Judas Whiner Jonathan Martin Finally Breaks his Silence

In an interview with NBC News on Tuesday, Jonathan Martin, the traitor to the Dolphins, said, “Wah wah wah.”  Wait, we made a mistake and he didn’t really say that.


He did, however, say that players used vulgar language in the locker room, and that is why he turned his back on the team and quit.

He did not speak about why he held onto a voicemail from Richie Incognito for seven months.  He didn’t mention if anyone else on the face of the earth ever kept a voicemail for seven months unless they have a secret plan and a reason to keep them.   Or why he then sent the voicemail to ESPN.  Or if he had a lawsuit planned from the very beginning.

He also did not discuss how he felt when, after his allegations, the entire Dolphins roster sided with Richie.  You ever do something in your life because you just know that your friends will support you and take your side? Now imagine how you’d feel if every single one of your teammates sided with the other guy!  “Ooops,” Martin may have said, “guess that plan to have my teammates take my side backfired.”

Martin spoke about why he didn’t just politely ask the other players to stop speaking vulgarly.  He said that he didn’t have the tools to make it stop.  The only tool he needed was to ask his friends to take it easy on the foul language.  But instead, he ran away.

He had the tools to turn his back on his team and run away, but he didn’t have the tools to ask for a favor.  Wow.  Just wow.

As ridiculous as Martin’s excuses are, it even MORE ridiculous that the NFL’s favorite investigator, Ted Wells, still has released nothing.  Doesn’t it seems like Wells has been investigating ever since Marino’s fake spike?

I mean, really, how long does it take to write, “Fifty-two Dolphins support  Richie’s side of the story.  One Dolphin (Martin himself) sides with Martin.  Case closed. Report complete.”

It just took me 14 seconds to write that.  What’s Wells’ excuse?

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  1. I was one of the idiots who believed that Martin had a true emotional issue. I felt awful for him, and I thought he was seeking therapy, and I wished him a speedy recovery. Now we find out that he was just sad because some fellas called him names. I can’t believe I felt sorry for him at one point. I was bamboozled.

  2. He’s a pariah. Trade him for at least a 3rd or 4th round pick. If you can’t get that then force him to stay a dolphin and bench his sorry excuse for a player butt! Oh, that might be too harsh for poor little johnny cakes, maybe I should lighten up. Please! Grow up, man. He’s an idiot.

    1. Author

      Had to look up pariah in the dictionary, Sherri. And now I agree !

  3. this guy is a complete joke. this whole debacle was just a way for martin to collect his money without having to play football anymore. I can’t imagine a team taking a chance on this guy. what a locker room cancer this pusse is.

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