin for a fourth year.

While we’re up to about 6,000 readers per week on our blog here, we understand that we are not nationally known yet.  So there is little chance that Mr. Ross will ever see this, let alone reply.   In that case, we invite any and all fans who support Joe Philbin to answer these questions.

Stephen Ross and Joe Philbin have exactly the same amount of experience playing in the NFL.

Here’s your chance.   It’s an open forum to state your case for why you agree with Mr. Ross.

  1. You stated that Joe Philbin is the right man for the job.  Why do you say that?
  2. Can you give us three examples of Joe Philbin’s decisions that won us ball games?   We’re not concerned with leadership, teaching, morality, and similar attributes.   We want examples of Joe Philbin giving a decisive order on the playing field.
  3. You said, “I believe in what we are building.”  We are a mediocre .500 team.  Can you define for us please what we are building?
  4. When players and opposing coaches praise Joe Philbin, do you wonder what they REALLY think, as opposed to saying the “right thing” for the camera.
  5. Why did you allow Philbin to hire his old pal Mike Sherman?
  6. Why did you allow Philbin to hire Mike Sherman’s son-in-law?
  7. When you hired Philbin, did you fully comprehend that Philbin was never allowed to call a play in Green Bay?  That he had never once been allowed to make a personnel decision?  That he was not involved in drafts?
  8. When you saw Philbin hand a free victory to the Packers by calling a timeout to benefit Green Bay, did you contemplate firing him right then and there?
  9. What makes you think next year will be better?  Specifically, what makes you think that Joe Philbin will suddenly get better between January and August?
  10. Do you realize (or care) how many NFL experts have publicly stated that Joe Philbin is simply not a good coach?   What makes you decide to ignore the fans and ignore the experts and go with your gut feeling instead?


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  1. Those are very tough questions to answer and they must be asked. If we could ask an 11th question I would offer up this: “From what sources do you draw from in making major decisions?” While I know insiders may acquire their information from team sources/lockeroom atmosphere/advisors, there is something to be said about lending consideration to what fans/analysts/etc see fraren’t side the inner circle.

    Having been a FinFan for 30 years it’s not hard to see something as evident as this: Mike Wallace is NOT a #1 receiver nor does he play like one. He’s at best an “excellent” #2 WR threat. Is anyone out there like me tired of defenses constantly giving us a 20 yd cushion? You don’t need to be an insider to figure that out. Rishard Matthews, Brian Hartline & Brandon Gibson aren’t suddenly going to break out. The following are #1 type badass receivers we ought to consider signing or drafting:

    Dez Bryant (is his mom a hooker?)
    AJ Green
    Calvin Johnson
    Demaryious Thomas
    Brandon Marshall/Alshon Jeffery
    Josh Gordon (minus the drama)
    Julio Jones
    Sammy Watkins (eventually?)
    Antonio Brown (at least this year)
    Green Bay’s unit as a whole
    Mike Evans (eventually? )

    If I left someone else out let me know

    I don’t want to hear that they are few and far between. It’s a glaring problem that needs to be addressed. .


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