Ireland and Philbin Choose Dion Jordan and Jamar Taylor, but Dennis Hickey takes the heat

Dennis Hickey is out as the Dolphins’ GM, making me slowly start to believe just how chaotic the inner workings of this team truly are.

The bottom line is this:  What did Hickey do wrong in his two seasons?

His acquisitions of Suh and Kenny Stills were excellent, and his drafting of Landry, Parker, J’wuan James, and others have a ton of upside.  There is no way that Hickey bears any responsibility for Philbin/Campbell/Lazor/Zac benching Lamar Miller every time he gets red hot.

Is it Hickey’s fault that we run 94% of our plays from the predictable 4-wide set?  No.

Did Hickey call timeouts to help the opponents?   Did Hickey refuse to try for a touchdown every time we had 4th and inches?  Did Hickey blow assignments, forget snap counts, and give away All Pros like Vontae Davis and Brandon Marshall?    No no no no and no/.

HIckey is not without fault.   But it is stupid to scapegoat this guy.   Dolphin fans were never really calling for his head.   We are mostly neutral on this decision.   The only ones happy are Mike Tannenbaum and Dawn Aponte, who have one less opponent in their never-ending power struggle against each other, all while Stephen Ross appears to look the other way.

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  1. “Leon” Jordan-I laugh/cringe every time I hear that name!
    The biggest mistake Ross has made recently is hiring Tannenbaum,period. Ross hangs on his every word,right or wrong. I’m sure Ross didn’t insist we pay The ‘Bust 95 million. It surely wasn’t Hickey. And it sure as hell wasn’t Aponte. This team will suck as long as TannenBUST is there and Ross lives to hear what he has to say. Giving a clown like him all the power prevents us ANY chance of hiring a quality HC. Look at the king of ego in Dallas-owner,GM,god and every other title. He thinks he’s a good GM.Makes me laugh almost as much as “Leon” Jordan.

  2. Prediction:

    Ross will NEVER have one winning season.

  3. In just two years, Tannenbaum had managed to destroy one of the most talented rosters in the AFC East! In 2011 the Jets beat both the Payton Manning and Tom Brady on the road on their way to back to back AFC Championship appearances.

    Nothing seemed able to stop the Jets from taking the next step!

    Insert Mike Tannebaum and hello instant crap!

    His moves that destroyed the Jets are so well chronicled we dont need to rehash it here.

    Hickey with limited time and authority has brought in some good players and he is the one who leaves. Notice to that he didnt’ get fired he agreed to resign. Seems to me they wanted to take away what little power he had left and he said no thanks I’ll take my talents back to Tampa Bay!

    Unless Ross is going to make a push to get Payton here and to do that he will need to absolutely allow Payton to can Tannebaum and almost assuredly Aponte (which I hope Ross could pull off) this makes little sense.

    If Ross pairs Kelly with Tannebaum were all screwed for the next ten years!

    1. Agree on all counts. But as long as Ross hangs on every word Tannenbaum utters,we’re screwed. Ross is literally clueless about football. It’s merely a charm on his bracelet. And don’t forget,we had a capacity crowd for every home game.

  4. When will Ross hold a “Tom Brady Day” at the stadium?

  5. Tannepuke gets another guy fired….Miko is RIGHT

  6. Hickey also saved face for Ross by accepting the GM job because none of the others wanted it. If memory serves me correct, 4 were interviewed and declined, and two others didn’t even bother to interview. I think Hickey did his best job he could, but as mentioned earlier, Tannenbaum just has Ross wrapped around his finger.

    1. I recall 8 people declined the job before Hickey took it. No one with a choice wants to work for Ross.

      1. I have a feeling in a couple of years or so, we’ll be looking for Tannenbaum’s replacement too.

        1. You give the idiot Ross far too much credit!

  7. 4 and out. All 4 plays were 4 wideouts or 5 wideouts. Maybe our Admin is onto something

  8. And on 2nd down, we ran a slant with Landry matched up vs #91, a big slow defensive end who Landry is 100 times faster than. Tanne-ill blows it and throws it before Landry separated

    1. Author

      We lined upon base set and Miller runs for 30. Then we switch to four wide and get shit afterward

    2. Author

      Patriots just running at us. They are not even trying

    3. Author

      Patriots technically have something to play for but they are obviously willing to play a safe game and not care about the W

  9. 2 years isn’t near enough to evaluate the gm. Ross only did this to fire gm and head coach at the same time cause he screwed it up before. For a billionaire this dude makes a lot of mistakes that seem like common sense stuff. Now were gonna go hire some gm and coach no one has ever heard of before and the same thing will happen all over again

