No, it’s not April Fool’s Day.   This is real.

A few years after the Dolphins sided with Martin (now under police lock-up) instead of Richie Incognito (who continues to be an All-Pro each year), this story refuses to go away.  It’s one of the worst decisions in sports history, and it continues to haunt the Dolphins.

Apparently, Martin posted a photo of a gun and then wrote that Revenge was an option when you are bullied.  That’s pretty scary.  But what makes it worse is that Martin tagged Mike Pouncey, the Miami Dolphins, and Incognito too.  Clearly he aimed that message at the people he tagged.

A man with crystal-clear, obvious emotional issues starts to cry and walks out on his team.   And you side with him!!??  This is reason # 47,659 why it’s so hard to be a Dolphan.  We don’t mind losing to superior teams on the field, but when the men in suits ruin the team from afar–and do it year in and year out with bad decisions–that’s hard to swallow.


  1. LOL! I was just coming on to see if you saw this story! Guy has issues!

    1. Author

      Yeah, I hate “reporting” on stuff that is just speculation and rumors, so I was waiting to see for sure. Once ABC News (which owns ESPN) confirmed that Martin was in custody, it was time to report it!

  2. Completely ridiculous just proves how insane this whole thing was. Patsies can have serial killers, cheaters, drugies who walk into cop shops naked, etc….but yet the Fins side with psychotics and get rid of all pros. I’ve seen it all.

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