I just woke up and Dolphins are already down 10-0 but Clueless Joe still has a job

There were several comical news stories this week about the Jets bringing their own toilet paper to England.

That toilet paper is a better coach than Joe Philbin.


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  1. Lol how can you oversleep for a football game?

    Oh ya it started at 9:30!

  2. Author

    The Jets just committed a few penalties to make it 13-7. But before I finish this sentence, Jets have the kickoff and are already marching down the field. Suh is invisible again

  3. Author

    Every time i blink, it’s third and long again

  4. Author

    87-year old Ryan Fitzpatrick just smoked Wake and ran for 20 yards. This Dolphins defense is so so terrible

  5. Author

    There we go. Jets were confused about the upcoming third and five, and Philbin called timeout for them. Same old clueless joe

  6. Author

    Eric Decker playing on a gimp leg and still the best receiver on the field. Next to Brandon Marshall.

  7. Author

    More to come during the week, but don’t think that Philbin’s defensive timeout will be forgotten. The Jets had all the pressure on them, and Philbin let them off the hook.

  8. Author

    Three blocked passes in a row. Where is Jay?

  9. Author

    Halftime interview. Philbin said how good Miami looked on their one drive. He forgot to mention the Jets gave them 77 yards in penalties on that drive.

    1. He also mentioned how good a receiver Marshall is. YOU THINK?? Maybe – just maybe – we should have kept him after he won the Pro Bowl MVP.

  10. Lol…..

    @Admin why aren’t you in the chat today?

    1. Author

      Brian, I’m away from home this morning and have to use my iPad, which doesn’t work right in the chat. 🙁

  11. Oh my god the title for this thread is epic I laugh to myself as I turned on the TV jokingly said I bet were down 7 nothing and we were.

  12. Author

    Ryan is playing great today. Fitzpatrick that is, not Tannehill.

  13. Author

    Wow, teams drive sooooooooo easily on us.

  14. Honestly wasn’t this exactly what we all expected this week?

  15. Brandon Marshall looked great the first half. Too bad he’s not wearing a Miami jersey.

  16. Second rate Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is running all over the Dolphins. Take a moment to digest that, then read it again. Ryan Fitzpatrick is running all over the Dolphins.

  17. Tried to stay on chat but my internet kept kicking me off.

    Nonetheless, we are having a pretty fun time over there ironically.

  18. Author

    4th and one, and we run the same crap plays. Just zero innovation on this offense.
    They run a two-yard route when we need 4, and then 15 -yard route when we need 2.

  19. Author

    Our first pass rush of the day, and Shelby roughed him.

  20. The casual Londoner will leave today with the impression that the Jets are a powerhouse. The Jets are average on a good day. Miami just stinks all around.

    The Redskins want a week one do-over.

  21. I give up. Tannehill is just bad. I really have tried to give him a chance, but his accuracy aint there. Aint!!

  22. @ Admin Here’s Jay. Tannehill is terrible. As are all the offensive skill positions.

    1. Author

      Tannehill’s worst game in some time. It’s really really ugly

  23. Author

    Awful playcalling. Worse execution.
    Even on 4th down, throw a pick on purpose is better than just giving Jets the ball at midfield.

  24. Author

    Once Geno Smith got his face broken a few months ago, I thought this Jet game would be easy. Man, the Dolphins are just horrible.

  25. Author

    Zack Bowman has more yards than our offense

  26. Author

    Second and 21, and we ran a 3-yard route

    1. That’s Tannebum’s accuracy range!!

  27. The coaches know the players stink!!

  28. Sad thing is, there was a point where Miami was actually in this game. I think that was yesterday.

  29. @Jay

    The coaches arn’t good enough to know the players suck!

    They all suck!

    1. @ Brian M

      You are right. And neither are the GM’s or owner.

      Will this be Ross’s 7th or 8th year without ONE winning season?

      1. Author

        Shit! The Dolphins are doing a few good things now and might save Philbin’s job for a week. Nooooooo !

  30. Oh it wont happen dont worry they wont win

  31. Author

    Oh I know they won’t win. But I can just hear Ross talking about how Philbin inspired them to never give up.

  32. Author

    Awful playcalling again, we are back !!

  33. Author

    Lol Jets penalties has just been voted ouR MVP. We actually can win this game now, since our D has woken up. No, please lose and fire Philbin!!!!

  34. Author

    Leave 9 guys in to block, and just let Landry run around till he’s open

  35. Author

    Fade route NEVER works. Stop it

    1. It works…Tannehill just can’t throw it 9 out of 10 times. Almost overthrew Stoneburner. Goodbye, Joe…you gotta go…me oh my oh!!!

  36. Author

    We had first and goal from the 2. Stupid playcalling. There is simply no need to run a crossing pick route. Even if wasted first-round pick Davante Parker didn’t commit the penalty, it’s still a shitty play call. Too much going on on a play that you only needed 2 yards.

  37. Author

    One-fourth of our season is over, and we had the opportunity to cheer maybe three or four times this year?

  38. Author

    The sad part is all 4 opponents are terrible teams.

  39. Then they shut the game off with three minutes to go and dolphins on the March that’s just icing on the cake

  40. pick in the inzone PhinsUp

    Im sure it will surprise you to know miami lost

  41. The only good thing is that this Dolphins Truth site will have all the best comments this week, while the dolphin web site will be like. “don’t give up. Coach Philbin can turn this around quickly.”

