Isa Abdul-Quddus Out for the Year

Starting safety IAQ has been placed on IR, thus ending his season.

It’s a tough blow, but it can be overcome.   The reason I say that is because our defense is so lousy anyway, what’s the worst that can happen?   We give up 30+ points to a crappy Bills’ offense?  Oh wait, been there done that.    But seriously, IAQ was a steady presence and wasn’t getting beaten regularly.    The key is for our offense to step it up and score more in his absence.  It’s that simple.   I can’t remember who hit IAQ, but I know it was one of our own Dolphins who tackled him.

I imagine Walt Aikens and Bacarri Rambo will start.   I hope rookie Jordan Lucas gets some playing time.   I’ve mentioned him several times during the year, and I’d like to see what he can do.

And finally, I’d like to point out the dangers of putting a guy on IR.  Way back when the Dolphins were 1-4 and Reshad Jones was hurt, we placed him on IT, even though his injury was the type that could get better in 4-6 weeks.  Dolphin management figured our season was over, they they shut Jones down.   Now here we are in the playoffs…with a healthy but ineligible Reshad Jones watching the Dolphins play.

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  1. @Admin

    Great point about Jones I hadn’t thought about that! Also with Moore now starting as QB and the team Ralling around him the offense will be on fire like last week and crush the Patriots prompting Miami to ship Tannehill off to the Jets for a 9th round pick in 2023 and a few sticks of beef jerky!

    ……..oh wait, that’s the ringing of Jays last stupid comment in my head!

    1. LOL Brian. You beat DoorMatt’s favorite fanboy to the punch. Good call admin.

  2. Down our top two safeties, two linebackers, and our top corner. Dam that’s as bad as it gets, Miami needs to win this week and hope the Chiefs lose, I don’t wanna see what the steelers offense will do to this secondary.

    1. Author

      We’ve gotten by with the backup linebackers, because it’s not a huge dropoff to go from Misi and Jenkins to Hewitt and Paysinger. But Jones and IAQ gone could really hurt. I forgot to mention Michael Thomas before, another adequate player who needs to step it up. Thomas got burned badly on Charles Clay’s 4th Q touchdown the other day at the end of regulation.

    2. Author

      The Maxwell injury is a bit of a puzzler. Seemed like a basic twisted ankle, and I thought he’d skip practice one day and ice it down. But then he didn’t practice all last week and missed the Bills game. I now have to speculate that it’s pretty serious, but I don’t know. IN the last game, New England used a 3rd string QB to put up 30+ points on our defense with all its starters. Just imagine what Brady will do to us now with about 5/11ths of our starters playing.

      1. Thankfully their QB doesn’t play well against us but I think it could get ugly early,like it did in the 1st game. (I refuse to use his name). But no amazing comeback for us this time. Hope I’m wrong and he goes down in a heap early on,which allows them to have 300+ rushing yards-LOL!

        1. Ya if wake and Suh put a few hits on Brady early I think that’s key. It’s well documented how hitting Brady is the only way to disrupt him. If we can get a few good hits on Brady I think Belichech pulls him.

          Also all season I have been calling for the corners to jam the receivers and TE at the line and I think they have to do that against NE to have a shot. Maybe not Gronk because he’s way to strong but the rest of them we can give them a 12 yard cushion all day or they will eat us alive.

  3. The message I’m getting from your comments…

  4. Holy crap 8 comments in and no Dolphin Dave I mean Jay to enlighten us on how smart he/she is. Hey bro? Did Philbin give you the day off?

    1. DoorMatt’s #1 FANBOY hasn’t posted as much as usual since we won IN SPITE of him.

  5. Reshad Jones reportedly had been playing with an injured shoulder for a year before he tore his rotater cuff. He was never going to be out just 4-6 weeks with that. That’s a mininum four month rehab in most cases.

    1. @Rick James….if he was a major league pitcher, then a rehab of 4 months might seem likely. But for a football player, it’s a lot less.

      1. Author

        Yeah, I don’t think the severity of his injury merited a full shutdown and IR. Give him a month off to rest, rehab, and recover. Maybe two even. He’d be ready to go right now, fully rested. The Dolphins gave up on the entire season when we were 1-4. Same thing with Pouncey. They felt it was better to possibly have these guys around next year when we mightpossibly make the playoffs, instead of of keeping them active for THIS year when we DEFINITELY made the playoffs.

    1. Author

      Yes, I saw several writers already whining about having to go to Baltimore. The players shouldn’t be whining, however. They should be looking forward to it with an opportunity to get revenge and to really show the NFL that Miami has turned the corner. Let the Ravens be worried that WE are coming to town, and not the other way around.

      1. Too funny. We haven’t turned a corner. We played a long stretch of crap team and next year’s record against that much tougher schedule will reflect that. 8-8 and wish a miracle,9-7. When you crush a team as badly as they crushed,they will be looking at that game as a sure fire “W” . Did I forget to mention Flacco is 6-0 against us. Hey,my money is where my mouth is. I decided to buy season tickets next year after taking this season off. And I’ll be driving 2+ hrs each way to see good teams play.

  6. “Miami fans have known for a month or two that they will be playing host to New Orleans in London next year. If Miami is smart they will request that game later in the season as the last two trips have been in week four. The Dolphins are giving up a home game for the trip to the U.K. and having an early home game in South Florida is beneficial given the heat”.
    So count on Ross to grab his ankles yet again for another NFL beef injection and do whatever the NFL wants. My money says he bends over for them again.

