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Already off to a poor start before I can finish my first sentence.

Clueless Joe decided to receive the ball instead of deferring.  A sack. A horrible punt by Fields.   As we said all year, Fields isn’t the same since he earned his Pro Bowl spot.

 Defense gets a nice stop on Chicago’s first series.   Familiar occurrences.  Defense looks good, offense not so good.   Can Lazor please do something creative?

Good things happen when Tannehill keeps the ball and runs.

Decent second series happening now as we get into Bear territory.  Wallace.   Miller.   Keep it up.

Nice start.  Feels like forever since WE scored first.   Not since Week one vs. New England?

Chris McCain makes more plays in the first couple of minutes than Wheeler makes all day.

Welcome back, Shelby.  Get arrested more often if it makes you better!

Tannehill’s play action fake handoffs are getting better and better.  He already fooled me three times.  More important, he fooled the Bears five times.

I’d  like to see a hurry up more though.   The Bears are celebrating tackles and not getting ready quickly.  We need to exploit that.  We also need to not fall down.

Still early, but we are happy Daniel Thomas is back.  Wonder if Miller is hurt?Caleb Sturgis continues to be a liability.  Three points woulda been nice, but now the Bears get the ball on the 40.    A questionable call by Philbin when we had a chance to punt and pin them deep.  Not a wrong call, but at least iffy.

Reshad Jones just got burned by a slow tight end.  If the tight end were a drug dealer, then Jones woulda been all over him.  We will cut him some slack, however, because he made a nice interception.  But then again, he DID fumble at the end.   That woulda hurt if Misi wasn’t there to recover.

Wallace remains hot.  Dolphins Truth has mentioned him every week, all year long.  I credit Bill Lazor for recognizing him as a weapon.   Mike Sherman thought he was a decoy.

I love what our defense is doing.   But i also notice that Jay Cutler is helping.   On Jones’s interception, it was 3rd and 2, but Cutler threw a 20 yard pass.  Thanks Jay.  Then on Third and five, Cutler tried long again and Finnegan almost got it.   If the Bears just go for the first down instead of greed, the game would look a lot different now.   Maybe Mike Sherman is calling plays for them?


Hartline hasn’t done a thing this season except for two harmful penalties.

Why not try a 60-yard field goal at the end.  Nothing at all to lose.   I suppose they could block and return it, but those odds are so so slim.

Green Bay is up 28-0.  Just proves how awesome their offense is, and we had them beat until Joe Philbin decided to help them.

Still scratching my head about PhilBin not going for the field goal at the end.   Or why Tannehill took that sack.

As the second half begins, let’s if the Bears make adjustments.  Dolphins and Philbin have a poor history of countering adjustments from other teams.   All i can think of is when we led NE by 17 last year, and blew it badly.  I’d like our offense to tweak a few things.  The 14 points are great, but we were inside the 30 on two other times, and got nothing.   The third down sacks really hurt.

the Bears were due for a scoring drive and just got it.   I thought the Dolphins looked unprepared for the 4th down play.    Everyone on earth knew a handoff to Forte was coming.

Time for our offense to counter that score?

I have been waiting three long years for a QB Keeper on 4 th down.   Finally!!   And you saw the excellent results.    I think (just a guess) that Philbin is allowing Lazor to REALLY call plays and not overrule him.

You just have to marvel at Cameron Wake’s playmaking.

Great fumble recovery by Starks.  He’s a big fella, and he hustled a long way to be near that ball.

Sturgis is the worst.  Unreliable momentum killer.  Dan Carpenter must be laughing at Philbin daily.

Jamar Taylor is awful.   Will Davis must be worse.   Why can’t one of these guys step up at least once.   Cutler underthrew a pass by 25 yards, and Taylor hit m anyway.  What is he thinking?

I would like to see Tannehill  milk a clock better.  He has to hike it at one second left on the play clock.   He is calling for the snap with way too much time left.   That is the killer instinct he lacks, but also the coaches do not remind him.  They need to be screaming at him.

And Wallace just ran out of bounds.   These guys simply help the opponent.  They learn that from their head coach.

Hartline and Clay held on the same play.    Again, every time Hartline’s name is called this season, it’s for the wrong reasons.

27 points is not enough considering we had three turnovers and were in the redzone seemingly all second half. Hartline penalties.  Sturgis blowing kicks.  Tannehill not running when he should down deep.    Let’s work on those little corrections and our offense can be strong.

Wow, the refs just got the memo to help the Bears,   A penalty on the kicking team?   I know it happens, once in a while, but come on.  That call came out of nowhere. 

Penalty on Jamar Taylor.  Again.    Why is he on our team?

Joe Philbin did NOT call timeouts to help the opponent, and the Dolphins win.   Do you think this old guy finally learned a lesson?  It’s so sad that he doesn’t know basic click management











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  1. Solid first half but Chicago looks flat so far. Atleast we aren’t playing down to their level. Lets hope we can finish out this game and come home with the win.

  2. Great play on 4th down. Been waiting for that all year. It looks like we are having a consistent and complete game.

  3. In Hartlines defense the penalty was nothing. Simple contact beyond 5 yards I believe. He was trying to block to early before the play had developed. No way he would have known as he had his back turned to the offense and couldn’t see. So lets see if we can hold on to this game . Clock management hopefully wont be needed. Uh Oh! Fumble Chicago and Miami recovers. Lookin good!

  4. I really didn’t like the play calling in that last series. If your right about Lazor calling plays then the style definitely changed as if Philbin took over. And what is up with Sturgis? Cmon man!

    1. Author

      After Dion Sims’s catch, we had the ball at the five or so and then we went backwards. We gotta put those daggers into the backs and put the ball in the endzone. No settling. first and goals need to turn into 7

  5. That’s it baby. Now lets see how to properly run out a game. 😉

  6. Author

    Great team effort all around. Next up is our easiest game of the year. A MUST win. The Dolphins must make a statement to themselves. Last year, we faced winless 0-8 Tampa Bay and a third-string qb, and we lost. Absolutely cannot do that again

  7. I will now take a moment to justify my optimism from last weeks heartbreaking loss. I said that if the same team that played Green Bay shows up in Chicago, that we would win by 2 touchdowns. And we did just that!! Thankyou very much!

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