Huge Draft Trade

I’m so bust today and don’t have a lot of time to get into depth, but I wanted to start the conversation here and open it up for you guys to comment.

We went from 3rd to 12th, BUT we picked up the 49ers FIRST ROUNDERS in 2022 and 23.  Man, this is better than the Houston deal!   Now we have to root against San Fran for the next 2 years!!!



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  1. I would have liked to not drop quite as far down as 12 but I’m hoping Micah Parsons is still in play there and Miami goes that road especially with Chase, Pitts and Sewell most likely gone. I think there’s enough top tier receivers in this draft we can wait until 18 (if we don’t go Najee Harris there) or early second (especially after acquiring Fuller as well). And that gives us multiple first round picks four years in a row…. the amount of high end talent we’re infusing this team with is pretty crazy. 🙂

  2. Now the Dolphins went from 12th pick in the draft to number 6.

    1. Phil! Always one step ahead of me…. so we traded again with the Eagles to move back into the top 10 and give up one of those extra firsts. So the question is who are we eyeing that we felt like wouldn’t be there at 12 but would still be there by 6? Must be someone they felt pretty strong about to give up an extra first next year

  3. From Barry Jackson – today @ 2:13 eastern time:

    Dolphins got good value today, but there’s one major risk: If Dolphins are bad in 2022 & 49ers are great. After today’s deals, Miami will pick in SF’s 1st round spot in 2022 draft and Eagles will pick in Miami’s 1st round spot. Fins confident Tua & Co. won’t make them regret that.

    1. he’s not wrong…. you always roll the dice at least a little bit whenever you trade out of the top 5….

    2. Author

      We thought the same thing about Houston. We’ll get lucky again, watch. 49ers are in a tough division and will end up with 5 or 6 wins. We’ll have 9+

  4. Author

    I don’t love the second part of that trade. I’d take my chances with #12 overall and then two first rounders for the next two years.
    To move up six spots, we gave up a first rounder next year. Not horrible, but it’s a bit less enticing to me. I guess we’ve been spoiled by having multiple first rounders in 2020 and 2021. Then we added to that and we had in place multiple first-rounders in 2022 and 2023 as well, but just gave one away.
    I wish the draft were tomorrow instead of over a month away!

    1. Almost for sure we will take a WR at 6 right. Sewell won’t get past Cincinnati for sure, and maybe we go Parsons. But you have to imagine either smith or chase will be available and Miami won’t pass on the value at 6 for them

      1. Author

        Some of the Cincy fan sites have them taking different tackles. Everyone knows they need OL help, but some say Sewell is now the 3rd or 4th best option. Interesting development.

        1. It’s definitely going to be an interesting draft… some of it will depend on what the Jets decide to do at 2… or if they still feel Darnold has potential to be a franchise QB they could trade out…. but one way or another you could have Chase, Smith, Pitts, Parsons and MAYBE Sewell sitting there at 6. Where do you go? and what do we need most? I think we’re in a good spot where we can afford to get the best player available but the fact we moved up tells me they are eyeing one, maybe two specifically…

          1. BTW… anyone see Parsons 40 time? 4.39…. dude has WR speed at LB. I know these days LB isn’t drafted in the top 10 and if I had to guess Miami is going for Sewell/Pitts/Chase or Smith….. but DAMN would I love to see them take Parsons… he could be a game wrecker for years for our D!

            1. Author

              A stud LB with that kind of speed? A position we desperately need help at? It is a no brainer to me. I love this kid. I wanted to take him at 3. If he’s there at 6, I’d love that too. Finders crossed.

              1. There’s the point I don’t give a flying shit what kind of value people think if they get the same guy they wanted at 3 and gained cap space and draft picks why bitch? This was their best play all along. I honestly think its between Parsons and Pitts as those two positions aren’t making it to 12. At 18 they can still get a WR or whatever their hearts desire. They can even trade up now from 18 if they want to secure a 2nd favorite player in the first round.

                I will have no trouble with any of this but I’m torn at who to take at 6 now. I know admin loves Parsons and wouldn’t be upset with him if he helps make the D dominate. Pitts could make the O dominant and help Tua but they may still get to that with later picks. Tough call!

                1. Author

                  Yeah, dropping 3 to 6 for a first rounder in 2 years? I’m happy with that. I think I was MORE happy with picking 12th plus TWO extra first-rounders instead of one, but all the experts say we have our eye on someone who will be available at 6 but not at 12. Smart move if that’s the case.
                  If we have our eye on Parsons, for instance, a nd he ends up getting picked 4th or 5th, then we should trade back again. But as of now, #6 overall should be a great footballer!

                2. Pitts with Gesicki gives them the “Hernandez/Gronk” matchup.

                  1. Author

                    Hernandez? No comment. 🙂

  5. There has to be someone they are eyeing in the 6-10 spot they want, and felt he wouldn’t be there at 12. But man, what a plethora of we got the next couple of years!

  6. I’ve been saying all along we should trade down since we weren’t going for a qb. Glad we got an awesome haul…even better then I expected.

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