Mike Pouncey Now Gone, as Dolphins’ Management Continues to toss All Pros aside.

I’ve never been a fan of vastly over-rated Mike Pouncey.  But I am a fan of continuity on the offensive line.   With Pouncey and Jermon Bushrod both gone, we have nothing in the interior of the line.

We won’t be able to run the ball at all, which is fine for Adam Gase’s pass-happy schemes.  We save some money, which is fine for Stephen Ross.  We will lose many many games, which is NOT fine for the fans.

Management discarded 4 All Pros and got nothing in return but some low draft picks.   Ajayi, Landry, Suh, and now Pouncey.  If it was so infuriating it would be baffling.

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  1. We’re NOT saving money for Ross. Ross has always spent what was asked of him. What we save on Ms. Pouncey will be spent elsewhere. You know that. No matter what folks say,this IS a rebuild in progress. But Gase may not be around to see it after this season.

    1. Honestly tho will you really miss pouncey? I’ve been hoping this guy would be released for years now. Most overrated player in the NFL, so fragile dude can’t even practice and still commits way to many drive killing penalties. I’ll also never forget him wearing that free Aaron Hernandez hat.

      1. I wish she was gone long ago.

  2. Author

    I doubt we will miss him at all. Baffling how he got so many Pro Bowls. I just think you need to keep at least one unit in tact. The WR corps will be new. RB is still relatively new. QB is coming off 2 ACLs. And now a new center?
    And we just signed a guard from Chicago. Because the bear offense has been so stellar the last few years

    1. LOL-stellar! This IS a rebuild.

    2. Sitton has been a top rated guard for years on two different teams.

  3. Dolphins signed Josh Sitton to play next to Tunsil. Truthfully I was expecting Pouncey to be one of the first cuts this year. He never struck me as having much foresight. If he was smart he’d have taken the pay cut. An injury prone player like him won’t draw a lot of interest in free agency. I expect him to retire.

  4. Miami traded for Daniel Kilgore the center from the 49ers for a 7th round pick. Just went to the 49ers SB nation page and their fans don’t seem happy about losing Kilgore so he can’t be to bad.

    1. Author

      I have a call into my 49ers expert/fan friend. I’ll report back on his feelings.

  5. Admin…..I was reading where Pouncy was ranked 27 th and Kilgore was ranked 23rd…best center.

    1. Yup, he was 19th in run blocking and Pouncy was 30th. And the guard Sitting was ranked 5th among all guards. Sounds like an upgrade, but we’ll have to see!

        1. Author

          He sounds like an upgrade. Although I worry about Adam Gase’s overly complex offense. Some of our players who knew Gase’s system still couldn’t get it right…so it will be even tougher for new guys to come in and learn it. Pouncey was soft, but at least he knew where he was supposed to be. We think !

          1. I don’t know most of these guys were sliding and wanted more cash. I can’t fault the team for letting them go. Admin if you really believe that Pouncey and bushrod are better than these two new guys plus for more money I’d have to question you. The oline may already be far better. 49er fan I know said that Kilgore is serviceable not great but that sounds like an improvement as Pouncey was so up and down definitely not getting better. Hopefully some of the younger guys improve too like Davis.

            They definitely have some holes but WR and oline may just be ok. I’d like to know where the cap is at now after all this.

            1. Forgot to add that I read somewhere that Asiata was being groomed at C so let the best man win hopefully he’s improved as the oline would be even better with decent depth.

  6. Also how many games do you think Pouncey would play this year? He was hardly injured last year meaning luck was about to run out! He would probably be good for four games before injury struck. Looks like Kilgore is almost never missing from the game over his Career. To me that’s a huge upgrade

    1. True and he’s a vet to push Asiata in case he doesn’t meet expectations. I don’t mind paying vets as you need some but not overpaying them especially when they are always injured. Maybe they felt that Suh was starting to break down too. He’s played a lot of hard ball over the years.

  7. Josh Sitton is one of the better guards out there so I’m very excited for that and Pouncey wasn’t great in run situations

  8. Author

    Glad to see that my faithful readers are all in agreement that losing Pouncey is no great loss. I think so too. He was a fragile, over-rated lineman. I cannot remember one single devastating block he ever threw. Often times on a big run play, they break down the blocking and show the replay. You never saw Pouncey in there.
    I’m glad he’s gone, especially when we found out he wanted a raise! What did he do to deserve a raise!!???

    1. Yea it’s nice for everyone to be able to agree on something. It’s also nice to see the team finally address the oline. Our oline should actually have some depth this year for once. Now let’s pray they draft a linebacker or two a defensive tackle and a guard since sitton is over 30.

  9. Let’s pray they use number 11 on a QB

    1. Gotta pray one slides to us, I wouldn’t be against trading up as long as we don’t give away to many future picks

  10. This is one year where we may not need to draft help for our secondary/DBs

  11. Author

    I’ll have a post next week about the intangibles that the Dolphins need to address. The talent is there. Using it correctly and developing a winning program is the hard part.

