Judas Jonathan Martin Badmouths Teammates Again and won’t go away

When NBC’s Pro Football Talk recently published an interview with Jonathan Martin, we knew we were in for an opinionated, biased account of Martin’s worldview right from the get go.

The very first sentence called Martin a “victim,” which told us all we needed to know about how one-sided and dishonest the article would be.

For some reason, a school had Martin come in to talk to 7th graders.   Why on earth would a school do this?  What can Martin possibly talk about?  Quitting?   Getting cut?  Being traded for next to nothing?  What else does he bring to the table?

Right off the bat, the thing that interested me was Martin accidentally letting his guard down.  He fully admitted to the kids that “I’ve known ever since I was a kid that I was different…”   That means, he explained, that “you get sad easier than other people,” and he admitted that “I get anxiety to go along with that.”

So he’s had issues since he was a kid, yet somehow Rochie Incognito is to blame.   Was Richie trolling a 6-year-old Martin?   Was Richie to blame at such an early age?  No.   This is a grown man who admits his own emotional issues.  He should leave it at that.  Period.

I would lay off of Martin forever if he ever just said, “I failed as a Dolphin because of my lifelong emotional issues, which I freely admit to.”   But no.   Martin doesn’t blame himself.  We know who he blames.   Who he continues to blame.

I wasn’t in the classroom, so I don’t know if Martin told the kids about his drug and alcohol usage, the vile text messages he sent to Richie, the strippers and hookers he spoke about, or any other such items that came out in the Wells Report.  I guess not.  Martin mums up when it comes time to criticizing Martin.


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  1. A PR stunt for sympathy. Probably orchestrated by his lawyer mother. He was quiet for so long I had forgotten about the whole thing. Just let it go Jonathan, let it go.

  2. Johnathan Martin would’ve been a productive player without the discrimination and racism. Don’t forget he started from day 1.

    1. And don’t forget he was terrible…

      1. Nah, he never would’ve started if he were that terrible. They had other guys on the depth chart that he beat out.

        1. He was so bad they had to trade for Bryant Mckinnie from the Ravens and moved him to RT where he was still terrible

          1. Literally graded out as the worst starting guard in football

  3. Racism and discrimination from a white man on a team that is mostly of black players? And with the majority of the players both black and white all supporting Richie and there was racism and discrimination? Let’s not forget he was also in a very challenging environment when he played at USC the truth is he was doing better there because the competition wasn’t as stiff when he started to fail as a player he took that out on anybody who would be a well prepped to victim in this case he had an easy mark in Richie because he already had a bad reputation in the league so his claims would be believable. All this goes down and you have a weak sauce owner without the fortitude to stand behind his organization or team and Richie got sold down the road and Jonathan Martin got his pity parade.

    1. Yep agreed. A lot of things weren’t good but it took two to tango…this was not all on Richie. Martin needs to move on as its getting embarrassing for him….Richie obviously has. Just hate it that it’s at the Fins expense.

    2. Who was at USC? Do you know what you’re talking about?

  4. The independent and thorough Wells investigation showed that Incognito was clearly to blame. That’s why he got the boot!!!!

    1. Author

      Mike, wrong again. We gave Richie the boot way way way before the Wells Report came out. Richie was sent packing by the team first, investigations came second.

      1. Simply not true. And Incognito would’ve sued if he wasn’t guilty as heck.

        1. Mike, Richie is a bad bad person, but the Admin’s timing is correct. The Dolphins suspended Incognito immediately after Martin accused him. They didn’t wait for any reports.

          1. The report didn’t even come out till after the season was over lol

  5. I might have gotten the college wrong. well I guess I could have just said when Jonathan Martin was in college. there is that better you fact nazi?I don’t know what’s worse, getting the facts wrong or somebody missing the entire point over minutiae?

    1. You look stupid again. Do some research before you spew your nonsense on here.

  6. You did get the college wrong and don’t let the facts get in the way of the truth, jackass.

    1. Sounds like you’re gonna report me for bullying. Atleast I can admit when I’m wrong unlike you and your compatriot Jonathan Martin.

