Kevin Coyle Has as many sacks as Kong Suh and Cam Wake COMBINED, but guess which one just got FIRED?

Bye bye Kevin Coyle.

Thanks for everything.


Tyrod Taylor
Blake Bortles
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Kirk Cousins
Thad Lewis
EJ Manuel
Geno Smith
…And many many more you made look good.

“How the F*@* did Coyle engineer a shutout against ME, but didn’t do shit against those other scrub QBs?”
— Philip Rivers

“Thanks for getting rid of me.”
—All Pro Vontae D.

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  1. Hated his defensives gameplans. He would never scheme to take away another teams best player.

  2. @DOLPHGANG…finally! We agree on SOMETHING!! LOL!!

  3. @Admin…thank you for letting us go at it. We’re guys so we can dish it out and take it and then hug it out! I appreciate what you’re doing here with this site.

  4. I agree with earlier comments. Coyle not too good, but why is Lazor still employed? His offense can’t do better than 10 points against Washington or 14 against the shitty Jets.

    1. Agree, Lazor’s unit was a lot worse than Coyle’s but I guess Campbell wont fire his prior boss. Anyway coaching changes wont make a difference without acquiring a decent QB and RB.

  5. BS – I thought that Coyle was very innovative and really leading the comeback for the fins this year!

    Now that he is out we are going nowhere! Man were going to really suck now and all you guys who think he was so bad you suck too!

    Wait until you see how poorly we play without him!

  6. Shut the fuck up, Brian! Fuckin’ junior high bullshit instigating. Go play with your mother’s boobies.

  7. Man you guys are so sensitive you can’t even take a joke! We listen to all your Tannehill crying all day every day so I figured I’d give you a taste of your own puke…..

    Guess we see who the real men are here!!!!


  8. Friend told me abut this site and said Dolphin fans whine more than us Bears fans. I say no., You guys whine a lot, but at least you know football. Bear fans whine about Cutler only, and they don’t even know the name of our coordinators

  9. Welcome Brussian nice to have you with us!

  10. Tannehill sucks…and so do your jokes, Brian M. As for my manhood, your mom never complains! (See what I did there?) Next time, I’ll try not to take you so seriously.
    I don’t understand why you guys are so sold on Tannehill…Fuckin’ Tyrod Taylor throws a prettier ball, Blake Bortles has better pocket awareness and Ryan FitzMagic scrambles better. Even 70 year old Hasselbeck plays with 20 times more intensity. Tannepuke looks retarded and has toe-thumbs.

  11. Juan I constantly tell you that I am not sold on Tannehill. As a mater of fact two days ago I wrote that I hope the new coach has eve aliases EVERY position including QB and plays the best players.

    I also said I would like a real football coach to evaluate Tannehill because not much that philbin has done has been right.

    So it Tannehill good or bad or somewhere in between

    Is the scheam so bad it makes him ineffective. I mean how many coaches would know a qb weekends i.e. The fade pass in the end zone and then call the fade pass every time your at the end zone?

    Is it the OL not being able to keep him upright?

    Is it the fact that this year they have abandoned the running game making the drop back predictable

    The team is so bad in so many ways saying its one guy in my mind oversimplifies the problems and sets the next guy coming in up for failure.

    You could plug Brady or Manning into this team and there numbers would drop too.

    There was a funny comment from a guy over at the herald yesterday he said “Tannehill never reads through all his progressions like good qb do?” He inferred that Tannehill sucks and that was one reason but it’s comical because in three seconds he is on his back 70% of the snaps so how many progressions can he get through in that time 1.5

    So an honest evaluation showed there are many problems with this team and fixing all of them a little might make everyone look a little better. I’m not convinced yet that haphazardly putting in another qb would fix anything.

    1. Brady or Rodgers or Manning would have this team competing for SB’s. Matt Moore would have this team in the playoffs.

  12. @Jay

    Thanks for getting my morning started with a good laugh! I can always count on you!

  13. @Brian M

    I guess what you don’t understand is that Brady, Rodgers, and Manning ALWAYS compete for SB’s. Tell me when they don’t compete for SB’s. The players CHANGE even the teams CHANGE(Manning) and they still compete for SB’s

    The top QB’s elevate the the play of everyone on the team, the WR’s, TE’s, RB’s and OL. They turn average players into pro bowlers (ex Wes Welker). They even make their defense better by keeping them off the field while they execute time consuming drives when needed.

