Loss to the Jets is not disappointing…what is disappointing is knowing that we are stuck with Philbin for another year

Stephen Ross accepts losses and mediocrity as if they were Super Bowl championships.

Joe Philbin got a lucky win against one of the NFL’s worst teams last week due to a bad snap on a punt.  And because of that lucky win, Stephen Ross thinks Philbin did something good this year.

Can anyone give us one reason why they want philbin back next year?

This should be an exciting time as we await who our new head coach will be.  But instead, there is zero excitement in Miami.

Congratulations, Joe Philbin.   You conned your boss into keeping your job.

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  1. Hey, i am finally the first one to comment on one of your posts!
    There is just nothing to be excited about. I was hoping that this is the week where i stay glued to the TV awaiting news of Philbin getting fired. But we know that isnt coming. It makes me mad.

  2. I forgot the scenario but when was the time (s) when Ross renegged on something he said? Was is about Ireland? Maybe he’ll do the same thing here.

  3. Tons of coaching mistakes again, but this one bothers me most (quoted from espn)… “Miami star receiver Mike Wallace sat out the fourth quarter, and Philbin said it was a coaching decision”.

  4. Also giving up that many yards to the worst passing team in the NFL is more proof we need a new DC

  5. Best quote to sum up Dolphins season from Jeff Darlington:

    “Something wrong: Wallace ends season on bench. Tannehill ends season on ground. Dolphins end season with loss. Philbin ends season with job.”

  6. Indeed something is wrong. How many times have we had to hear Coach Joe explain that the team was outplayed by the opponent and that he was outcoached, in this case by a guy that was going to be fired for his own ineptitude after the final snap? How can Philbin allow that to happen and what legitimate football rationale could there be to continue to employ this person in his current position?

  7. Author

    Last week, when Stephen Ross happily announced that Philbin was coming back, our blog started to emphasize that every single Philbin mistake is really a Stephen Ross mistake. I tried not to blame Philbin as much as in the past, and instead, I was going to blame Ross as the architect who hired the fool.
    But we find that we can’t blame one more than the other. There are two inept men in charge of our beloved team. Several head coaches became available today, but Stephen Ross doesn’t want to bother with them. Instead, it’s easier for him to stick with Clueless Joe.

  8. Ross makes business decisions. I don’t know enough about the economics to understand whether or not having a winning program matters to the bottom line (see Marlins), but it does seem quite clear that he isn’t making decisions where WINS are the primary focus. And that’s very sad for all of us.

    1. Author

      I think a winning team definitely brings in more dollars, but when you’re already a multi-Billionaire, does it really matter? There’s something else afoot here. He doesn’t want more money and he clearly doesn’t want more wins. So what DOES he want? What else is left that would make him act this way? I mean, it’s not just fans telling him that Philbin is the pits. It’s NFL experts, players, journalists, insiders, etc. If Ross will not listen to them, who will he listen to?

  9. Admin- having a winning team doesn’t help your franchise value all that much, and doesn’t impact the yearly bottom line all the much either. Even if the NYG lose every game, they will still make more money than JAX even if the jags won the SB. It’s all about your market. That’s why Ross wants to move the team to London- he would have the biggest market in the league (and world).

    Forbes posts the value of all NFL teams and revenues too. Guess who was #3 and $5 in revenue?? WAS and HOU.

    With the NFL revenue sharing, even terrible teams still make money. Most have huge tax breaks from local gov’t so it’s not a huge deal financially to miss the playoffs.

    Look at Tampa- the Glazer’s let the team rot after they won the superbowl. They had bargain basement coaches in Raheem Morris and Schiano, and didn’t spend on FA at all. They even had to get creative with contracts and include not likely to be earned incentives (like a back getting a $1M bonus if he’s elected to the Pro Bowl), just so they would hit the league’s minimum salary.

    With the TV deal in place, there is no way any of them lose money. Ross didn’t buy the Dolphins because he likes football, he did it because it’s one of the most prestigious purchases in the world.

