La’Veon Bell Rumors Persist…What do you think?

I wasn’t going to write about this because I think it’s just a rumor that won’t pan out.   However, it’s becoming clear that Bell wants to play for the Dolphins and this actually might happen.

While he’s a great RB, I don’t know if he’s the right fit here.  First of all, he had that huge issue of him holding out from the Steelers.  If you give up on one team, your mind set doesn’t change and you can easily give up on another.  He sat out and wouldn’t play for the Steelers, and then he chose the last-place Jets.   That does not sound like a man who wants to win, but a man who wants money.  Nothing wrong with that.  I wish I had more money too.  But when you WILLINGLY choose a last-place team, I think that tells you about a guy’s makeup.

Second, while our current RBs are not setting the world on fire, they are not bad either.  This isn’t like when Tricky Rickey Williams decide to go smoke weed and abandon the team, leaving us with pretty much no decent RBs.   We have RBs and we have depth.  So unless Bell wants to play for dirt cheap (this is unlikely, see above), I’d pass on this.

Very curious about your Bell opinions…

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  1. To me, it just depends on his current asking price. If he’s still looking to get paid like a top 5 beck… Hard pass…. He hasn’t proven he can be THAT guy when teams don’t have to respect all the weapons the Steelers had during his peak plus one hell of an offensive line. But if we could get him on a one or two year “prove it” deal for a modest amount…. There’s no question it would improve our backfield significantly.

    1. Author

      A moot point, as it’s reported that Bell has signed with the Chiefs. Until he wants more money and holds out.

      1. Sure would have been nice to add him but probably not worth it anyway. They are best to find a guy in the draft next year now that the oline is looking better. Keep the cap down especially at RB is smarter. Let Bell ruin someone else’s cap.

        Just picked up Fitz for my starting QB I hope he lights up those jets on Sunday! Had Ryan and he has stunk for the past two weeks hard to get worse I guess…

        1. I was really shocked they didn’t take an RB in the second of last year’s draft but the OL they got seem to be really paying off so I guess I won’t complain… but would have loved if they had grabbed a Taylor or JK Dobbins type of workhorse back to balance that offense. Gaskin has been better than expected but I don’t think any opposing DC is game-planning to step him or anything….

          1. I think we’ll see them go for playmakers like pass rusher, RB and WR in next years draft. This year was build the lines which was the right thing to do.

  2. My prediction for today’s game: Mia 35, Jets 13. Go Fins!

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