It just gets worse for Tunsil and the Dolphins

I cannot wait for Laremy Tunsil to face off in practice against Dion Jordan.   It will be my greatest blog post ever that day!   Can’t wait to write captions for that photo!

But seriously, folks…I was up half the night following every story I could on Laremy Tunsil, and every minute that went by seemed to be a new development.    Shockingly, the apologists were out as well, making their case that it’s only pot, so no big deal (more on those fools later).

The main story, as we all must know, is that the Dolphins have generated yet another negative media storm upon themselves.  The Dolphins are international news this morning, and as usual it has nothing to do with the playing field.

  • Laremy Tunsil appears in a video smoking an insane amount of some drug via a McGyvered mega-mask-bong.


  • Laremy’s text messages appear, asking his coach for rent money.
  • Further texts appear, asking a coach for money for a utility bill for his mom of $305.    Where was Mrs. Tunsil buying her electricity from anyway?  ($305 should be an annual bill, not monthly).
  • It’s not just that Tunsil was seen smoking drugs…it’s that he was stupid enough to let a friend film him.   Why didn’t this giant stand up and say, “That video can cost me a career” and beat the crap out of the videographer and smash the phone?
  • He was already suspended in college for breaking ethics rules.  Hell, just beginning a sentence with “he was already suspended for…”  should be a red flag.
  • Reports of Tunsil’s arrest record began to surface.  Yeah, it was allegedly defending his mom and the victim/stepdad dropped the charges, but still… an arrest record is an arrest record.
  • Tunsil’s agent’s representative had to race into Tunsil’s news conference last night and break it up because Tunsil was digging his own grave deeper and deeper with each word he said.

The Dolphins are fine with all that kind of behavior.  (But God forbid one of their Pro Bowlers teases a teammate…THAT calls for automatic dismissal and a bullying scandal).

The problem is that the Dolphins are being naive that every single one of those issues is entirely in the past.  They are naive to think that Tunsil is intelligent, given the items noted above.   And these are just items we discovered in the last 24 hours!  Imagine what other nonsense this kid was up to that we don’t know about yet!

Again, smoking a bowl might be forgivable nowadays, and that’s not my point.   My point is that he wasn’t smart enough to do it privately, nor was he bright enough last night to keep his trap shut about receiving illegal college benefits.

Can all his brawn and football smarts make up for some stupid youthful decisions?   Absolutely, and we hope for the best.  We’re on his side because Dolfans have to be.  But this is not the case of one little indiscretion many many years ago.   It could be warning signs that it’s a way of life.

I read several posts from writers last night calling Tunsil the victim of a hacker.  Yes he is a victim of a hacker.   But if a hacker publishes photos of you committing a crime, does your victim status suddenly go away?   No.

Can you say “but it’s only pot” and it suddenly becomes legal?   Maybe in some states, but never when you’re under 21.

Can you defend yourself by saying “Every college player gets a secret perk or two?”    yes, you can say that if you do indeed keep your perks secret.   But when you’ve already been suspended for Perk #1 and then you go to a press conference and admit you asked for Perk #2…that is no longer a secret.

That’s stupidity.

And that does not warrant sympathy.





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  1. Dude someone hacked his account and is trying to destroy his career. It’s prolly his step dad that he got into a fight with. Everyone smokes weed in college that video is from over two years ago lol the dude has never failed a drug test in his career. It seems like his family just tries to take advantage of him. The LT for the cowboys has a similar story with his family trying to ruin his career and he is one of the best tackles in the league. Give the dude a chance people thought he would go 1st overall a few months ago.

  2. It was before my time but I watched the 30 for 30 on the elway Marino draft and Marino slid far because everyone was worried about his maturity and look how he turned out. This could be the pick that finally turns the team around. It might be awful to but he could be great

  3. Author

    I was about to tune into the Tunsil press conference just now, but the team CANCELED it! Dolphins claim he had an allergy, so they canceled his press conference! This pick is turning tragic.

  4. Intelligence and maturity are two entirely different things. Lets not forget that. And the utility bill? I happen to have grown up in a place where that kind of bill is not uncommon so its not as far fetched as one might think. I agree that all these things make my stomach turn in the context of our propensity to make risky picks that turn out disastrous in the end, especially when Dion Jordan is so fresh in our minds. However, we have been screaming for months and years about protecting Tannehill (the most sacked QB in the league). Here’s the help we needed. High risk/high reward.