    1. To me the biggest pick is the QB. I think there are enough needs on other teams that one of the top three will be there when the Dolphins pick at 11 but I wouldn’t mind a bit if they trade up and get a stud.

      Miami can’t lose if they do for several reasons.

      One Tannehill needs a backup.

      Two of Tannehill didn’t step up this year we have options next year to do without him

      Three if Tannehill does become the next Brady we will have a good young QB after two years that we can trade and get big time compensation for in a non QB heavy draft year

      Four of Tannehill does play well for four years and then retires this QB could slide right in and take over.

      All and all it’s a win win for Miami to go get a real QB

      1. But is it worth spending a 1st on a qb. Not against it but bpa is never a bad situation. qb 2nd rd prob better.

        1. I think with Mayfield, Rosen and Allen (I won’t put Darnold on the list because he will be gone at number 1) you can’t lose. They may not be the BPA at 11 but they will all be good QBs in the NFL by all accounts and QB is the MOST coveted position in the NFL and no matter what we’re going to need a great hit on a QB to be relevant again. The worst case is Tannehill comes alive and puts all his potential together and we don’t need the QB we draft. Then we trade him for very good compensation.

          1. Agreed for sure but the jets trading up today might of fucked Miami. I would be ok taking mason Rudolph in the second round becasue it would take a miracle to have one of those guys drop to us. (Crazy shit does happen during the draft tho)

  12. Vita Vea at 11th overall or maybe Roquan Smith or,Edmunds if they are still there at 11. We desperately need a cheap replacement for Suh or some immediate linebacking help so I see no need to draft a player in the 1st-round that may or may not see the field in 2018. Dolphins can address qb 2nd-round or later. Still will need a tight end and help at the running back position.

    1. This I agree with unless one of the best QB’s slide to them at 11. Then you may not have a choice. I’d sooner do what the chiefs did last year and take one later in the first or second round.

    2. No, the Dolphins need to address this quarterback issue now! This Tannehill experiment has proven futile. This Cutler debacle has made the Dolphins the laughing stock around the league. Make the quarterback with the Dolphins first pick a priority and start grooming him immediately.

      1. I sure as hell don’t want them to do what the jesters just did. Ridiculous and they don’t even know who will be there at 3.

        1. You can knock the Jets all you want but they are letting their division know they’re not fuck around. Regardless of what you say, One of these QB’s – Sam Darnold, QB, USC, Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA, Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming, and Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma – will more than likely be around if the Jets chose to go after a QB with the third overall pick in the first round.

          What did the Dolphins do recently… um, yeah, they got a fourth round pick from the Superbowl Champions Philadelphia Eagles for the Dolphins, and one of the best running backs in the NFL, Jay Ajai.

          And you call what the Jets did “ridiculous?”

          1. A 2nd round pick for each pick they moved up for a team that has needs at practically every position is a really dumb move.

            1. It doesn’t matter what the Jets are doing. the Dolphins better make it a priority to beat them no matter what. The Jets were supposed to be at the bottom of the barrel last year according to “professionals” who equate these teams before the start of the season, and the Dolphins still barely split the two games they played them.

              “Dumb move” you say?… well, Admin isn’t sitting there and pulling his hair out for nothing every time the Dolphins announce another roster move they’ve made.

  13. Author

    The Dolphins will draft “A player who we really wanted. We were shocked when he was available to us. We were thrilled to select him. He was the best player on our board.”
    In other words, the same exact thing every single year, right?

  14. My point is that you don’t trade up to be in a position of possibly not getting your player. I have no problem trading up but get your guy. The jesters most likely will get screwed by not moving to two but that’s what those clowns always do. I just don’t want the Fins to be as stupid. Sure take a QB but do it right. To be honest neither team should be trading all of those picks unless you are 100% confident that the QB is franchise. They don’t even know who’s going to be there which is assinine.

    1. Do you know who the Jets want with the third overall pick in the first round of the 2018 NFL draft?

      1. Probably whomever ends up going 1 or 2 but they are 3 haha! At least the Eagles were pretty confident that they’d get their player worst case they ended up with Goff which he was rated 1. If they come out and say we’ll take any of the top 4 guys that would be even more ridiculous as number 4 would have saved them picks…

      2. Author

        Cleveland will devote a lot of resources into finding out who the Jets want, and then threaten that they want that same player, just to scare the Jets!!

  15. Pouncey just got 10 M guaranteed 2/15 from chargers. More guaranteed but took a cut.

    1. Author

      That’s 5 million dollars per hip. LOL, guess he didn’t get the raise he wanted.

  16. FLYERFINFAN view the Jets as always being somewhat “stupid” with their drafting. But remember, the Dolphins went two(2) straight years without a pick in the first round of the NFL draft, so I wouldn’t redicule another team if I were a Dolfan.

    1. Drafting poorly is one thing but to purposely put yourself in a position to shoot yourself in your own foot is borderline retarded. They spent a ton of draft capital and may not get the player they want and it’s obvious they moved up for a QB.

