Will Chip Kelly coach the Dolphins?

Much of the news concerning Chip Kelly’s firing in Philadelphia concerns the fact that Kelly had total control:  the players,  the team, coaches, draft, personnel, etc.

Reporters are covering Kelly’s dictatorship like it’s a bad thing.

However, that “bad” thing might be exactly what the Miami Dolphins need.

Let’s say the Dolphins hire the exciting Chip Kelly and his innovative offense.  If we give Kelly all the power he wants (draft, coaching hires, etc.), that means that other Dolphins executives would have less power, or be fired altogether.  Would the Dolphins suffer if Mike Tannenbaum has less power?    If Stephen Ross took a step back, would that make the Dolphins suffer?


You see the point.  Our executives and our never-ending power struggle in the front office could easily be a thing of the past if Ross simply hires an all-powerful coach and then steps away.  Period.

This allows incoming free agents and draft choices to know who they’re dealing with.  They’ll know who wanted them and picked them.  They’ll know–for certain–who’s in charge.

If it’s not to be Chip Kelly, then I STILL think we should give all power to our next coach.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Kelly and what he tried to do, but I’m not saying he will be a godsend for us.  I don’t even know if he’d be a good coach.  

I just love the idea of letting a leader lead, as long as we find someone strong.  Or at least adequate.

I’ll still say that Brian Billick is my top choice.  Mike Shula would be next.  Sean Payton is in my mix too, but only if we can get him without having to compensate the Saints.   Jim Mora wouldn’t be terrible, and I think the idea of Rob Ryan is quite intriguing.

Don’t even consider the same old names like Cowher and Gruden and Dungy.   These guys quit football for a reason; their passion is gone.  Remember how great we did when H. Wayne begged Jimmy Johnson to come back after he retired  every other day?

A lot of our readers here keeping bringing up that “no one wants to work for Ross,” but I think that is nonsense, I really do.   There are only 32 of these prestigious coaching jobs in the entire universe, and any coach dreams of getting one of those spots.

I just don’t see any coach saying, “Thanks for the offer Mr. Ross, but I don’t want to accept your $5 million and be an NFL coach because I prefer not to talk to Dennis Hickey.”

The NFL world doesn’t work like that.

And even if it IS a problem (i.e., if coaches truly shy away from coaching the Dolphins because of our front office), then that is all the more reason to give our next coach full control.

A coach with full autonomy tries harder, because he knows there is one and only one person to blame when things go bad.   For example, who can Chip Kelly possibly blame for the Sam Bradford trade that led the Eagles nowhere?   Chip must look in the mirror for that one and all the other embarrassing disasters the Eagles suffered through…like losing to the lowly Dolphins.

Joe Philbin can blame Jeff Ireland for the Dion Jordan fiasco.  He can blame Dawn Aponte for not having enough money to keep Mike Wallace.   When others are involved, there is always “someone else” to blame.   But not if you hire a coach and give him free reign.

It’s time we give it a try.



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  1. Ross can blame Ireland for ruining the team. A blind monkey throwing darts would’ve done a lot better. But its Ross that kept that numbskull for 7 years!

    I doubt Ross will allow a coach final say over Tannenbaum. We’re screwed as long as he’s owner.

    1. Author

      “I doubt Ross will allow a coach final say over Tannenbaum. We’re screwed as long as he’s owner.”
      I have to agree with Mike. But if there is ANY chance of a shakeup, it will be this off-season. By now, Ross must have learned that his normal methods simply do not work. He can be stubborn and try again, or learn from his mistakes and try something called innovation and change.
      We all feel he’ll take the stubborn route, but let’s hope he learned from stubbornly signing Philbin last year

  2. NASA: ‘Godzilla’ El Niño likely to get stronger in 2016

    So…..that’s the reason Tannehill looks terrible!!

  3. Author

    LMAO, once again, at our esteemed colleagues over at the Phinsiders, who came up with their own version of my list of coaching candidates:
    Their top three candidates are all former NFL head coaches who got fired for producing nothing: Hue Jackson, Josh McDaniels, and Doug Marrone (actually, Marrone quit, but he was gonna get fired.)
    God bless the Phinsiders. They have the worst ideas and are the least-informed Dolphins writers out there, but they keep on trying.

  4. Chip Kelly needs to take his circus back to college where it belongs. With all the talent they had and not run away with that division,it reminds me of the Jills going to 4 Super Bowls and whiffing every time. They had the best talent in the league during that period and have nothing to show for it,except an ESPN 30 for 30 program. He can’t even win a crap division. You can afford to be a control freak-when you WIN SOMETHING-he hasn’t and doesn’t deserve to call all the shots.