    In contrast, Tannepuke makes EVERYONE worse. Mike Wallace, Brian Hartline, the OL, etc etc. He’s inaccurate often getting receivers hurt with his errant passes. He cant buy time and has zero pocket presence. He just plain stinks.

    Nevertheless we were close to the playoffs the last 2 years when Tannepuke was pathetic in the final games.

  14. @Brian M. Sorry but I haven’t read and wasn’t familiar with your comments on Tannehill. Having said that, I think you’re misrepresenting what I’m saying about Tannehill. I NEVER said he was the only problem and that putting in another QB would solve all their problems. If that’s what you inferred, then you are dead wrong!

    When I speak and criticize Tannehill, I criticize him mainly on his plays where he DOES have time to throw the ball and isn’t being harassed and the play call is decent. Now, you tell me…when was the last fucking time you saw Ryan Tannehill call a fucking audible and change a play at the line? Tell me when you saw him survey the defense, not like what he saw and called a better play than what was planned? Tell me!! He doesn’t! Why? Because his coaches don’t trust him? Why? I believe he is mentally incapable or extremely deficient in his football acumen to quickly read an entire defensive set and call out of it.

    Sorry, bud…but if you can’t do that as a QB in the NFL, then you have NO business being one. He may have some physical skills but he ain’t got the brains for the job. Maybe on paper and in front of a dry erase board or from the sidelines or booth is where he can identify defensive schemes but he hasn’t shown that he can do it under center when the bullets are flying. You certainly don’t pay a guy MILLIONS to be handicapped so severely.

    When I played baseball as a kid, we had a name for guys like Tannepuke. In Spanish it’s “postalita”…which means “baseball card”. On a baseball card, you have a great picture of the athlete in action or POSING in action. That’s what we called guys that LOOKED good but didn’t have the fire or the wits to play the game well. They were posers…postalitas…just a false image on a paper card. He’s a paper tiger and he belongs at the bottom of the circular cage in the Zoo of Bad Memories. He sucks…the team knows it and they won’t protect a guy that won’t make them better.

  15. Oooh, ZACH…a four word sentence! Good job, buddy! We’re all rooting for you for five.

    1. BTW, it’s “YOU’RE” as in YOU ARE. You’re welcome.

  16. Ryan Tannepuke,

    Thanks for everything.


    Tyrod Taylor
    Blake Bortles
    Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Kirk Cousins
    Thad Lewis
    EJ Manuel
    Geno Smith
    …And many many more you made look good.

  17. Author

    Did Mark Sanchez beat Coyle-Philbin-Tannehill too ?

  18. Lol at this fag, just saw your comment on the last post. Think that pretty much sums up how dumb you really are in one post.

  19. So what about Andrew Luck guys? Does he suck too? Because he’s looked horrible in the two games he’s played in this year.

  20. Zach and DolphDung…
    Zach first…fag and dumb. That’s pretty much the crux of your argument. Congrats on arguing via ad hominem…the white flag in every argument. You lose because calling me names is the epitome of someone who has nothing.

    DoophDung…Andrew Luck has taken his teams into the playoffs. Andrew Luck calls audibles. Andrew Luck is a winner. Andrew Luck has been to THREE Pro Bowls. Andrew Luck was 2014 NFL Touchdowns Leader. Andrew Luck was a runner up for the Heisman. Andrew Luck broke John Elway’s TD record at STANFORD. To compare Andrew Luck to CRyan Tannebum speaks volumes about your football IQ. I don’t need to say another word. The defense rests.

    1. Juan, that was a desperate try by DolphDope. What an idiot.

  21. Andrew Luck has also looked horrible and turned the ball over a lot this season playing behind a weak offensive line and with no run support. Andrew Luck also has had decent coaching and wins his division every year only because it’s been the weakest division in the entire league for years. When was the last time Jacksonville, Houston, or Tennessee finished a season over .500 since Luck has been in the league? And college accomplishments don’t mean shit on a pro level. If they did your boy Tebow would be an all-pro as opposed to just some ex college stud player who needs to switch positions but refuses. You guys are great name-callers and awesome with the insults but your football knowledge and understanding is atrocious. Not knowing isn’t a crime but thinking you do when you know when you don’t is a shame.

