Joe Burrow Doing Well…Will Other Try Their New QBs as Well?

Joe Burrow is 0-2, but he’s played well in both games.  I believe the way the Bengals are handling him will be compared to the way the Dolphins handle Tua and the Chargers handle Justin Herbert for years to come.

The Bengals opted to get rid of perennial loser, expensive Andy Dalton and initiate the Burrow era.

The Dolphins opted to keep perennial loser Ryan Fitzpatrick and store Tua on ice.   (Sorry, I love Fitz, but we gotta be honest here.)

The Chargers opted to keep perennial loser Tyrod Taylor and store Herbert on ice.

The end results are far far from over.  The Chiefs let Mahomes ride the bench his first year, and he turned out okay.   The Colts let Peyton Manning play on day one, and he turned out okay as well.  Different methods, same results.

I think it makes sense for Fitz to start on Sunday, but if he struggles again, then I’d go with Tua.   I’d say the same thing if the backup were Rosen or Cleo Lemon or Ray Lucas.   When someone is playing poorly, you owe it to the other players to try something different.  Try ANYTHING.   Just don’t develop the Philbin/Gase method of trying the same old thing and expecting a different result.   Fitz is not going to turn into an All-Pro in the middle of a game.

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