    1. Author

      The 1990s Jills didn’t have Mark Sanchez though.

  5. I’ll continue to post this every time we screw up(doesn’t apply to games) LOL

  6. Author

    My top 6 pallbearers:
    Jamar Taylor
    Dallas Thomas
    Koa Misi
    Damien Williams
    Jamil Douglas
    Joey Philbin

  7. Nice all around comments… I don’t want Chip Kelly and his rodeo coaching the dolphins. Hiring a failed Philly coach is no different than extending Phailbin another 2 years. I don’t want him coming in and trading what little we have for guys that won’t produce…. He dumped DeSean Jackson (another Mike Wallace), Jeremy Maclin, traded LeSean McCoy for an LB coming off a torn knee, signed & misused DeMarco Murray, overpaid guys like Maxwell from Seattle and let Evan Mathis walk when their O line sucked already. NO THANK YOU. He needs to go back to college where he can play his games.

    You can add Brian Billick into that list of recycled coaches. At this point I have no clue who’s going to clean up this mess.

    My 6 pallbearers:

    Dallas Thomas
    Jamar Taylor
    Jason Fox
    Damien Williams
    Steven Ross
    Brice McCain

    1. Author

      Oh my God. I inadvertantly left Fox off my list !

      I would disagree with Billick being recycled. He is a Super Bowl champion who was fired after he brought a title to Baltimore. He has a chip on his shoulder and is hungry to coach again. I know he’s not a popular choice, but his success is well documented.

      1. He’s out of coaching for a reason-no NFL teams think he’s worthy.They can’t all be wrong.

  8. My 6 pall bearers

    Jason fox
    Jamar Taylor
    Phillip Wheeler (I have a lasting image of him being unable to tackle Brady)
    Jeff Ireland
    Caleb Sturgis
    Dallas Thomas

  9. My 6 pall bearers

    John Beck
    Pat White
    Chad Henne
    Ryan Tannehill
    Jeff Ireland
    Steve Ross

  10. I’ll continue to repost this after every mistake we make from now on-LOL

  11. My 6
    The Defense
    The Offense
    Special Teams
    The Score Board
    The uniforms
    Jonathan Martin

  12. My 6:

    2.Miko Grimes
    6.Dawn Aponte

  13. My 6
    Cam Cameron
    Richie Incognito
    Ryan Tannehill
    Dan Marino
    Steve Ross
    Jeff Ireland

  14. My 6
    Nick saban
    Dante Culpepper
    Pat White
    Jamar Taylor
    Brandon Albert
    Joe philbin

  15. Happy new years everyone hopefully ! Hopefully 2016 holds some good luck for our fins!

  16. Thank you Dolphins players for being unproductive, unprofessional and unmotivated. Thank you for letting down literally hundreds of thousands of fans who are starved for a respectable group of players. You are spoiled and overpaid and don’t deserve to be on an NFL team. Good riddance to the vast maiority of clowns on this team. Most should be flipping hamburgers instead of stealing good money. This teams is starving for leadership and accountability and it is nowhere to be found. Someone clean up this mess.

  17. To all TRUE Dolfans. Go to the team website RIGHT NOW and read the “Message from the owner”….. PURE CRAP!!!! Be sure to comment afterwards on the team site.

  18. I vomited in my mouth when this arrived in my e-mail:
    Dear XXXX, (my porn name)

    As we enter our final game, I want to simply say, thank you.

    I had high expectations headed into this year and the on-field results have been disappointing… for you, our staff, our coaches, our players and alumni players, and certainly for me. Through it all, your support has been unwavering. We had capacity crowds at every home game and thousands of you joined us on the road. Everyone at the Dolphins appreciates your consistent loyalty and support.

    This team belongs to you. It belongs to each one of you who has been here through it all; both our celebrations and our challenges.

    There are no shortcuts or magic formulas to winning. I know it will take hard work for us to get where we want to go and I can assure you that everyone at the Dolphins is working hard to honor the proud winning tradition of our great franchise.

    We are going to conduct a thorough process led by Mike Tannenbaum to select our head coach that will not be constrained by convention in our approach. This search will be thorough and we will take it wherever we need to go. I appreciate everything Dan Campbell has done this season and he has earned the opportunity to be considered for head coach. We’ve also identified several promising candidates and will begin work immediately.

    We will have more to say on that topic following the season. Your support is a critical element to our efforts to build a winning team and we all appreciate you. I look forward with optimism to more celebrations in the future together.

