Jay Ajayi–the new jonathan martin?

It appears that Jay Ajayi has quit the Miami Dolphins.  Or, at least, he has quit on the Miami Dolphins.

Numerous reports have surfaced to indicate that Gase has benched Ajayi for our season opener Sunday.  In fact, Ajayi was told to stay home.    He is not in Seattle.  Sources seem to indicate that Ajayi and Gase had words over Gase’s decision to move Ajayi to the second string.   Team sources said Ajayi sulked all week and was extremely upset.

As many of you know, Dolphins Truth has been a strong supporter of Ajayi, but we can no longer do so.

Just when our off-season was about to end quietly…

First of all, it’s not like a second running back doesn’t get in the game; he does.  A lot.    Given Arian Foster’s annual season-ending injuries, Ajayi would have been starting soon anyway, just as soon as Foster got hurt.   All Ajayi had to do was wait and  behave, and then he’d be the starter again.   But the best laid plans…

Apparently Ajayi thinks his limited NFL games made him experienced enough to beat out a 1,000-yard rusher.  Apparently, he doesn’t like healthy competition. And he certainly doesn’t like the fact that he got beat out, fair and square.

Dolphins Truth will keep looking into this, and it more be more to it.  We’ll certainly owe Ajayi an apology if these early reports are wrong.

This is the type of thing that doesn’t go away.   On Monday, will Ajayi show up at practice and suddenly say, “I learned my lesson, and I promise to accept that I’m only your second choice”?    It doesn’t happen.

Thanks to reader Sean for tipping us on this story.


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  1. Who is “we”?? You mean you? or You and the wife?? LOL

    1. Jay dude for real man why the trolling?

  2. My initial reaction to Gase leaving Ajayi behind was “what the hell is he doing?” But now I’m more on board with his decision. Like Admin said, he would have been given many opportunities in the game to prove himself. Ajayi chose to sulk. All week long apparently. I wonder how Don Shula, in his prime, would have handled something like that? My guess is a similar decision or possible roster cut.

    Off the topic, but, it appears some on our team are going to protest during the national anthem.


    1. I’m protesting the spoiled multi millionaires disrespecting our country and not watching NFL until they disallow the disrespect.

  3. Wow if our team keeps building a reputation for things you never ever see from other NFL teams then will the phrase “Only in Miami” become part of football lexicon? Jeez I hope not. Just one more reason to announce your a dolphins fan during football talk with a slight tone of embarrassment. Damn when do we get a real team already?

      1. Whatever Jay. Maybe when you’re old enough to drive you will have better things to do than post stupid shit here. I guess your best ignored than reasoned with . So do your tired old posts. I’ll just ignore you like the rest of us do. Later.



    1. Author

      I think the Seahawks are handling this wonderfully. The players are coming together in a pre-game ceremony in unity to support the country that made them millionaires. I would have a lot of respect for the Seahawks for life if only Pete Carroll didn’t hand a free, gift-wrapped Super Bowl Championship to the Patriots. Now I want to destroy him every single week for doing that to us.

    1. Author

      Ahh, good old Miko. Ever the dutiful wife, showing off how much her husband makes.

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