Kenny Stills bets his salary on the Seahawks

No other explanation for how Stills is handing a free win to the Seahawks.  He must have bet money on Seattle.

Even before he dropped the easiest catch in NFL history, he got in Jarvis Landry’s way on THREE different WR screen catches to Landry.   And on the first play of our NFL season, he held a guy.

Not to mention the way he spat on our country by not standing for the National Anthem.   I hope we have the phone number for Griff Whalen’s agent.

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  1. Author

    Qb sneak still against NFL rules apparently.

  2. Author

    Stills dropping passes left and right

  3. Author

    Apparently Gase does not allow Tannehill to run. All the read options and QB sneaks have been tossed out the window.

    1. It’s still early the running game looks good

  4. Author

    Finally! Good things happen when they allow T-hill to run

  5. O line not doing bad, need to keep running

    1. Author

      Agreed The line is holding their own.

  6. Why don’t they at least try on third down I swear they always throw it short

    1. Author

      Zachary, I never understand that. And we do it sooooo often

  7. Author

    Kel we are trying to set it up for next week.

  8. Author

    I absolutely LOVE the way our base 4-man rush is harassing Wilson

  9. Cool well pretty good 1st half for Fins should be up 10 pts

  10. I can’t see the game where I am but I just saw the drop by Stills. One word- karma.

    1. Author

      Yeah but if only the karma hurt him himself. Not the whole team !!
      I am hoping Gase has a few answers or genius adjustments. But so far it looks like Philbin’s offense. I see nothing creative. Do u guys see anything ?

  11. Author

    Don’t like the constant spread formations. Not every single play. It simply does not work.

  12. T-Hill still cant see or feel pressure

  13. Author

    Seattle shows how to pick up 1 yard. just pound it up the middle

  14. Author

    I swear , if we lose to some bum named Boykin I will scream

  15. Author

    Another Damien Williams penalty. Have I mentioned how much I want him off the team ?

  16. Author

    Darr punting like crap today.

  17. Author

    Kiki Alonzo still on the team ? Been way too quiet

  18. Dolphins still cant run a screen or stop a screen

  19. Author

    Nice stand on defense. Thanks for not pounding it up the middle Seattle

  20. Any stop on 4th down is a great stop


    THill needs to elevate the offense and score a TD right here in this spot

  21. I guess the D will have to score for us to win

  22. wow……

    How is it that THill has taken two big hits and driven to the ground after the ball is gone and no penalty?

    Did the rules change and I missed it?

  23. Author

    Seriously, do you guys see ANY differences in our “new” offense?? No hurry ups. No QB sneak when we need an inch. No rollouts. No power rushes. Gase has improved nothing. Granted Seattle is tough, but this is the same old crap. You can’t run a hurry up offense after good plays only. You have to be consistent

  24. I agree with you about the offense although the OL is doing a good job on downs 1 and 2 they are letting all the defenders by on 3rd down and opening no holes for the running game

    Defense looks much better then I thought they would

  25. Well that was before the stupid late hit by wake didn’t he get the memo thats only allowed by Seattle?

    1. Author

      Wake is usually smart and clean. Kinda lost his head on that one

  26. Author

    Pass on first
    Rush for zilch on 2nd
    Pass on third.

  27. What the hell with the ground game up the middle?

  28. Author

    Keep rolling him out dammit

  29. Author

    Can we please give up on that Trips formation? Hasn’t worked all year

  30. Author

    Man those realy were three horrible plays on 1st 2nd 3rd and goals

  31. What the hell is going on with the push offs and late hits not getting called at all?

  32. Game over. This team is still too accustomed to losing.

  33. maybe they are still kneeling because of all the oppression they have to overcome every day?

  34. Author

    defense is manning up and Offense is invisible

  35. Ok now again we need to score

    So lets confuse the D

    1st down – 1yard pass
    2nd down – run up the middle
    3rd down – 2 yard pass


  36. Author

    Piece of shit Stills finally caught one

  37. Oppressed Piece of shit Stills finally caught one

  38. No offsides called eather!

    Guess the refs wont call anyting

      1. Game is over and im scrolling the comments. Im glad others saw the blatant offsides at least twice I saw on the Seahawks not called. And even the commentators mentioned a non call on a blatant push off.

  39. Author

    Seattle territory again but we know not to be excited

  40. Miami just executed a real screen@!

    I am speechless

    1. Author

      And Damien Williams hustled the screen. Good job Dami

  41. Author

    Good things happen when T hill runs. It is truly that simple

  42. Hey the refs are letting tanehill get hit after every play might as well run it in

  43. Author

    Longest 4 minutes of our life coming up

  44. Author

    Ice T best commercial of the year.

  45. good thing about that drive is our D finally got some rest.

  46. I love the cassette radio


  47. Author

    Every time they keep talking about a quarterback being injured, they come back and destroy us. His ankle ain’t that bad or he would be out

  48. A pick to ice the game would be great

  49. kelrvet they will call no penalties agains seatle

  50. Miami needs to challage the spot the runners knee was down a full yard shy

  51. Author

    Lol. Seahawks have a man named Christine. I don’t care how he pronounces it… Christine is Christine, like my aunt !!!

    1. Author

      Kel I am disgusted. Why why why

      1. The Dolphins called timeout because the play clock was about to expire for the Seahawks. That’s the kind of move that got me where I am today.

        1. Author

          LMAO. Good to know Joe’s new team lost today too.

  52. Author

    Nice. Wilson blew a timeout while the clock was stopped. That means our D is up to something. Still might lose but nice to know we aren’t vanilla D no more

  53. Seattle made the right adjustment

  54. Author

    Hope Carroll / Wilson pull a super bowl again

  55. They still have that loser stink from Philbin.

  56. Gee….. you think they’ll throw to Baldwin?

  57. Author

    Thanks to Franks and Stills

  58. they rush 3 and sack the qb


    I guess Gase now has a list of shit to work on huh?

    1. Vintage dolphins. I still won’t be impressed till they actually win games like this.

  59. Author

    Thanks guys. Look for our new column this evening once I analyze stats. Gutsy game but same old. Offense didn’t do shit. Defense played their hearts out but too tired at the end

  60. Anemic offense and without viewing replays Im feeling Tannehill is playing to conservative. He wont take chances and just like last year we cant score touchdowns in the red zone with his arm. New coach, supposedly different offensive scheme, some progress, but when it counts its no better than last year.

  61. Well, TannePuke and Gase both stink. Nothing new.

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