Laremy Tunsil Signs his contract…and other developments

So Laremy Tunsil has signed his contract, and the possibility of a long protracted holdout is averted.  So far, he is behaving and saying all the right things, and acting all the right ways.   We should all be grateful that both Tunsil and his agent have the wisdom to just sign the deal asap and start collecting their millions.

Head Coach Adam Gase did away with Rookie Training Camp this year and instead replaced it with Rookie Classwork.  As has been reported in various media outlets, Gase apparently didn’t think that these young players needed to practice NFL football.   Instead, he wanted to give them life lessons.

Laremy’s influence is already showing.

Gase has been around enough camps to know how they work, and maybe–possibly–he saw something over the years and said “If I’m ever a head coach, I’ll do

it different.  I’ll do it better.”  Let’s hope so.   It just doesn’t seem wise to have the Jets, Bills, and Patriots toughening themselves up all week while the Dolphins’ rookie relax in the A.C. lounge.

The Dolphins also re-signed Cameron Wake, and I think that’s a good move.   We have to assume that our team doctors are wise enough to determine if Wake’s leg is okay to play.   Let’s hope he comes out with a passionate fire this year.  And that’s never been a problem for him before.

And finally, the agent of our good friend Dion Jordan says Dion is not only ready to play, but will be the comeback player of the year.   What qualifies as a comeback?  I mean, if you play in a handful of games and then disappear for a year because of your drug habits, what are you coming back from.   Gotta ponder that one.

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  1. Hard to say on Tunsil but glad he’s signed. Apparently he has the same agent as Gase so hopefully they know more than us. They definitely needed help on the oline.

    DJ apparently wants to play OLB. Just a rumor but I like that idea as he won’t have to bulk up and can use his natural ability. Hell the guy stayed with Gronk which tells me enough and can obviously rush the passer from there. Crossing my fingers that this works out…

  2. Author

    I agree Flyer. Ya know, Armando from the Herald had a good point a few weeks ago. Going into the draft, Tunsil was slated to go at #1 overall. If not, then definitely in the Top 5. Miami had no chance at getting him at 13, so they wouldn’t have bothered researching him. It’s like studying and researching everything you need to learn about a Lamborghini before you take your $8,000 to a used Honda dealer. It makes no sense to waste time on a prospect that you had no chance of getting.
    So after the bong video and after the Dolphins took Tunsil, all the Phins’ executives were like “We studied him and knew about the video and we vetted him etc etc etc” I think it’s all bullshit. I’d rather them honestly say “We are taking a chance on an unknown.” Rather than lie and say “We studied this kid for months and months.”

    1. Definitely agree with you admin, Baltimore was shocked to see the video which they say is why the drafted Stanley instead and they had a high pick and needed a OT. If they had such a high pick and would have an option at all the OTs you know they studied Runsil in depth for those issues and they had no idea. But apparently we did, I guess Tannebaum’s scouts are better than Baltimore

    2. With the need on the oline how do you not take him? It was a gift hopefully works out and the oline never looks back….

  3. Tunsil has to be one of the dumbest players to ever come out of college. A horrible pick.

    1. I think a guy like Randy Gregory is worse as he was caught days before the draft. Since then he’s now suspended this season so those flags were a lot worse. We’ve all done shit and that was years ago I’m not overly worried but you never know.

  4. Tunsil would’ve dropped into the 2nd Rd if we didn’t take him.

    1. No way someone would have grabbed him as the risk diminished every pick that went by.

  5. Tunsil drop to the 2nd round? The Jets were trying to trade up to 12 to take him. This has been reported several times since the draft.

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