Kenyan Drake on the Trading Block. Keep Him or Ship Him?

I’ll lead right off by saying it’s time to dump him.   I like the kid, but we have other backs who are just as good, if not better.

In his Dolphin tenure, here the the notable plays by Drake, just going by memory.   The plays that stand out to me:

  1.  The Miracle in Miami.  An unforgettable play that will go down in Dolphin lore.  I can watch Gronk fall down forever.
  2.  Drake fumbles at the goal line in the Bears game in O.T.   We shoulda lost that game, if not for Cody Parkey shanking a field goal. Drake was only in the game because Frank Gore needed a breather for one play.
  3. Drake drops the 2-point conversation play at the goal line at the end of the Redskins game.  Drake was only in the game because Mark Walton was injured.
  4. Drake fumbles at the goal line this year in the Cowboys game.

So when he makes mistakes, they are huge, game-changing mistakes.  And it keeps happening.  Let’s see if we can’t get an O-lineman for him, or at least a 4th round draft pick.

What say you guys?

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  1. Right now, it’s just a rumor that Drake is on the trading block. But what the heck, since Csonka, kick, and Morris, the Dolphins really didn’t put much of a focus on the running game anyway other than Ricky Williams not withstanding. They teamed Drake up with Jay Ajayi and then shipped Ajayi off after finally getting to the playoffs. Then they teamed Drake with Gore and cut Gore after only one season. I mean, look at other running backs the Dolphins really didn’t do much with – Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas, Knowshon Moreno, Arian Foster, etc, etc…

    The Dolphins have been in a slash an burn scenario since our new GM and head coach so nahhh ADMIN, if Drake is next, I’m not surprised.

  2. I was on the fence in this at first, but this is the last year of his contact and if they don’t think they can re-sign him then I guess they might as well see what they can get for him. Probably won’t be much but something is better than nothing.

  3. He won’t be here long term and definitely not worth the price if too high so I don’t blame them if he’s moved. A 4th would be the best to be expected as his value has dropped with his miscues.

    Jones and X out today they have no chance. Kilgore too so the oline is changed again this is crazy…

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