    Stephen Ross
    Miami Dolphins

    1. More celebrations?? WTF? Is he celebrating the Jets season?

    2. Impossible to hire a good HC with Ross and Tannenbaum there.

  19. This was at top left,not part of message:Thank you for your support. LOL. I got your support hangin’ right here,Ross!

  20. That e-mail was almost as funny as this one from a few days before the 1st game.

  21. Author

    I suppose he has to be p.c. and say that Dan Campbell is in the running, but seriously, with the mistakes Campbell has made this year, he has no chance. Then again, Philbin had no chance of being re-hired last year and we all no what Ross did.

    1. We can’t hire a new coach until Mouth Cancer is fired,unless Ross wants to relive a Harbaugh/Tony Soprano scenario. Can you imagine how much more season ticket sales & attendance would drop if he kept Campbell as HC.

  22. Can you believe that stupid SOB Ross actually said:”We had capacity crowds at every home game”. LOL my god! WTF! Maybe he was counting seats,not fans. He is a bigger liar than Trump. When I watched the game against the Dolts,I was shocked at the number of empty seats,even for a Dolphns game. You could have literally sat in any section you chose if you could get by security.

  23. My Dolphins life chronology:

    Born in 73- missed all the Super Bowl

    1980’s- hero at first sight with Marino. Records & playoffs commonplace

    1990’s- consistent winning and playoff appearances

    2000’s- The Beginning of the End

    2010’s- The Lost Years

    Hmmmmm…. when/where/why did things go wrong?

  24. Author

    “Hmmmmm…. when/where/why did things go wrong?”
    H. Wayne was in a little bit of a hurry to push Shula out the door to pursue Jimmy Johnson, as if Jimmy was some kind of miracle cure. All these lost years later, and we finally realize how incredible Shula was.
    You don’t know what you have until it’s gone…

  25. It looks like all the Dolphins coaching candidates are crap.

  26. Regarding Hickey being fired on Monday from Fansided: In his two seasons Hickey has drafted Ja’Wuan James, Jarvis Landry, Billy Turner, Terrence Fede, De’Vante Parker, Jordan Phillips, and Jamil Douglas. While none of those names outside of Landry jump out at you there is potential. It should also be mentioned that last years draft may have been far more influenced by Mike Tannenbaum than by Hickey.

  27. Without knowing all the details, I thought Hickey did a better than average job with the time he had…. this just sound like a business decision. I thought he drafted pretty well and brought in some valuable FAs. Hope he lands on his feet somewhere soon.

  28. I don’t see what’s wrong with Ross’s statement I mean what do you want him to say? Sometimes fans nit pick at the dumbest shit, dudes the owner what do u think he’s gonna say

    1. Who thought the clueless owner would talk about MORE celebrations?? LMFAO!!! WTF???

    2. I think he’s a lying sack of shit! “We had capacity crowds at every home game”. WTF game was he watching? Totally clueless POS owner. But that lie is just 1 aspect. He sent that to all season ticket holders/suckers (myself included).

  29. After losing tomorrow we’ll be in great position to draft a franchise QB. Lets hope Tannebaum doesn’t screw it up.

  30. Steve Ross keep up the good work.

    Jet Fans Everywhere

  31. So what’s the over/under for hits/sacks/hurries for tomorrow?

  32. Whats the over/under for Tannehill’s safeties, INT’s and fumbles??

  33. As long as we have a moron owner like Ross, we are doomed to mediocrity. He is the laughing stock of the NFL owners fraternity! What chance do we have as fans? Tannenbaum will be his right a-hole buddy and Ross will hang on T-baum’s reco’s bec he is handling Ross’s business for Dolphins in MIA while Ross is offsite someplace in NYC. Ross can’t do anything that will make fans happy except sell the team to someone who really loves the sport, has the money and wants nothing more than to win football games. That certainly is not Ross. So we’re stuck my fellow Fin fans. now they need to hire a GM and head coach….this should be interesting to see who this great football mind T-Baum (joke here) hires. Maybe they should get some better scouts while they are at it. They pass up draft picks that other teams pick and I wonder why didn’t our scouts see the potential. This team/organization needs a lot of reorganizing, but it all starts with one person…..the owner. So yeah, we stink until he’s gone.

  34. @Frustrated Finfan for years

    5-11 is NOT mediocrity!! 8 seasons without ONE winning year is NOT mediocrity. No playoff wins in 16 years is NOT mediocrity. Most teams fans wish for a SB, but Dolphin fans WISH for mediocrity! . Heck, we’d throw a F’N parade if we were ever mediocre!!

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