LOL. Minnesota Vikings lay down and Allow the Terrible Buffalo Bills and Kyle Orton to stay in the race

Just caught the end of the Vikes and Bills game.   Seems like the NFC never helps us out when we need them to beat an AFC team for us.

Kyle Orton is the worst QB in the league, and he just won a game at the buzzer.  The Bills lost their top three running backs too, so Minnesota got beat by  fourth-string RB and a journeyman bum QB.

Thank you Vikings

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  1. The team that played today will not loose to Buffalo again and dare I say will defeat the Patriots twice this year. And we better as hell beat the terrible jets twice. I really think we’ve turned a corner which began last week. We need to keep this mentality going forward and let Tannehill run early in the game to calm his gameday nerves and establish some rhythm.

    1. Author

      Third time this year we said the same thing. The players and coaches have let us down each time. BUT…there is certainly room for optimism this time. The points are starting to come. I’d like us to get into the 30s more though

      1. Yeah, we definitely need to start making more points. Our average per game is now 24.5 points (let’s call it 24 points); too low.
        Also, we need to stop allowing so many points. Our average per game for that is now 23 points; which is too high to be a serious contender imho.
        If we can get in the habit of changing those averages, we’ll definitely be able to take buffalo and new england.

        1. Author

          I didn’t realize our D was giving up that many points … Fully agree that it need to come down. Luckily, we have Jax next.

  2. Sounds like MIN played a lot like the Dolphins do when they face the Bills……

    Admin- Ryan should have run on the one pass that went incomplete to Clay. Even if Ryan doesn’t make it, we can run the clock down to the 2 minute warning and kick the FG as time resumes. Kick a squib KO, and another 7 seconds or so come off.

    Also, we are very predictable when Ryan goes under center- 80% of time is a play action pass. Bears knew this, brought the house and we took a big sack. Got to go out of the shot gun and get rid of the ball quickly in situations like that one.

  3. @Big J funny you said the Vikings played like we do vs the Bills. I was thinking the same thing about Chicago today. Cutler looked like Tannehill at his worst and they played flat and uninspired. To me it was almost a mirror image role reversal. Too bad about that pass when T-Hill coulda run. But I think we can all agree we are seeing dramatic improvement in his decision making and will add that to his skill set in time. Im once bitten twice unsure about Philbin mostly because of how good the team played last sunday and today. But if he pulls another stunt like the timeout debacle, I’ll be purchasing my boarding pass for the Fire Philbin bandwagon.

    1. Author

      Yes, T-hill coulda and shoulda ran even more than he did today. His skills are impressive and should be used more. I think our D made Cutler look bad. The DBs played well for the third game in a row. The pass rush was rushing Cutler all day. As I noticed in the live blog, the Bears early on were trying long passes when they only needed two or three. Bear playcalling definitely was curious, and all those booing Bear fans agree

  4. I tend to have a lot more patience for a QB that only started about 20 games in college, and has taken more sacks since coming into the league than any other QB, over a head coach that’s been around football for decades, but seems to have his head in his azz when it comes to situational football.

    Again, after what happened in the locker room last year, I can’t belive JcfP still has a job. It would be one thing if he were a great coach and the team played great- but after that end of season meltdown??? Come on, how much more does Ross need to see before he realized this guy is a half-stepper.

    1. Author

      Agreed. I will pay close attention to the player interviews over the next 24 hours. Curious to see how much credit they give Philbin or a new game plan, etc.

  5. Good game Miami Dolphins great win! Alright!

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