  22. Let’s review and debunk common misconceptions spewed on this blog. Number one : Matt Moore is better than Tannehill. Washington, Buffalo, Ny Jets, Texans, Browns, St. Louis, and Philly were all teams that were searching for a starting qb or made trades for or made a free agent signings of a starting qb in the offseason. Moore was a free agent this past offseason so why not even a sniff? If he was as good as y’all say he is why didn’t a qb needy team show him the money or offer him a sizable contract? The why is because he’s not starter caliber at this point. Never really was. Had a good year filling in when we still had a good o-line, solid run game, and a stout defense. Those were and are the only conditions he could prosper in. He sure as hell isn’t built for the spread system we run now. He definitely couldn’t last taking the hits Tannehill has behind this line. Also if Tanny had been a free agent every one of those qb needy teams I listed would have been calling his agent with a sizeable contract offer and flying him in for a visit. There’s a good reason why. So that debunks one stupid ass argument you guys make. Number two: Tannehill sucks. Tannehill holds the ball too long at times and could have better presence in the pocket yes. He has flaws, but what qb doesn’t? I always find the pocket presence argument puzzling. For the past few seasons the interior of the Dolphins offensive line has featured some of the worst interior guard play in the entire league. Meaning the qb in Miami is often under pressure much more often than your average qb and the pressure comes from the worst possible place being that it comes from up the middle. So if a pocket forms around a qb that allows him to feel the pressure and step up into it to buy time then what is a qb whose pocket is consistently pushed back into his lap supposed to do to buy time? Answer is that he can’t. He eithers runs a lot, throws it away a lot, or takes the sack a lot. Sound familiar? Tannehill’s deep ball issues are real but 4,000 yards, 27 tugs, and only 12 picks in 2014 aren’t qb that sucks numbers. Especially with a 66% completion percentage. Regardless of how you get to them. Around a 50% completion percentage for the entire season for a qb does however say you suck though. Tebow anyone? Lastly number three: I keep hearing how the good qbs win despite bad o-line play. Since when? Since where? I can think of three game off the top of my head where Brady’s o-line had a hard time protecting him and the Pats lost all three. Two were last year. First game of the season against us and the fourth game in Kansas City when people where saying he was done in the league and calling for the Garapolo era to begin. The other one was his first Super Bowl against the Giants. Hit Peyton early in the game and he starts hearing footsteps all game long and making errant throws all game long. Brees and Rivers play quality and win totals have both declined behind rebuilding or poor offensive line play the past few seasons also. This comment about winning despite your o-line always raise my brow when I hear it because it may be the most ridiculous. No qb in the league has or will excel despite a porous o-line. Not then, not now, probably not ever. So stop the mularkey.

  23. When Matt Moore was playing every week he won team MVP. Tannepuke will win team LVP! haha

    BTW, Moore doesn’t take those hits that Tannepuke takes because he has better pocket presence, makes decisions much faster, has a faster release, can read defenses better and is WAY more accurate!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Tannehill sucks….and so do you, DolphDung! Now get off your knees and wipe your chin.

  25. @Juan

    The blogs are moving so fast I can understand you not seeing my last few posts on Tannehill.

    You asked me in your above post

    1 – When have I seen Tannehill ever call an audible
    2 – When have I seen Tannehill ever call a better play then was planned after survaying the defence.

    Of course we both know the answer is never right?

    But then you sum it up to Tannehills coaches not trusting him because he sucks.

    Now I am not Rahhh Rahhh Rahhhing for Tannehill here but didn’t his coaches all get fired because they suck?


    It’s no secret that Tannahill could never change one of philbins tricky 5 wide see if we can pick up a yard on 3rd down and dont run it calls.

    His coaches sucked which has been one of my main points all along. The kid has his limitations and the coaches always played to his weaknesses not to any of his strengths.

    Let me sum it up this way

    We all agree that our running back, whats is name……..

    oh ya haven’t seen him all year so it slipped my mind

    Lamar Miller – He’s a decent RB right?