  17. If the Jets pick a QB with the third overall pick in the draft, I’ll pretty much guarantee he’ll be better than Tannehill.

    1. Tell that to Cleveland how many QB’s have they take in the past 20 years? Nothing is a guarantee especially if they chew up whomever they draft and spit him out…I’d bet more on that.

      By the way are you Mr. Ross? You sound just like him with his friends in New York…hahaa!

  18. Boy, you’re all over the board. First you mention the Jets, and now you wanna drag Cleveland into the conversation. You were talking about the Jets and they are the ones in the Dolphins division, not the Browns, so stay on topic please. If the Jets draft a QB, he will not be some converted WR to QB in college like Tannehill. That’s why I guarantee he’ll better than Tannehill.

    And since you know what Ross talks about when he’s with his friends in New York, why don’t you keep Admin abreast of this information? I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

    1. Author

      When Ross speaks to his friends, I’m sure the Miami Dolphins are about 7th or 8th on his list of topics.

    2. We were talking drafting QB’s and it’s a fact that Cleveland has drafted about 20 with no luck yet you seem to think that the jestors will have no problem after giving up the farm to move to 3. So yes it’s pertinent to the convo although I understand why you would want to dismiss this as it blows up your stance. I could easily say that Tanny will have a pro bowl year if he stays healthy but I’d be talking out of my ass just as much as you saying the jets will easily draft a franchise QB by trading up to 3. It’s ridiculous.

  19. Boy you’re really one “ditzy” MF. “I sure as hell don’t want them to do what the jesters just did. Ridiculous and they don’t even know who will be there at 3.”

    You, FLYERFINFAN, inserted the Jets moving up to get the 3rd pick into the conversation. I said if the Jets pick a QB, that QB will be better than Tannehill. I keep saying the same fucking thing over an over. What Cleveland has done is irrelevant when it comes to anybody in the Dolphins division. Talking about Cleveland is a pitiful attempt at distraction to try and prop up your moot argument.

    Now, read what I say carefully again, and don’t try to put words in my mouth like “the jets will easily draft a franchise QB.” You like to make up shit I see.

    If the Jets draft a QB with the 3rd overall pick in the first round of the draft, I guarantee that that QB WILL BE BETTER THAN TANNEHILL!!!

    Get it, got it, good!

    1. ok say that you are right and the guys slightly better than Tanny. Does that justify giving up all of those picks to move up? If Tanny is as bad as you make it sound then how are they gaining by giving up so much? My other point is that making that move blindly is ridiculous as you don’t know what you are even getting. You are not only saying that the top rated QB is guaranteed better than Tanny but all 3 of them…we will see but odds are no.

      1. Dude, the Jets ultimatum is to get to the playoffs next season. They could care less about Tannehill. The Jets are concentrating on building for the future. They see something you don’t and are gambling against whatever odds to see if it’s works. Every team does that every year. i remember when the Dolphins made Ted Ginn Jr a top ten draft pick in the first round and a lot of Dolfans lost their goddamn minds! People viewed that move as “ridiculous” because like you said, “you don’t know what you are even getting,” but powers that be in the Dolphins organization felt they knew.

        Now, if the Jets draft a QB in first round, I guarantee that he’ll be better than Tannehill. It’s time to get off this infatuation with Tannehill. Tannehill has done nothing for the Dolphins organization that stands out. The guy has never taken the Dolphins to the playoffs the whole time he’s been the QB.

        Tannehill may impress you FLYERFINFAN, but not me.

        1. Never said Tanny was the saviour or I was infatuated but he is serviceable. He did the legwork to get them into the playoffs and if not hurt who knows? But you are betting on not only one unknown but they could get the 3rd QB on their list. Maybe get lucky but odds are not. Then to say any of them are guaranteed to be better than Tanny is ridiculous especially since Tanny hasn’t really been put in the best situation. He’d prob look a lot better up in NE…. Either way too much risk to move to 3 even if they went to 2 they would have narrowed it down to 2 QB’s like the Eagles did that’s my point. The Fins have made mistakes no doubt but the jestors seem to always do it to themselves…

  20. This “anonymous” cat is a fucking asshole! Shit, man…shut the fuck up already and quit talking bullshit. You’re a fucking moron!

    1. Hey JUANETO, I think you better leave football conversations alone and concentrate more on ducking ICE.

  21. Lol it’s funny because all college football season long all scouts were saying is this is a weak QB class. Darnold actually had a good amount of scouts say he needs another year. Allen played terrible last season. Mayfield is a small QB from the big 12, go head name 1 good QB from the big 12 in the NFL I bet you can’t. Rosen literally said in college he wish he didn’t have to go to class because it was to much work lol that’s a huge red flag. The further and further we get away from the end of the college season the more hyped these guys get. It’s funny how a QB class can go from weak to strong without playing a single game.

  22. “Spoiler Alert!!” Anonymous is actually Dolphin Dave.

    1. Take your corny ass back to sleep.

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