    If he fired Philbin, he was going to have to fire the GM, all the assistants, etc in order to attract a new head coach. A wej like him isn’t going to pay double for all of that….

    1. Author

      And also, I think Ross is trying to avoid media fiascos too. A few years ago, he flew to California to meet with jim Harbaugh, and then lied about it and said Sparano was his man all the way. The media lambasted him for the way he handled it. Then he tried to get Peyton Manning and Jeff Fisher, etc, and they all told him no. Again, the media blasted Ross and his reputation.
      Now he is gun shy. He thinks that if he fires Philbin, the fans/media will hate his guts all over again. He doesn’t understand that the opposite is true.
      It’s not his past decisions that the media crucified him for…it was the way he handled those decisions. No one can fault him for trying to get Jim Harbaugh to coach the Dolphins. But we all fault him for doing it sneaky and then lying about it.

      1. I believe Ross loves the trinket of owning the Dolphins as a real estate guy, this adds variety to his portfolio of what a rich guy can buy. If he thinks fans are satisfied with him, his actions of hiring/firing, etc., he lives in a can. The media was right to fry him for how he handled the botched Harbaugh job, the Sparano you are my man. The fans and local media should fry him for announcing he was going with Philbin for next season! I see Philbin as a good and decent man. But…. not the coach for the Dolphins. I’m already looking past next season bec I’m so bummed to have another Philbin season. Rex Ryan’s locker room is bummed, fans are bummed bec he was fired. We’re bummed bec ours wasn’t!

        1. Author

          And yet somehow, Philbin still has fans. And the bad guy today isn’t Ross or Philbin…they deflected it onto Mike Wallace, who allegedly quit on the team. Even though he and other Dolphin players are denying it now.

  10. OK so now we know that Big J is familiar with the economics of football AND he’s an anti-Semitic asshole. Cool blog admin.

    1. Author

      B K, I stated a long time ago when we started this that I will not censor our readers’ comments like other sites do. I don’t not agree with every single thing that Big J says, but if he wants to vent and use some stereotypes, then he has that right

    2. Boo hoo (B)ithch (K)ing

      Not anti semitic at all. Have lots of Jewish friends having lived in Miami for years and they’d be the first to tell you how cheap jews are. Just like whites can’t jump or dance and blacks can’t keep quiet in a movie theater.

      There has to be some truth behind stereotypes or they wouldn’t be stereotypes.

      Tell your mom I said hi….

  11. I just checked the news, hoping to see Philbin was fired. I have no personal animosity toward the man, may he move on and have a wonderful, productive life. But realizing he’s still the coach is utterly depressing to me. I think the annual off-season optimism is going to be missing this year for me and many other fans.

    1. Author

      Maku, I’ve been hoping to hear that news for three years now. We all knew that he was not good enough to run a team in this league.

    2. Mega dittos. I live in NJ and on WFAN all day today was like a funeral was taking place with Rex no longer the coach. We’re bummed for the opposite reason. I too wish Philbin the best but not here with Dolphins. The job is too big for his style. This franchise has the wrong owner….we’re stuck.

      1. Author

        “We’re stuck” sums it up best. We truly are. This should be a day of rejoicing as Philbin packs up his office…but no.

    3. Honestly, if we were getting a new coach that would be something to look forward to, but we don’t have that to look forward to. Same old- same old… Players don’t want to come here, coaches don’t want to come here ….see the pattern? My finger points to the owner no matter how you look at it, he’s the reason we are the way and where we are. Ross needs to sell the team to a competent owner who loves football and loves Miami. Know anyone?

  12. Great twitter feed on ESPN. Click on a dolphins article and it’s on the left side. Either Armando or Omar suggested a “name the 2015 slogan” contest. F’ing hilarious!!

    I heard BK would have won the contest, but was too outraged to submit an entry. Also, his mom had her “special friend” over so he couldn’t leave the basement to use the computer in the kitchen.

  13. IT’s on the right side, sorry….

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