    Why isn’t he running the ball?

    Is it because Tannehill isn’t audabling to him? No its because the coaches don’t let ANY players dictate to them how to call the game.

    It was philbins way or no way!

    Now philbin is gone and we are about to see Miller run a lot more and I do believe that we are going to see Tannehill with a lot more leeway to call the audibles based on defensive alignments.


    Because we finally have a coach who knows football!

    So lets all sit back and see what this team looks like against the Titans on the 18th!

    It’s going to be different

  26. @Brian M.

    Tannehill’s coaches got fired because he sucks.

  27. @ Brian M

    “It’s going to be different”??

    So, I’m guessing you’ve said that 7-8 times and have been wrong every time.

  28. @Mike

    You don’t have to guess what I’ve said you can simply read what I’ve said. This is an archived blog after all!

    Something IS going to be different moving forward.

    I have infinitely more confidence in a position coach whose players ALWAYS showed improvement especially when the guy actually played under decent coaches for ten years

    If the coaching was the problem we should see some improvement everywhere.

    If in fact all that ailes the team is Tannehill then I suspect he will be relegated to the backup position if the new coach feels he can’t get more out of him then he can with Moore.

    Also remember he knows these qbs he’s been with the Dolphins for a while

    So yes Mike I believe something is defently going to change

    You don’t? Why?

    Oh ya you thought Sherman, philbin and Coyle were all good coaches! I understand now!

  29. No doubt Juan and jay are the same person. Admin why are you letting these trolls in, all they do is say the same thing. Either begging for Tebow who can’t even make an NFL roster, or just bashing tannehill. Never making an legit comments just spewing nonsense, and attacking anyone who disagrees. They weren’t here last year when these blog was fun and full of actual fans. Like come on the dude doesn’t think Lauren tannehill is hot I mean what else needs to be said?

  30. I’m not @Jay and Tannehill’s wife is cute but too skinny for my taste. Plus, her forehead is too big. That’s just a matter of taste. Would I do her? Sure! I’ll give her a spin or two and do her a favor. I would NEVER and have NEVER asked for TeBlow. Now you’re just making shit up. So what that I’m new. You were new once, too. We disagree about Tannehill but we’re all still fans so just cool your jets, man!

    @Brian…I’ve been a fan since 1970 and I actually used to play and I shot football as a cameraman for many years and through many tears…both of joy AND disappointment. I am the eternal optimist even when I seem to be the most pessimistic and critical. We all are…BUT, I will NOT believe Tannehill is an NFL QB until I see him actually controlling HIS offense. Was it the coaches that handcuffed him? You’re right…we shall soon see.

    All I’m saying is that he’s been a good little soldier following orders when it’s his job to be the Field General. He has never taken control over a bad call or all how about all that time with the Go! Go, Go! CRAP! That was the stupidest cadence in the history of all football and HE NEVER DID A THING ABOUT IT!!!! He just went with it! How ABSURD! He’s just not a leader. He doesn’t look like a leader, he doesn’t speak like a leader, he doesn’t act like a leader and he certainly doesn’t play like a leader. I hope it changes but that’s like hoping that Tim Teblows mechanics will ever get better. I won’t believe it until I see it. And thus far, I haven’t seen Jack Squat!

    I’m glad Regis and Boil are gone…they lost the team two years ago and few noticed. I’m a fan but I’m not stupid…I have eyes and have been around the game for a long time as a fan and as a professional cameraman. I firmly believe that Tannehill is a problem just like Philbin and Coyle were. I would love to be proven wrong but so far, he IS what he IS. Some on this board seem to worship the guy…FUCK THAT SHIT! He needs to prove himself…he hasn’t.

  31. @Juan

    I knew deep down you and I agreed! Not about my mother (see what I did there) but about Tannehill. We still disagree about Luaren though but I’ll give you your opinion because your right it’s all about tast!

    Here’s why I’m 51% optimistic about Tannehill.

    Tannehill has never played for a decent coach since coming into the NFL.

    Furthermore the HC philbin was always in good with the owner so whatever philbin said was gospel

    Philbin (I think and I hope) held back all his players with his system crap. Work the system don’t deviate from the system we heard that for three years.

