Dion Jordan welcomes his newest teammate/dealer!

First I was afraid of drafting this: 

Now we got THIS?



Sweet lord!   Dion Jordan’s hobbies are contagious.  When will we EVER learn.



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  1. Agreed. The biggest day of his life and he’s dressed like a fool.

  2. WTF is that ,is he coming out of the closet.

  3. I can’t believe we drafted Lame Toker…. I saw those pictures of him smoking pot in the gas mask and I said to myself,…. “We don’t need that.”

    I was praying for Myles Jack….. now what will we do with Albert, Jones, & Tunsil?

    1. Author

      I wanted Jack too. His knee issues are scary, but at least he won’t get suspended.

    2. It’s not him. Look at the size of the guy’s shoulders-does it look like a 300 lb. guy?

  4. Nice job drafting a position we don’t need …. unless they plan on cutting Albert

    1. Author

      I really wanted a guard, and not just a big offensive lineman who can play everywhere. That never works out. Oh well. There’s always next year.
      Dolphins Truth is starting a sweepstakes on when Laremy’s first suspension will come!

  5. Apparently that pot picture was from high school. …. still… an OT?

  6. did the Dolphins’ P.R. team push that pic ??? . . . Just got a kid that some were saying could go in the top 3 . . . for a steal.


  8. ‘Was that you in the video?’ ‘I’ve been blessed’
    ‘Was that you in the video?’ ‘I’ve been blessed’

  9. Albert played some guard in college so he has experience there. Tunsil spent the better half of the past year as the #1 pick on most draft boards before all the trade ups. Dolphins needed o-line help and they got it big time.

    1. Author

      Yeah, let’s hope he can stay clean. He was already too dumb to erase a video of his gas-mask-bong and too dumb to not hide the freebies he got in college. EVERY college player is guilty of what Laremy did, but only the dumb ones get caught. But he is blessed.

      1. Lol your comment was hilarious. But on a serious note this kid could be a mainstay for the Dolphins we got the best player in the draft. No doubt about it.

        1. And tell us what you’re smoking! LOL!

    2. Mrs. Albert will move to guard,its less demanding and due to her age and declining ability,it suits her better.

  10. And I’m pretty sure that Dion Jordan is smoking something a lot stronger than weed.

  11. It’s not that awful at least it’s offensive line and I guess in their mind there was no linebacker or corner good enough to take at that spot. Let’s hope the guy doesn’t smoke and that shit is behind him

    1. Hey, weren’t Pouncey and Incognito doing ecstacy at the strip clubs? The Dolphins don’t seem to care.

  12. Still no RB and no QB. Pathetic offense again.

  13. I pray that he will keep himself from the allure and excesses of South Beach and will be an asset to the team.

  14. Yeah, give me that guy w/ the gas mask and bong – boo yah !
    ( he was just making sure others around him weren’t getting any 2nd hand smoke- I hate it when that happens ! )

    BTW, I was the one who leaked the vid on twitter, as somebody had to scare off all of those other teams before our Fins picked. Your Welcome, Dolfans.

    Like lebatard said, isn’t it amazing how the supposedly tough and rugged NFL gets very “queasy ” and timid when they see a vid (many years old) of a guy doing the same thing a lot of their players currently do in the offseason, (just sans the mask).

    Like Greeney said, this pick has the potential to be the steal of this years draft. Lets all hope so. I’ll take it a step further. Since he wears the same # (78) at Ole Miss, I seem to recall another # 78 that protected Marinos blind side for a very long time and made many pro bowls – Richmond Webb.

    If Tunsil turns out to be that good (time will tell) then indeed, he will be the steal of this years draft.

  15. Mike who would they have drafted ? Not a single QB or rb good enough to take at that spot

  16. Imagine if we’d signed Evan Mathis 2 years ago,like I said, or even last year, we would have had an acceptable OL by now.

  17. Too bad we can’t post photos or memes. There is a hilarious one of Tonsil & Goddell onstage with the caption: “I can’t wait to fine you”! LOL

  18. If The Tonsil is smart,maybe he and Leon/Dion Jordan can share a crib during the season a get a volume discount when they buy dope. Or maybe the Dolphins will pair them together during training camp so they can get busted together and save time. Just a thought.

    1. Author

      John, LOL.
      Dion’s like, “Man!!! I put so much effort into hiding my pot addiction so that the Dolphins would draft me.”
      and Tunsil’s like, “You fool. You didn’t have to hide your your pot. Dolphins will draft you anyway.”

      1. @admin
        I’m shocked we didn’t move up to take him ,like we did Leon/Dion! After every other team had sense enough to let him slide. I wonder who behind us would have taken him or how far he would have dropped.

  19. Jets were reportedly trying to trade up to 12 to take Tunsil. They desperately need a replacement at left tackle since D’Brickashaw Ferguson is retiring.

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