The Bills Come to Town

The King of All Overrated Teams comes to Miami this weekend.   They love their QB, Josh Allen, so much that they drafted another QB “just in case.”

Their defense is allegedly good, and yet they let the lowly Jets put up 17 on them last week.   PLUS…the Bills’ best players on defense opted out to free agency, as they couldn’t wait to get out of Buffalo and its long, long history of losing.

For the record, losing 4 Super Bowls in a row is nothing to be proud of.  There are no trophies handed out for appearances.  Wide right will always be wide right.

Yet, despite this history of losing…the Bills and their fans still think of themselves as a storied franchise.  As if they ever won a Super Bowl.  As if they were ever perfect.   The Bills are in the same category as the Browns…a team with a strong rabid fan base but nothing to back it up.

That being said, I think the Bills will beat our  Dolphins.   The Bills have the advantage of chemistry as they didn’t change their entire offense AND defense like we did.  They know the plays and will do well.  Their defense will know exactly what our offense is doing, because Chan Gailey does nothing innovative.    I’d love to see Miami pull the upset, but it’s not looking good….

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  1. I don’t think Fitz can possibly be as bad and the bills lost two starting LB’ers. A conventional running offense should work and with the hot weather wear them down.

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