    If Brady or rivers or manning came here they would go straight to the media or the owner and out philbin for the joke he turned out to be but they have the experience of knowing what a real head coach should be about.

    Tannehill hasn’t had that benefit

    Despite that he had some very impressive numbers last year and decent numbers the year before. The kid can chuck the ball and he can run. He has some problem areas but most qb do.

    Unlike Tannehill most have competent coaches who teach and scheam away from those weeknesses

    Now we’re going to see and hopefully in two weeks were all on here again elated over our performance on the 18th

    @Juan I wasn’t born in 1970! Lol I was born in 72 but came to Florida and became a dolphin fan in 86. I was actually a Bears fan growing up because we lived only a few miles from solder field and in those days we only got the Bears games and whatever Monday night football was.

    I hated Miami for keeping the Bears undefeated and I was at that game it was the first time I had ever seen Marino so it was surreal when just a few years later we were season ticket holders at Joe Robbie routing for Marino and the fins!

    So that’s my fins background we gave up our 8 season tickets in row one of the upper deck in 2012. Just couldn’t take the crappy teams and all the visiting fans who surrounded us at every game

  32. @ Brian M

    There isn’t a coach in the world that could make Tannepuke average. Cant make chicken salad out of chicken chit.

  33. @Mike

    You don’t know football

    Terry Bradshaw – Yes he had 4 count them 4 SB rings and two MVP’s yet he had 212 td and 210 INT and a 70.9 QB Rating
    Oh but he had that steel curtain baby!

    Ken Stabler (Ken WHO says Mike?) 194 TD and 222 INT QB rating 75.3 – Won a SB with a 180 yard 1 td 1 int performance

    Doug Williams 100 td 93 int qb rating 69.4 won a SB

    Jim Plunkett won 2 SB had 164 td and 198 INT Qb rating 67.5

    Jeff (Freaking) Hostetler 3rd round pick won a SB wiht the Giants career 94td 71 int qb rating 80.5

    Brad Johnson 166 td to 122 int QB rating 81.7 won with the Bucs behind that great tampa D

    Trent Dilfer In his career he threw 113 touchdowns, 129 interceptions, and had a QB rating of 70.2 but he won the SB behind one of the best Def performances of any team ever in a SB!

    Joe Namath (Suck on that Jets Fans!!!!!) has the worst career QB rating by a Super Bowl QB ever, at 65.5! That is horrid! Joe should have never been in the HOF In my opinion he only had two years with more TD then INT! In his career Loser Joe had only 173 touchdowns and tossed 220 interceptions.

    @Mike these are mostly chicken shit QB that good coaching staffs made SB Champions out of!


  34. @Brian M

    You are drunk on the kool aid. Take off your rose colored glasses. Wake up and get a dose of reality. Tannepuke is Henne.

  35. @Mike

    I never said he wasn’t in fact I didn’t mention Tannehill in my post at all. I simply showed in all of five minutes you don’t know as much about football as you pretend to.

    You previously indicated that crappy QB couldn’t lead a team to a productive record and I gave you 8 examples of how idiotic your statement was

    and all you can muster in response is

    Tannehill sucks

    Quite the stimulating intellectual conversation!

  36. I guess what Brian is saying is that my grandma could win with 21 pro bowlers around her. So what? HAHA

  37. @Mike

    If we had a decent coaching staff and some of those great Dfences that those 8 QBs had we could probably make a push at NE in the conference game with any of our grandmothers playing QB!

  38. I love the passion! Feels like we’re going through the Oklahoma Drill here…LOL!
    Guys…ultimately, none of us knows how this will shake out. Maybe they take the wheels off Tannepuke and he crashes a couple of times but then starts to deliver…that is my hope. I like the kid and he does have the PHYSICAL tools to be very good. I hope for the best…I’m 51 years old and have been a fan since I was 6 years old. I love my team no matter what!
    I remember when Ross was looking for a coach, he said he wanted a young Don Shula. Shula was a player and had that toughness and understanding of playing the game.

