Shuffling off to Buffalo Next

The Dolphins continue their schedule of overrated teams this week with a trip to Buffalo.

Like the Chargers, the Bills are one of those teams that always starts fast and teases their fans.  Then they play a good team, and the Bills fans realize what the rest of the world already knows:  They aren’t good.

With the Dolphins having limited talent and 3 inexperienced desk-job guys calling plays and making decisions, the Bills should win this game.  But the Dolphins will be within the 17-point spread for sure.  Somehow, Miami has gotten a little better and a little closer each week, while the Bills have beaten a bunch of doormats like the Jets, Bengals, and Titans.  I predict another doormat will fall to the Bills this week, which will really excite their fan base, most of whom still shout “Squish the Fish,” without realizing that a Dolphin is a mammal.

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