Ja’Wuan James is a Welcome Addition to the Miami Dolphins

All things considered, the Dolphins made a great choice in picking lineman Ja’Wuan James. There were two prevailing theories out there, both incorrect, about what the Dolphins should have done when their turn fell at #19.

One incorrect notion is that we should have traded down. “They” say James would still be available later in the draft, and we could have gotten another pick for our 19. James MIGHT have been available later, but there would be no guarantee. We desperately need O-linemen because Jonathan Martin ran away and because the Dolphins kicked Richie Incognito off the team for teasing his friend. So we need linemen, linemen, and linemen. Better safe than sorry. Now we have our first lineman.

The other incorrect notion is that we should have taken the best player available, including a linebacker or a defensive back. Again, this is dead wrong. Yes, we can certainly use an upgrade at those positions, but we don’t need to fill holes there. We have 2 starting safeties and 2 starting corners. We have 3 or 4 starting linebackers. We have only 2 starting offensive linemen. 3/5ths of our line is incomplete, and some alleged Dolphins experts and not-too-bright fans think we should draft another linebacker? Just because Mel Kiper says they are the best available?

Look at last year. We needed offensive help tremendously, but instead we chose Dion Jordan. We traded up to get him. We gave away draft choices in order to draft a third-string benchwarmer. No more of that nonsense. Let’s hope new GM Dennis Hickey has his head on straight. So far, so good.

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  1. Thanks for sharing an angle so little expressed about this pick. Yes woulda coulda shoulda is easy after all is said and done. But when its your job to build a team and fill wide open holes. Do you play risky and trade down in an attempt to match the draft quality of the player while gaining more picks? Sure you do.. in fantasy leagues perhaps. But this is reality ,and no guarantee he be available down the road. Then what? Oh yeah reap the endless criticism of fans saying why didnt you draft Ja’Wuan James at 19 when you could have. This is and was a no brainier. We need linemen not fancy draft moves as if the GM is throwing around monopoly money. From a strategic standpoint this makes sense and brings relief and pressure off Hickey going forward. In my opinion the team needs to be complete before polishing it.

    1. Yes…listening to fans who wanted to draft Ha Ha Clinton or even Johnny Manziel is ridiculous. Let’s just be happy we got a good lineman

      1. Well Houston Dolfan you must be the lone fan. And such nice timing to share your opinion right after the 1st round. Never ever heard those names as prospects. Especially Johnny. Really Johnny… Really? Wow

        1. Well, if youread the Miami Herald long enough online, you see some really stupid comments and draft suggestions made by fans. A lot of Tannehill haters are on the message boards all the time

          1. HoustonDolfan,
            My bad 🙂 . Misunderstood the context of your first response. I agree there have been some bad suggestions and too much after the fact criticism. Even yahoo said the phins were the biggest first round loosers. Im not sure how we could have escaped that notion given the fact that we had the 19th pick and desperately need reliable, good character, talented offensive lineman. Playing it safe for round one shows to me Hickey is going to serve the needs of this team first and not be starstruck by the high end players we dont need that were available. Now that the line is starting to take shape, as has been shown, Hickey can now get a bit more fancy and experimental as the most recent draft choices and moves have been. As a GM I wouldnt have done it in any other order. Need #1 is Job #1 and dont jack around with it, just get it done.

  2. I agree JaWuan James is no slouch, he is a very good RT. A testament to that is the fact that he started 49 games in the SEC. He is also healthy and is a plug and play type of player. The Dolphins filled a huge hole. He was not the sexy pick everyone wanted. In their minds he was the best RT for them, and I can live with that. They still need to get a guard in rounds 2-3.

    1. Agree with Llaz. James could be a great player for us, and he fills a gap that we had on the o-line. There was just no urgency to draft a db or some other sexy pick. No sense gambling in the first round. We can do that later is Hickey wants to try something.

  3. Lastly, the Dolphins are not that far away from being a playoff team. The talent is there, they just need a few more pieces. Fans need to think about that for a minute. There were 18 teams picking ahead of us for a reason.

  4. Well then HoustonDolfan you must be the only fan and must have just voiced your opinion perfectly timed by the way after the draft’s 1st round. Never ever heard either of those names come up as prospects. Johnny? Really. Wow…

  5. Yeah, we are on the same page Phinsup. I guess i question why we drafted TWO wide receivers. Why not take a chance on a much-needed ofensive lineman instead? Lynch could be a good find, but again, nobody feels we need a TE do they?. I figured Clay and Sims were two decent TEs on our roster, but maybe the coaches need something more?

  6. And on that note, nice to see some friendly discussion between like minded or not, Phinz fans. DT, this site is on the verge of a new season! How about some more opinionated articles with more regularity? Or do you need to draft some more writers? The latter comment is not intended as a slight, its the honest post from a constant visitor wanting more coverage whether I like what I read or not. Dolphins Truth Up and Phins UP!

    1. Author

      PhinsUp, Thanks as always for your support. We try to write daily, depending on what’s going on in the NFL and our schedules, etc. As you can see from today’s column, we are pleased with the linemen we chose, but question some of the other picks at positions where we didn’t need that much help. Feel free to wave goodbye to Michael Egnew. No way does he earn a paycheck from us next season!

  7. Agreed about Egnew for several reasons. Kinda bums me out. I was rooting for Egnew in an underdog sort of way. I saw a few of his plays, and in those short clips, I saw some of the physical promise he known for. Think he lacks confidence, no killer instinct perhaps.

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