    Not saying Dan Campbell will be Shula, no one will ever be Don Shula but we certainly can all agree that this guy is tough and his team will be tough. Jeez, I wanted to run through a brick wall while I was watching the introductory press conference. I look forward to finally seeing a TOUGH Miami team…it’s been a while since we’ve had one! I also look forward to chatting with you guys and getting into it once in a while. (I’m talking to you DolphDung). 😉

  39. BTW, Terry Bradshaw was a top 4 QB ALL TIME. I don’t care what the stats were. He refused to lose and played his best in the biggest games. He was unbeatable like Montana and Brady. He just won.

    1. The game was WAAAAAY different back then, too. It wasn’t a passing league but was predominantly run oriented so QB stats were pretty lame until Air Coryell and WC took hold. The problem with West Coast is that you HAVE to have a very accurate passer…something I think Tannehill is not. Can he get there? I certainly hope so but hope is just a delusion at this point. Show me the money!!! As Mike says, just WIN! I don’t care how they do it…just compete and leave it all on the field. If you lose, make the win so bad for the other team that they ended up bloodied and bruised and feeling like they ran into a truck and somehow survived. So the next time you meet, they’ll remember how tough you were and it will be on their minds and then you KILL THEM!

      Nobody respects this team. We need to get back respect. We need a team full of Jarvis Landry’s. We do that and we can start having fun again.

  40. @Mike

    You guys can’t have it every which way. You have been pointing to Tannehills stats for two weeks. Of course you compleatly disregard last years stats because only this years stats matter.

    Well stats matter to you its what you have been telling us you grade Tannehill on so I gave you stats.

    Do you want me to go back and tell you how many of Bradshaw’s super bowls his defense carried him into?

    (Also I’m not a Bradshaw hater I have no stakes in that fire)

    It’s so well documented it wouldn’t even take long to assemble the stats for you!

    When was the last time anyone saw the Dolphins D

    Oh ya it was on the sports center highlight reel of the Jets burning them to the endzone!

    1. Yeah, Tannepuke made Geno Smith look like Joe Montana!!!!!!!

      1. Would love to know how Tannehill made Geno Smith look like Montana.
        I never saw him line up on defense that day.

  41. Tannehills only important stats are the W’s and L’s. And like Chad Henne he has more L’s than W’s. Nuff Said.

  42. Tannepuke even said it himself in preseason. “Judge me on my wins and losses.” Haha

  43. When he was intercepted by rookie defensive back Tony Lippett, Tannehill “got after Lippett,” Breer wrote, adding that “some defensive guys took exception with that.”

    On the subsequent snap, linebacker Chris McCain ran through a “mock” cut block and broke up Tannehill’s pass. From there, “Tannehill’s temper flared,” per Breer. “McCain responded by saying that someone compensated at Tannehill’s level should just get the ball there. And from there, defensive players were going after the ball.”

    Flare-ups in practice aren’t unusual in the NFL, but Breer noted that the incident is “enough to make you at least wonder” about Tannehill’s future in Miami. Why? Because, the contract he signed in the offseason has “escape hatches that the club can wiggle through starting after the 2016 season,” per Breer, echoing a report from Pro Football Talk.

    With former general manager Jeff Ireland, ex-Dolphins play-caller Mike Sherman and the fired Joe Philbin no longer in Miami, “the franchise is naturally less invested” in Tannehill than it was a couple years ago, per Breer.

    1. He’s lost the respect of the team…that’s damn near impossible to get back especially with that crappy attitude. He apologized so maybe he should be thinking of doing what Brady does…paying the scout team per interception! Makes everybody better.

      1. For a WR, Tannebum’s a decent QB. Otherwise he’s one of the bottom 5 starters in the NFL. Don’t kid yourself. Give me one example where he has ever put the team on his back and made a play. Give me one example where on third and long he didn’t throw the ball two yards downfield.

  44. Here’s my take-We all wanted Philbin gone, and though he should have been gone years ago or never EVER hired is all behind us now. Erase, delete.
    It’s Dan Campbell and a new attitude!!! I’m looking forward to it! Finally something to get excited about!!!
    The stadium crew should pipe in loud and often Patti LaBelle’s thumpin song “New Attitude”!!!! Pump up the fans and players in warms ups! I am looking forward to the new attitude!!!

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