    1. Author

      I couldn’t agree more. Ross either hasn’t learned how to get special favors from the league (like Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, and the Rooney family) or else he just doesn’t care enough to try. Sadly, I believe he just doesn’t try. It’s no mystery why teams like Pittsburgh or Green Bay do NOT play in Europe. It’s because their owners want to win Super Bowls. Stephen Ross simply wants to entertain.

      1. I agree. We’ve already paid for right to host a SB 2x by disrupting our season in London. This shit has to stop.
        8-8 next season is the best we can hope for. We had a pussy-laden schedule this season and that comes to a quick end come September. With 4 legitimate SB winners on the schedule next season, I hope .500 makes most of us happy.

        1. Author

          The only good thing is that teams we THINK are will be contenders could really tank in the off-season. Look at Carolina and Denver, last year’s Super Bowl teams. This season, they’re nobodies. All those NFC South teams look tough on paper next year, but who know where Carolina will be at, and I think Tampa and Atlanta will be fading out. New Orleans never seems to go away, and that game scares me…especially since that is the game where Ross gave away home field advantage.

        2. We can do better than 8-8 next year IF Matt Moore starts.
          TannePuke getting hurt was a blessing!

          1. What’s up Dolphin Dave? Lol!

        3. I Don’t think you can judge the Dolphins schedule this season and pass contempt like you’re doing KARMATOURER.

          Last season, the Jets were one win away from being in the playoffs and they beat the Dolphins twice. Expectations were running high during the off season for the Jets to at least equal or surpass their 2015 record by one or two games and make the playoffs this season.

          Buffalo is another team that went into 2016 with high expectations because a lot of people were salivating over how tough their defense is.

          Reading comments here on Dolphins Truth before the season began, I found a lot of Fin fans were very skeptical of the Dolphins winning any games in their division. So far in the division Miami has won all but one.
          I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team get a road schedule foisted on them like Miami got with the caliber of teams thrown at them out the gate. I think Miami’s biggest wake up call early on was the Cleveland game. That game told Miami “get your shit together.” I don’t think any Fin fan honestly thought that Miami would go on a back to back road trip in California and leave 2-0, maybe 1-1. Say what you want about San Diego and L.A Rams, but, NO!

          I can’t bash the Dolphins 2016 schedule because I read and heard too many comments doubting Miami could win even six games this season and would be lucky if they did.

          Pussy-laden schedule?….I bet quite a few teams and people used the same acronym for the Dolphins when they saw them on their schedule this season.


          1. @Phil very good post brother. I do appreciate that saying our “easy” schedule implies our team need improvement I stop short of at all allowing that to diminish our emergence to respectability. Admin had a very good point about contenders coming up and dropping off from season to season. At the season’s start many of our games were assured losses based upon our and their previous performance. Some of those “easy” games only became that way as the season progressed. Bills, Jets, Rams, San Diego, and most definitely the Cards are teams that come to mind. Heck we were supposed to destroy Tennessee like we did last year and our current Dolphins team this week probably could but still. And very good point about 2 road games in a row, no matter who we were playing that’s no easy task. Every game won has been earned not gifted especially in our division with the Bills and Jets expecting a cream puff Dolphins squad like we fielded last year.

            Dolphins in the Playoffs…(and although I never served in the military) Hooo-Rah!!!!!!!

            1. Thanks for the kool reply PHINSUP! I don’t think any schedule is a cakewalk, all it takes is few key personal going down and “ah shit, we’re screwed.” I mean, I never liked them much, but, I kinda felt a kindred soul with the Raiders. I was doing a little cheering for them because they to had been going through some dreary years like our Dolphins, and now Carr is out. Talk about bad luck. But at least when Tannehill went down, we had Matt Moore. Maybe we were kinda lucky….hmmm……..but I digress.

              But anyway, like the voice on the commercial says, LETS GET CRAZYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Before this latest injury Reshad Jones says he played with a torn labrum for two years. He planned on continueing to play despite the fact that he tore his rotater cuff and even sought a second opinion after the first physician recommended sugery. Two different doctors told him that his shoulder was so damaged that he needed to shut it down and go under the knife. When he first got injured I researched the injury online on and learned that small tears in the cuff can be played through and rehabbed without surgery. However larger tears required surgery and as in reference to football players the recovery time can be as much as 8 months. With Reshad’s style of play, reckless abandon, I doubt that he was ever going to be able to play the season out with this injury. Not with the way he throws his body around. It would just have continued to get worse probably and who knows maybe even caused irreparable damage. Believe it or not football is a physical game and there are injuries that a player shouldn’t/couldn’t play with.

  8. Author

    You just like that video because they said “PhinsUp” several times!

    I will be there live on Sunday, and I hope we crush them with our banged-up defense.

    1. Haha yeah that too about the phins up. I just couldnt believe what i was hearing they actually admit what we have known all along they dont cover us and as lazy journalists probably dont want to. If they did they would actually have to take time and learn about us. Thats too much work far easier to cover big ben,brady,or ODB. As if the league onlu consists of the teams they choose to drewl over each week.

      Have a great time at the game I was supposed to be there as well. We want live coverage and some youtube video. And if we win you need to let all of your loyal readers see your face just once.

      I did at the chargers game its your turn.

      1. Author

        Wait, there’s a picture of you at the Chargers game? I think I missed that!

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