Jonathan Martin Interview Shows that the Dolphins MUST Re-Sign Richie Incognito Immediately

It’s still the beginning of the year, but 2014’s best comedy is out already.  It’s called the Jonathan Martin interview publicity stunt, and it aired on NBC.

Dolphins Truth is happy to provide you a look at this complete stunt, and not the just the snippets you’ve read about:

No, it’s not a comedy because a 300-lb man felt picked on.  It’s not a comedy because he turned his back on his team.  It’s not comedic to hear him say how no Dolphin contacted him (all right, we admit that part is pretty funny…Martin claims none of the Dolphins reached out to him, but apparently total strangers from around the NFL  did?)

It’s a comedy to listen to how pre-prepared he was.  Obviously coached by his lawyers and parents (and Dolphins Truth has learned that Martin even hired a spokesman now), there’s not a single answer that Martin gives that doesn’t sound canned.  He had his answers all ready, and Tony Dungy fell right into the trap. THAT makes us laugh.

NBC gave Jon Martin a one-sided venue to whine about how many millions of dollars Stephen Ross has paid him the locker room antics of some Dolphins.  He mentions some mean things Richie Incognito said, but he did not mention the vile texts he sent to Richie.  And of course, Dungy didn’t bother to ask.

Everything Martin said was stoic and well-rehearsed.  He made the same points over and over again redundantly.   It was a riot to hear!  Listen to how many times he mentions words like “ongoing” and “persistent” and  “accepted.”  It is extremely obvious that he’s been coached to say those things.  Why?

Why?  Because for his big upcoming lawsuit, he does not have a case if he says, “Richie picked on me one day.”  Instead, Martin and his lawyers need to prove that the hostile work environment was steady and daily.  He has to prove that is was “accepted” to pick on people.  And this interview scam was the first step.

Again, he cannot win in court if he whines about one text message.  Instead, he has to prove that all the icky things Richie said to him accumulated over time.  The key word to win in court is “accumulation.”  Count how many times Martin uses the word “accumulation” in this interview.  He was obviously well coached and knew to emphasize words like accumulation and accepted.

He almost slips up too!  Listen at the 2:59 mark.  He starts to talk about the culture of the Dolphins locker room, and he says, “it was the culture,”  Then he stops himself mid-sentence.  He thinks about it for a second.  Then he starts again and says, “accepted culture.”  There it is !    He almost forgot his coaching.  He almost forgot to mention “accepted,” but he made a great comeback!

At 7:24, Dungy asks him if he talked to any of his teammates, and Martin expertly avoided the question as if he were a politician.  Maybe that’s his angle.  A future in politics after his NFL career is over.

Why is he holding a pen during the interview?  Have you ever seen an athlete in any interview in history take notes?  What is up with that?

Martin mentions repeatedly how he “tried” to make friends.  What is this, third grade?  You either become friends or you don’t.  You don’t have to try.

He mentions that he hasn’t spoken to another Dolphin and no Dolphin gave him support…yet a bunch of total strangers from other teams contacted him with support?

The whole thing is ridiculously fishy.  Shame on NBC for giving this guy 25 minutes of softball questions without getting a comment from anyone Martin accused.  Fair and balanced?

Richie Incognito’s lawyers released some messages that Jonathan Martin sent him, and they were just as vile as anything Richie said to Martin.  So will NBC grant Richie a 25-minute rebuttal?

It’s time to move on from Jonathan Martin, it really is.  The first thing Miami needs to do is re-sign Richie Incognito.  Give him a raise and an apology.   Give him a raise because all 51 of his Dolphin brothers love him, and all 51 verified HIS side of the story from day one.

Remember, the NFL did NOT suspend Richie.  Someone on the Dolphins did.  It’s time to make amends for that.

Or we can wait for Ted Wells’ report.  We hear it’s due by 2048.  (man, how long does it take that guy to write, “Richie said bad things.  But so did Jonny Martin.  Every Dolphin verified Richie’s side.  Case closed.”?

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  1. I suspect Dungy is biased even prejudiced towards Incog. And that’s why he didn’t bother to ask any questions that came anywhere close to being objective.

  2. I hadn’t thought of Dungy’s biases. Tonty definitely was way too nice and believing. I would have rolled my eyes and said “Oh really Jonathan?”

  3. Heres a direct quote from the Jonathan Martin Interview. Things that make you go hmmmmn.

    Dungy:”How will you respond to taunts from opponents and fans?”

    Jonathan Martin: “I love that part of the game, I love being in a hostile enviroment,I love being on the road and love all kinds of people yelling obsenities at you, that helps me play to a higher level, you know that nasty aspect of football”

  4. Are you kidding me? Dungy is weak, where is Katie Couric?!!?

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