John Fox Joins the Long List of Available Head Coaches who are better than Joe Philbin

Not much to say here.

Fox got a lot out of the Broncos and came close three years in a row.   That is a heck of a lot better than a coach like Philbin who can’t even secure a winning record.

Excellent coaches getting fired left and right, yet our inept coach gets to keep his job.  It’s insane.

Players genuinely fear and respect a coach like this. Who respects Joe Philbin?
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  1. Insane is exactly the right word for it.

    The very definition of that word is : doing the same things over and over again ( just like the dolphins do, year after year) and expecting a different result. (Not gonna Happen).

    I Dream of having a coach like Brian Billick (among your top choices in previous posts) as our HC. Just think how different and so much Better our team would be with someone of that caliber in charge. (Also Not gonna Happen).

    Owner Stephen Ross just Loves those 8-8 (or worse) Seasons, and thinks Clueless Joe is a great HC.

    One of my favorite quotes from Don Shula years ago, (regarding 8-8) was saying that he could probably find 22 guys – Off the Street – and we’ll go 8-8. That was his (correct as usual) opinion of an 8-8 season.

    So greatly missed now are an Owner like Joe Robbie, and a coach like Shula !

    Enjoy the Insanity Dolfans, for years to come !

  2. Author

    AJ, yes. A lot of people don’t like my choice of Brian Billick, but I feel he is much better than Philbin. And Billick was smart enough to hire Rex Ryan as his defensive coach. Almost anyone out there is better than Philbin. I watch Urban Meyer coach last night with a 4th-string QB, and he won a championship. I know college is a different game, but you can just see what a strong leader Meyer is. Plus, he went for it on 4th-and-inches. Imagine that Joe Philbin!! Coaches who are not afraid to gain 2 inches win the game. Learn that!

    1. Ross has now put the Dolphins in last place in our conference. By keeping Joe P, we lost out on all the other coaches. We are done.

  3. Larry David talked about being a head coach on Howard Stern the other day. I’d rather have him than “timeout for the other team Joe”. That defensive timeout against Green Bay should have gotten him fired on the spot. That may have been the dumbest move in the history of coaching (and then he does it again the next week!).

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