Intangible Number One: QUARTERBACK

Ryan Tannehill was drafted the same year the Dolphins were featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks.   If you’ve never seen it, the show is a documentary on how NFL training camps work, with lots of candid behind-the-scenes conversations that fans rarely see.

My first impression of Tannehill came from a simple conversation he had with Matt Moore, and the cameras were rolling.  I don’t remember the exact words, but it went something like this:

Tannehill was new to the Dolphins, and Moore was talking to him about the AFC East and the upcoming schedule.  Tannehill did not know what teams were in the AFC East.  Moore laughed, almost in disbelief.   Moore asked him if he knew who the Dolphins’ biggest rivals were.   Tannehill guessed the Kansas City Chiefs.

Moore couldn’t believe it.  Tannehill went on to say that he was never much of a pro football fan, having instead followed college football only.

Right then and there, I knew we were in trouble.

This was a talented kid who could throw the ball and who had good running ability for a QB.   But he had extremely limited knowledge of the NFL.   That is not my opinion.  It’s a fact that he himself admitted.   Along with that came a seemingly lack of emotion and desire to win at all costs.   Instead, he seemed stoic, doing what was asked of him, but never taking the lead.

5 years later, I think Tannehill probably knows the 3 other teams in the AFC East.  He probably knows that Kansas City is not a hated rival.  But he still lacks the killer instinct.  We’re still waiting for him to lead.  To grab a teammate by the facemask and yell at him for a mistake.  To take control in the huddle and tell his men how it’s gonna go down.   We just don’t see that.

When the Dolphins pick at number 11 next month, some QBs will be available.  I’m not opposed to drafting one in the first round…if.   Here’s the part where you expect me to say “IF the quarterback has a strong arm” or “IF the quarterback is fast.”   No.   We should take a quarterback with a burning desire to lead and to win.  THAT is what we need from every single Dolphin.

We can find out about a college QB’s mental state-of-mind by conducting interviews.  I don’t care what he runs the 40 in, as long as he knows about the NFL (Tannehill did not).   As long as he has a fire burning in him.   As long as he has a desire to win.  As long as he has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove.  THESE are the intangibles to look for.

No more spoiled rich kids.    No more showboats.   No more druggers.   (There is NO WAY IN HELL that Dion Jordan began using drugs after he was drafted.  He used drugs before, and the Dolphins scouts never bothered to look into it nor ask him to pee in a bottle for them.   Horrendous scouting.)

So we can begin the debate of should we take a QB?  And if so, which QB to take?  Which will be available at 11?    But before you decide on which one to take, let’s hope and pray that the Dolphin management does their homework.




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  1. Ok Admin, even if the Dolphins have a desire to pick someone other than a QB with the 11th pick in the first round, I would hope beyond hope that if Baker Mayfield or Lamar Jackson is still on the board, the Dolphins take either one.

  2. But our Back Office DID ask a very talented WR prospect if his mother was a prostitute,so let’s give them SOME credit.

  3. I’m NOT OK with TAKING WHAT’S LEFT at #11. You either want/like a guy or not. Taking a warm body QB at 11 is not OK.

    1. Exactly! You take a guy that, hopefully fits the style that your coaching staff is trying to implement and has QB talent.

  4. Admin, what about the intangible of Baker Mayfield already going on record and saying he wants to be a Dolphin?

      1. Author

        I respectfully disagree, Karma. At least slightly. We have a kid who WANTS to be a Dolphin, and that means something to me. Far more acceptable to me than drafting a kid who knows nothing about the Dolphins, the AFC, our rivals, etc. We want cockiness. We want someone who wants to make the Dolphins winners, and not just looking for a paycheck. Of course, if we draft him, that sets up the hype and a TON of pressure he placed on himself. “Okay now, son. You got your wish and you’re a Dolphin. Now do something for us.”

        1. I disagree. Curtis Mayfield (google it) knows he has zero chance of going higher than Miami and if he is available,they will take him no matter what his wishes are. Means nothing.

          1. Author

            We could have 32 1st-round draft choices, and I still don’t trust the front office to build us a winner.

          2. “Curtis Mayfield?”

            Well unless he can do some Jesus Christ like stunt and resurrect himself from the dead, I don’t think he has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting drafted in pro football.

              1. Believe me, that didn’t take any searching, especially for the man would who did the music score for the move – SUPERFLY.

                1. Sorry, I meant the “movie.”

  5. No more spoiled rich kids? Ok so that eliminates josh Rosen and Sam darnold both come from affluent backgrounds. No showboats? That’s eliminates baker mayfield because he is the definition of a showboat. So based on your own requirements there isn’t a QB in this draft worth taking.

    1. Author

      Exactly! We do not want spoiled California, entitled kids like Rosen !

      1. I actually agree, the only QB I like is Lamar Jackson but not at 11 that’s to high. If we trade down and take him I would be cool with that.

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