  5. Well I can’t say anything negative about the phins as I’ve been clambering for years for them to get OL help. Now they get this golden apples top pick at number 13 because he’s a rotten apple now I say great. How many kids just got drafted that don’t smoke dope? A handful? So this idiot let it be filmed they can fix that plus we have some good vets on the OL to put him in a chock hold

    As far as not learning from the past? I think there is a hugh difference between this group and philbin a crew who took Deion Jordan and big difference between Tunsil and Jordan

  6. Why the hell did we trade a 4th round pick to move up to get Howard?

  7. All valid points and concerns. However, they just got a top 5 talent at 13. This saves alot of cash and the talent should be what the Dolphins need.

  8. Dolphins just drafted a big corner. Xavien Howard from Baylor. That’s one need filled.

  9. Actually two needs filled with Tunsil playing guard. Now we need a linebacker in the 3rd and a project tight end and DE in the fifth or sixth.

    1. Mrs. Albert will move to guard because her skillset is diminishing and it’s less demanding than LT.

  10. Tunsil aint the sharpest tool in the shed!! LOL

  11. Dolphingang you think tunsill will play guard ? I see them moving Albert there like john said and letting tunsill play his natural position

    1. They sat they’re going to try Tunsil at guard. Another experiment.

  12. Drake was a snag to he was nice at Alabama and is the perfect change of pace back to match ajai, fucking perfect couldn’t of drafted any better in my opinion. Big risk big reward for in 1st round then address 2 big needs in the next 2 man I’m loving this

  13. I think Tunsil starts at guard. He has the feet to pull and speed to get to the 2nd level with ease. The best thing about the Tunsil puck is that if either Albert or James gets hurt he can fill in and there won’t be a huge drop-off like in previous years. Now the most pressing need is linebacker I think after they drafted Howard and Kenyan Drake yesterday.

  14. …… And I think Mike and Jay will love Tunsil because he said in his presser that he would even play QB!

    1. He cant be much worse than TannePuke! He’d probably be difficult to sack. LOL

  15. Apparently all the guys the fins have drafted have alpha mentalities meaning they think there the best which I think is great about time that philbin pussy mentality was gone

  16. Agreed. We need some tough arrogant fighters on this team and

  17. Did everyone see the new Dolphins logo with the dolphin using The Tonsil’s bong mask? Hilarious. Wish we could post pics here again.

  18. I guess things are about 4 minutes slow when posting a pic. I’ll try again. This pops up more often than not. “It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search?”

  19. I’m finished trying to post this pic after 4 tries. “It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search?”

  20. Nothing like having a solid practice squad. Are they in the war room w/ gas masks on?

  21. Jamar Taylor is now a member of the Cleveland Browns!

  22. Don’t understand drafting 2 wideouts and not a single linebacker ? Kinda crazy but at least they got defensive backs and a great linemen and jamar Taylor is gone!

  23. Another poor draft dominated by little talent and questionable characters. I guess we’ve all gotten used to this by now. The franchise is clueless. No plan, no being pro active, no insight…..

  24. Love the New Logo !

    Need to get that on a t-shirt or bumper sticker.

    And it won’t need any explanation, as Everyone on the planet saw that image that hijacked the Draft the first night.

    1. Yes,it was 90 here yesterday in Ft Myers.

  25. Don’t forget about the cuts there will be plenty of opportunities to fill any remaining holes. The draft isn’t the only source. I expect them to find another LB there if anyone better is cut possibly a vet RB…Dallas has a bunch now. Either way they went for quality and scheme which I don’t have a problem with. The oline should be better Tanny will have every opportunity to let it rip…this season will tell us a lot.

    1. @FlyerFinFan

      “this season will tell us a lot”

      We heard the same garbage last season and the season before that and the season before that and the season before that…..
      Same crap every year.

      1. One day it will change my friend. Brooks just gave them an -A. That’s a good start. They are lacking depth but the new regime will hopefully add more quality. Hang in there and enjoy the ride…

        1. It wont change till the crap owner is long gone. You can take that to the bank.

        2. The only ones enjoying the ride of no winning seasons since Ross took over(8 years) are the Jests fans!

  26. Last season told us a lot. We stink!

  27. @admin are you going to tell us what you thought about the draft overall? And about finally trading Jamar Taylor??

  28. Having your agent say that you are the “comeback player of the year” is like having your mommy say “he’s a good boy”. It means absolutely nothing.

    And being a comeback player means you have to comeback from something other than stupidity.

  29. Let’s hope DJ has a chip and surprises us…that would be huge.

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