  7. Author

    Martin’s college was Stanford, but that is the ONLY thing that PhinsUp got confused about. All else was true.

  8. @admin
    Tell us again how Incognito and Martin are vacationing together!!!!!LMAO @ admin!!!

  9. Oh god here comes mike with this shit all I know is incognito is a pro bowler and Martin is out if the league.

    1. I guess you like pro bowlers O.J Simpson and Aaron Hernandez too.

  10. If Richie was such a bully why did almost every player on the team stand up for him?

    1. They didn’t. In fact according to the Wells report he bullied other players and a coach.

  11. Incognitabrain was kicked off every team he’s ever been on. Bringing him to the Dolphins was just another Ireland blunder.

  12. Incognito was convicted based upon his past not his present. He bullied nobody he was never checked or once told his behavior was out of line and the carrying was mutual. Jonathan Martin needed a scapegoat and knew he could use Richie’s obnoxious behavior and past as the foundation for his less than credible claims and the texts prove it. And yep Incognito is still in the league and guess who isn’t? And comparing Richie to OJ (whom was acquitted criminally) and Aaron Hernandez whom was convicted criminally both possibly murders is irresponsible and shows how sheepish and low level this conversation has devolved to. Are some of you guys sure your dolphins fans because you do a lot to highlight our worst of luck even when others try to talk you out of it. Its almost like you really want the dirt to stick and our teams rep hurt perpetually. I ask again , are you sure your Dolphins fans?

    1. @PhinsUp

      TOTALLY WRONG. The Wells Report detailed all Incognito’s discrimination, prejudice, and racism WHILE on the Dolphins. And it was directed also at another player besides Johnathan as well as A COACH!! He is clearly a cancer on every team he’s been a part of.

  13. I also saw the report but also read every text between the two. That made all the difference. You should take the time to read them too.

    1. I read them as well as the Wells report. The Wells report additionally interviewed all the players and coaches. Conclusion? Incognitabrain is a racist and a cancer!!!

    2. @PhinsUp

      There’s a reason Incognito was put in the funny farm!!!


  14. Funny how Martin never had any problems on his college team or any of his two other pro teams while Incognito had problems on every team he was a part of. Just sayin.

  15. NFL OL Jonathan Martin says he has “no desire to ever see or talk to” former Miami teammate Richie Incognito.


    1. LOL @ Mike. The only one in Florida who sticks up for Martin still !

  16. Nah the entire Dolphin organization stuck up for Johnathan from. Steve Ross to Joe Philbin, to Dawn Aponte on down.

    1. Author

      LMAO at our pal Mike. The only guy who takes the word of 52 Dolphin players and throws it in the garbage, because he chooses to believe Dawn Aponte and Stephen Ross instead. LMAO x 100.

  17. @ADMIN Tell us again how these 2 are “best friends”!!

    NFL OL Jonathan Martin says he has “no desire to ever see or talk to” former Miami teammate Richie Incognito.

    The entire blog thought you punked me with comment!! WRONG!!!


  18. When the great HOFer Don Shula was asked if he would have an Incognito on his team he responded

    “You win with good people both on and off the field.” LOL

  19. The Miami Dolphins were considering releasing offensive guard Richie Incognito prior to the 2013 season and before the issues with Jonathan Martin went public, according to a report from Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald.

    The Dolphins were reportedly concerned with several off-the-field incidents involving Incognito during the offseason, nearly all involving the apparent abuse of alcohol. The team debated cutting the guard prior to the season and almost certainly weren’t bringing Incognito back in 2014, with his contract set to expire after this season.

    With the Dolphins thin on the offensive line and no good options in place to take Incognito’s spot, Miami stuck with the veteran and now find the organization embroiled in an investigation into alleged hazing and bullying in the locker room.

    Incognito’s various issues off the field include a run in with a bouncer at a nightclub, a TMZ video that shows an impaired Incognito using a racial slur and a report that he harrassed a female employee at a golf tournament. The guard has been suspended indefinitely for the racist hazing and abuse of teammate Jonathan Martin.

  20. Hey Mike this us a board for real dolphins fans. Thanks for visiting.

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