Jets Shut Out. Dolphins Complete 3 left-handed passes. Texans Help Our 2021 Draft by blowing a late lead.

It’s been a fun 24 hours as we went from anticipating the kickoff, watching the game itself unfold, seeing THREE left-handed pass completions (one by Fitz; two by Tua), and then watching the media discuss Adam Gase. (as I write this, SHOCKINGLY, Gase still has a job).

But for me personally, the best part is reading the NY newspapers and what they say about the Jets. As bad as the players played, the writers are roasting Adam Gase more than anything. I love it!

Gase’s arrogance and stubborness leads to losses.

We shut out the Jets, as our defense played well. But it could have been a much different result if not for Gase. On the Jets’ first possession, Flacco had a WR wide open running down the left sideline. He threw a bad pass for an incompletion. The announcers mentioned how the Jets need to take more shots like that. I agreed, and I was worried, because that guy was sooo wide open. Surely Gase would keep trying big plays like that. Flacco is a seasoned pro and a Super Bowl winner. He won’t keep missing wide open men as long as Gase tried it again…right?

Thankfully for us, stubborn Gase gave up on those plays. Gase also refused to anticipate our pass rush. He kept the same 5 blockers in on virtually every pass play, rarely giving Flacco any extra help. I often critiqued him in Miami for the same thing. 5 wideouts when you need 3 yards is just asinine football. Send two guys out on crossing patterns and give yourself 3 extra blockers. Give Flacco some time. But no. Just like Gase never gave Tannehill enough time, he continues the same ridiculous scheme in NY.

Speaking of Tannehill, the CBS studio team were saying he the NFL’s MVP so far this season and shows no sign of slowing down. Tanny led a tying TD drive with under a minute left in regulation, then started again in OT and drove them down for the winning TD run. He even did the ol’ fake spike play and caught the Texans napping…which is good for us because we want Houston to keep losing. I can’t believe they are 1-15. Houston is a million times better than the NY Giants, and yet they have the same record!

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  1. “Firing Adam Gase now is best way for Jets to stop being laughingstock after shutout loss to Dolphins”…yes, that’s the sports headlines in NY Daily News!!! I read it with a snicker! I read it with It was only a matter of time! I thought for sure Gase would have been fired on the plane back to NY or at least by this a.m. I would think he will not get another HC job again…he stinks.
    Admin, I felt at any time Flacco could turn the switch in his head that he did win a Super Bowl and proceed to make something happen…but with Gase running the crap show, we all saw why he should be fired. I saw some plays we haven’t seen in years by the Dolphins…BUT…the schedule
    gets tougher with some very well coached teams and players to match. It will certainly show what we are against those teams.. I don’t expect a win against KC, Rams, but a good game will make me proud. Admin, I’m not even discussing Tanny…he’s not my fav and I’ll leave it at that.

    1. Author

      Yes, I immediately go to the NY Post and the NY Daily News.
      I love how matter-of-fact the reporters are. I understand that Miami is a much-more laid back city than NY, but the Dolphin reporters are far too nice. They think that asking the tough questions will get the player/coach mad at them, so they pose softball questions instead. Can you think of any Dolphins reporter (besides me of course) who just came out daily and pointed out why Gase was horrible and Philbin was worse? The local guys sort of coddle Gase, but the NY guys lambaste him.

    2. I heard that the Fins now have the 10th easiest schedule and the texans have the 6th hardest. Bodes well!

      I know some don’t like Tanny and I’m fine with him moving on but we should cut him some slack as he was dealt a bad hand here. gase is showing it right now by ruining another young QB…

  2. The Jets should fire Gage and hire Philbin. That would be hilarious. Continue their downward spiral.

    1. Author

      OMG, that is one of the best comments I’ve seen here in a long time! Brilliant idea.

      1. haha yes agreed that would be the best thing ever. I’m not sure what Philbum is even doing right now probably a little queesy after eating a chili burger or something.

  3. Speaking of the Jets, those helmets are so ugly.

  4. Another good win. Our Offense was a little sloppy at times, but give kudos to the defense for keeping it a shutout! The main thing I don’t miss about Gase are the mental mistakes by the team. Look at all those penalties by the Jets, remember when we always had those under Gase? And going back to last year we are now one of the least penalized teams in the league! Sorry, but that’s coaching. We were always the least penalized team year after year under a coach named Shula! Not saying Flores is the next Shula, but I think he’s creating a great culture and we’re in the hunt for sure in the AFC for a playoff spot!

    1. Author

      Your’e right. I haven’t thought about the penalties, but we definitely have fewer than our opponents. Announcer James Lofton had a good point on one play: The Jet punt returner called for a fair catch, so there was no need for the other Jets block to commit holding and facemasks. Just relax and let your man make a simple fair catch. Instead, they were undisciplined and committed penalties on two different punt fair catches.

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