  42. Hey guys I like Tannehill but his deep ball in accuracy is confirmed way too many overthrows and he can’t hit the fade route to save his own life. Wasted several downs on goal to go with the stupid fade routes Maybe he could hit those in practice but he can’t do it when it counts he’s an incomplete quarterback and were always going to suffer for that.

  43. Same bad play-calling, same terrible pass protection, same terrible run blocking, same terrible run defense, and this was not one of Tannehill’s better games. But of course idiots will place all the blame on the qb.

    1. No, sir…YOU are the idiot! How in the hell can you say Tannehill is any good unless you’re a idiot? GTFOH!!

      1. Juan, I think Dolphdope is Tannehill’s mother.

  44. Think everyone saw this coming surprised it was this close.

  45. Look two years ago the first half of the season Thill had a lot of time to throw the ball and he did so pretty well although it was confirmed he wasn’t allowed to throw deep often and when he did he wasn’t accurate.

    Behind the line the last two years he has had little help and routes that are routine for every other team are few and far between here.

    Getting 2-3 seconds to make a decision and toss the ball is not enough and that is every play so its just not an accurate determination.

    Honestly he lit up preseason, that’s what a lot of the hype was about but in preseason most commentators assumed the OL would be competitive. It is in fact the worst in the NFL…. Again.

    All you guys who say the greats could play with no OL are rewriting history and lying to yourselves.

    I would love to have a better QB but who is there? Moore? that is a joke. So is 70% of other QBs in the league.

    I would like to get a real coach in here and let him make the evaluation

    1. Couldn’t agree more with. Even last year before Albert got hurt (which everyone predicted) the oline was decent. This year it’s a joke

    2. Thill is a below average college wide out. He reminds me of Tebow except that he has more skill but less will. He’s inaccurate under pressure and under no pressure. He is what you see on tape.

      1. He doesn’t have more skills than Tebow.

  46. Just wanted to let you all know that I have decided to extend the contract of Coach Philbin for 4 more years.

    1. Thanks Mr. Ross. We, the fans, appreciate it. But, please, please replace Suh with Miko Grimes. She knows how to deliver a hit.

    2. Author

      Thanks Steve. We love Joe P !!!

    3. @Steve Ross, I give up you win, said everything I could think of trying to help the Miami Dolphins return to the once great team they use to be. Win or lose can’t help from loving the Miami Dolphins. I’m a loser too.,

      Born on the Bayou, DolphinFan, FomerDolphinFan.
  47. The sad reality for us fans is Ross is the owner- we are stuck with the Moron. How he was voted in by the other owners I guess will never make good football sense to me. There is nothing , Nada, that Ross can do for all Dolphin fans that would make us happy except SELL the team to a tycoon who loves football, loves the Dolphins. There has got to be someone in this country who be that owner. Please someone “Make Us Great Again!!!” Hint hint!

    1. Frustrated Finfan for years, don’t frat the Football God, likes the Dolphins!

    2. Author

      Frustrated, if you own an NFL team, and a guy wanted to buy a team and he was smart and would compete with you…THAT is the type of guy you vote down. But Stephen Ross? The other owners were VERY happy to vote him in, cuz they knew he would produce nothing but losing seasons

      1. Got a very good point-I did not look from that angle. Yeah, we’re doomed big time.

  48. Admin. ya’ll just don’t pay me no mind either do ya! Well the dolphins will get their ass kick every game from this ass beaten by the jets to the end of this season that is over already. Because! Because ! Stephen Ross, should have did as I said, sign Tim Tebow. NOW! he will save this season all you Miami Dolphin fans! Don’t make a mockery to the Football God all you idiots who don’t believe in Tim Tebow’s God!

  49. Move Tannehill to WR and start Matt Moore.

    1. @Mike hhahahah! that was funny ! but possible.

      1. Author

        I can’t see how it would hurt

        1. Okay so supposedly Ross said he wont fire Philbin. Then how about demote him to OC and promote Lazor to HC then?

  50. Can’t expect to win with a crap QB

  51. I can’t even comment on this team…its that bad. So bad that the owner doesn’t even know how to fire the coaching staff.

  52. Is it me or is Buffalo’s QB better than what we have, who, oh yeah, just got a nice fat contract because, …..he’s such a skilled QB! Hmmh. That’ s what I thought

    1. Yeah, Tyrod Taylor is far better than Tannepuke. So are most backups in the league. Tannepuke wouldn’t make the Pats practice squad.

  53. Tannehill lacks the ability to scan and decide to pass quickly when he needs to. Stares down receivers when he should be scrambling. But ok we all get it buuuuut lets also put some blame on our QB coach who just so happens to be ….. Mike Sherman;s Son in Law. Let Marino be the QB coach or screw it Head Coach at this point. He could do a better Job with his force of personality alone.

    1. Cmon, they blamed Mike Sherman, now they’re blaming Lazor and Philbin? Its not the coaches fault that Tannehill stinks.

  54. Phins Up,
    I would think that if there were someone like Marino in as interim HC, that we would see I big difference on both sides of the ball- you DO NOT want to get called out by one of the best QB’s to play. I’d take Fred Flintstone at this point. He can yell we know that!

  55. I’m just glad I didn’t waste my money on any tickets to this circus clown act.

  56. I’ll say again for those that actually watch football regularly and are actually fans of the sport. Tannehill had a terrible game along with the majority of our team. Bad games are not his norm though. And all you trolls can phuck off. This means you if your name is Mike, Jay, or Juan.

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