  10. Author

    Greg Jennings still on the team

  11. The reason a lot of people turned this job down 2 years ago was philbin was coach. Most gms like to work with coaches of their choosing so don’t be surprised if less ppl turn it down this time

  12. Author

    Another tannehill sack from the NON blind side

  13. I hope after watching this game everyone who thinks the pats are all tom Brady stop that insanity. Every year they won it all they had a great defense and a solid running game to go with tom Brady

  14. Author

    Overrated Reshad Jones with a horrible penalty

    1. That was not a penalty-it landed 8 yards out of bounds-totally uncatchable.Worse penalty was Olivier Vernon-every fooking game an idiot penalty. I don’t care if that asshole went to Miami or not.

  15. The pats need this win they just have no respect for Miami and why should they

  16. Author

    Kelvin sheppard really turned it on around week 11

  17. When I need a good laugh I watch the Dullfins.

  18. Author

    We have a lead. Our draft pick is getting potentially worse

  19. Author

    Lmao. Josh Freeman playing for colts

  20. Author

    Overrated Reshad Jones blew that play and let White run for 70 yards. Why does anyone think Jonesy is a pro bowler ?

    1. Because some people understand that even Pro Bowl caliber players give up a few plays and make some mistakes. You know sometimes the guy on the other side is supposed to make a play too.

  21. Author

    After the overturn on third down we all KNEW they would fail on 4th right ?

  22. Are we about to blow our draft status with a meaningless win? We need to lose for the pick. Please insert Matt Moore now.

    1. Nah, Tannepuke gives us our best chance to lose.

  23. Author

    Reshad Jones just toasted by Gronk

  24. Author

    Wow. We may win when we don’t wanna

  25. Author

    If only thill would tuck and run more often

  26. At least we’re not winless against the division

  27. Tannepuke didn’t give up a safety? Shocking! LOL

  28. Any rumors out there yet?

  29. Tanny showing good signs like he does at the end of every season once the games don’t matter. Wish he did this more when the team actually needs it or just never did it at all so we wouldn’t hold out any hope

    1. Funny what he can do when he actually has a little time huh Zach.

  30. And you guys were right about Parker. He is a 1st-round bust.

    1. Never thought Parker would bust just wish they went oline, and even tho tanny played well the offense had almost 500 yards and only 20 points so still a lot to work on

      1. I know you didn’t Zach but several others here never gave the kid a chance or the benefit of the doubt.

  31. They always seem to be in a game if they run a balanced offense …. totally frustrating that they just don’t get it no matter who the coaches are.

    Not sure what to think about this new GM hiring he seems like a puppet and how will this affect the hiring of a coach?

    1. It doesn’t matter who the coaches are. No coach can make chicken salad out of chicken chit.

  32. He checks a box.He’s a minority. He’s a figurehead. The position is filled. Does anyone seriously think a guy who is just promoted will have any more say in decisions than Hickey had? The answer is no.Just as every team is required to interview a minority coach for any open HC position. I think they should consider a transvestite this time around. Checks the box.

  33. What do you guys think about Marrone / Schwartz option. Schwartz and Suh work good together and he could bring in Mario Williams.

    1. Mario will cash in this offseason. The Giants may throw whatever long-term contract they were going to offer a pre-injury Pierre Paul at him. Don’t know if we can afford him. He’ll still get 55 mil plus probably from some desperate team. If I’m not mistaken Vernon is younger and therefore still a very viable option to re-sign.

  34. Fins reportedly have interviews lined up with Lions DC Teryl Austin and Bears OC Adam Gase this week.

  35. Shanahan second interview tomorrow I could see them going in this direction since he’s a vet with rings. If he can bring consistency and balance to the offense I think that he could do well here. He definitely understands the value of a run game.

  36. This is an absolute circus!

    They promote a “Talent Evaluator” who has been with the team for 15 years?

    He should be FIRED!

    Our lack of talent is what is a hugh part of the problem.

    Look who they have comming in for interviews – a bunch of assistants who have never been HC and Doug Marrone the failed HC of the crappiest Buffalo teams in a long time?


    The only proven guy Shanahan probably hasn’t got much fire left in the tank and how long will he coach even if he does. Oh and why the hell would he come here when he HAS TO LISTEN TO Tannabuam and this idiot Grier about the talent he has to coach with?

    NOT – there are many more attractive options available.

    As soon as I saw they Promoted Grier to GM I initally thought they were going to keep Campbell as the HC.

    You know why they are interviewing a bunch of assistants? To see who they want to come here and coach with Campball.

    Hey I like the guy as much as the next guy but they only way he can succed is to clean house and get all new – really good assistants working with him but look they already promoted Grier – a guy they should have canned a decade ago!

    This really sucks and my gut is telling me its going to get worse

    Could we really have imagened five years ago that we would end up with the Jets worthless GM as OUR GM and with the Bills Crummy Coach as our Coach?

    That or worse seems to be where we are headed!

    1. I think we should bring in Marv Levy. He’s ONLY 90 and his track record is unmatched. He had the most talented teams for 4 years running and managed to lose 4 straight Super Bowls. He’s be a perfect fit here! I totally agree with your take on Grier promotion. and like I’ve said for a long time,as long as Ross hinges on every word from Tannenbaum,we’re screwed. And he ain’t gonna fire himself.

  37. I’m being an optimist and hoping that Tannenbaum has learned from his mistakes. Although I agree he’s a complete wildcard. Can’t be that bad if Marino is hanging around. I don’t hate Campbell but he’s too inexperienced at least Shanahan is a vet and knows what it takes to win. He’ll be smart enough to fix the oline and not cocky to think he can make it work with practice squad players.

  38. @FlyerFinFan

    I said that same thing about Marino all off season last year and I no longer believe it!

    WHY WOULD YOU PROMOTE Grier if you were going to be serious about getting a seasoned coach like Shanahan? Why would you do it BEFORE talking with Shanahan if you were serious?

    Grier has been part of the talent you saw all year!!!!!!!!



    No one on this team is serious except for Campbell at this point?

    1. Campbell was a stop gap and nothing more. He will never be an NFL head coach, period. I hope he stays in some capacity though. Like chewing tobacco or snuff dispenser. Seriously,I hope he stays.

  39. The best Shanahan will do is get us to 8-8 or 9-7,considering all the negatives he’ll be hampered with. Nobody worthwhile will come here while Tannenbaum has total control.

  40. We don’t know how much of Grier’s input was actually used. It’s not like their drafts have been horrible it’s the positions that they chose which was either on Ireland, Hickey, Philbin or Tannenbaum. Caserly just said Grier is good but hopefully he’s not completely under Tannenbaums thumb.

    No matter the coach they will know that Grier is the GM but I’m sure he was hired on the pretense that he’d be working with the new coach. It’s not like he’s got the power to say my way or the highway to a guy like Shanahan. If anything Shanahan will demand a decent oline and will run a balance offense….I guess we’ll see.

  41. Obviously Grier is a “yes” man and a cheap excuse for a GM. And obviously the Fins will continue to stink under Ross’s ownership.

  42. “From every aspect except the playing field, we’re probably the first class organization in the National Football League.”…..clueless Ross.

    LMFAO!! WHAT COUNTS? GEEZ! I feel sorry for ALL Fin fans with this nuthead

    1. He’s a used car salesman.

      The body looks good but the engine is shot. Haha

    2. LOL-yes and don’t forget,every home game had a capacity crowd according to Ross! My favorite moment yesterday has him high fiveing air! Which was repeated on national TV today.

  43. Hopefully Coughlin is open to taking an interview with the Fins. San Fran and NY Giants are premium jobs though.

    1. The Giants may be a high profile franchise but the team is awful with only Manning a 35 and ODB Jr. on offense. Same for the ‘Niners. But will require rebuilding. Yes the Giants lost a few game late but they couldn’t win in an awful division.

      1. They have a proven front office to go along with competent ownership. Something that will make them attractive to qualified applicants I believe. Two things Miami lacks.

  44. The good candidates will want those first along with Philly.

    1. There really aren’t any good candidates unless a Cowher or a Gruden return.

  45. Dolphins will end up with Mike Smith or Shanahan most likely.

  46. I caved and renewed my season ticket today. At least I’ll be out of the elements! Did Calder offer parking this season?

  47. I’d like to see Matt Patricia as head coach and Frank Reich as OC. But that’s a pipe dream.

    1. Author

      Matt Patricia just lost to one of the worst offenses in the NFL yesterday. No thanks !

  48. Pats and Packers olines all went to shit of late and look at how they finished HOF QB’s barely hanging on there….yet the Fins have never had an oline for how many years but it’s all on the young QB. Build an oline please!!!!!!!

    1. Please,he had 1 good game. And yes a big part of this crap team IS on him. I knew we were in deep crap when we didn’t want to pay Evan Mathis. That proved to me this front office is clueless..Pouncey,Mathis and Albert would have been much better than what we had.

      1. So in the blowout wins when the oline did its job Tanny was horrible? Come on be sensible. It’s a team game for a reason….thats why they should have made the oline better as you mentioned. You only contradict yourself…


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