Dolphins are much better off if they lose to the New York Jets

I can’t quite say I am rooting against Miami today, but a loss would certainly not be heartbreaking.

And a win would not be satisfying.  In fact, a win might further fool Stephen Ross into thinking that Joe Philbin is a good head coach.  And let’s face it, Joe Philbin’s ability to con Stephen Ross is already excellent, so he doesn’t need any help.

For example, Rex Ryan led the Jets to two AFC championship games and he’s about to be fired.   Joe Philbin has led no team anywhere, ever, and he gets rewarded with another year on the job.   That is a con man of the highest order.  Congrats to Joe.

The Dolphins need a better draft pick and an easier schedule next season, and a loss to the Jets helps us on both fronts.

And now for the bad news….we are stuck with Steve Tasker calling our game.

Apparently, Rex Ryan has said he will not accept a Defensive Coordinator job next year.    Bad news for the Dolphins, as he would be an excellent addition.

Jarvis Landry hurt us on the game’s first play.  He should not be returning kicks any more.   Two weeks in a row he is hurting us.

Jets receiver just caught a pass clearly and 100% out of bounds.  Joe Philbin would not challenge.   Can this inept fool get any worse?  It pains us so much that Stephen Ross did this to us fans.

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    Nick Folk has missed three field goals against us. He is the Dolphins MVP!!!

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    We’ll have a lot to write about in the upcoming weeks, but one important thing is to re-sign Cortland Finnegan and to keep Randy Starks. There’s been a lot of talk about letting them both walk. But if Ross is stupid enough to keep Philbin, is he smart enough to keep productive players?

  3. The reason why Philbin won’t throw a flag to challenge is because he’s afraid he’ll lose a timeout that he saves for the other teams comeback at the end

    1. Author

      Jimbo, great point! No coach in the NFL blows his timeouts on defense like Philbin.

    2. Is there ANY debate that philbin should be fired? Who still supports Philbin?

  4. Author

    4th and 2 deep in opponent territory. THIRD WEEK IN A ROW. And Joe Philbin refuses to go for it. Even in a meaningless game, this man has no sense and certainly no courage. But he has a job next year. Remarkable.

  5. Author

    By the way, Jimmy Wilson is terrible.

  6. Author

    Just wanted to point out that the Houston Texans and their fouth-string QB are in the playoff hunt. One of the worst offenses in the NFL and they still are alive. THAT is what a good head coach does for a team.

  7. Author

    Lamar Miller doing well, and we’d love for him to hit 1,000 yards today.

  8. Author

    Third and one, and we refuse to run a qb sneak. Again!

  9. Author

    4th and one in a meaningless game, and Philbin will not go for it AGAIN. What on earth is his rationale? The Jets are eating our defense up, so why not go for it?
    Philbin is truly truly the pits.

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    I hope Mr. Ross hears the boos. I hope he reconsiders and fires Philbin after all. It won’t happen, but we can hope.

  11. Author

    Dolphins have 3 drives and all three times into Jet territory. They have done that a lot this year, and it’s a positive to take into next year.

  12. Author

    Daniel Thomas is another player I’d like to have back next year. A fine backup who doesn’t cost a lot of money.

  13. Author

    Wow, the Dolphins make it look easy for the Jets, don’t they. This is what Stephen Ross has given us. Our players don’t care to play for Joe Philbin. Dont’t listen to the players’ rah-rah interviews. Listen to their body language in this game Mr. Ross. Listen when Jared Odrick screams at Philbin on the sideline. THAT is what your players think about Philbin. Listen to them if you won’t listen to us.
    Joe Philbin has fooled you into thinking he is a good coach.

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    False start. Holding. Penalties are hurting. Can’t blame Philbin here, but it shows the players are lazy and not caring too much, and THAT is Philbin’s fault.

  15. Author

    Cam Wake did nothing wrong. Terrible call, but the Dolphins have gotten little respect all year from the refs.

  16. I know the math behind this is right, but I can never root against my team. Go Fins

  17. Author

    Miami always seems to look very impressive on our hurry-up offense. Wonder why Pholbin doesn’t use it more often?

  18. Author

    Dolphins have no answer for journeyman benchwarmer Chris Owusu. Again, that is lack of preparation and lack of coaching to get the team ready for ALL Jets, not just their stars.
    It has plagued the Dolphins since Joe Philbin took over. We get beat by the other team’s scrubs and benchwarmers every week.

  19. Author

    Even though Miami stopped the Jets, going for it on 4th down is clearly the right callin a meaningless game. Everyone on earth knows that except for Clueless Joe Philbin and the man he conned into keeping him around, Stephen Ross.

  20. Author

    Lamar Miller’s run was incredible and put a smile on our faces here. We want to lose this game, but watching that run was a thing of record-breaking beauty.

    Why didn’t we give him the ball more often in other games?

  21. Author

    And just as soon as we’re celebrating Miller’s historic run, our defense folds again. Where is the safety help against speedster Decker?

  22. Author

    Explain this logic.
    Philbin will NOT go for it on 4th and one.
    Philbin will NOT go for it on 4th and two.
    Philbin WILL go for it on 4th and 5.

    Explain that logic. Why will he try a risk to gain 5 yards, but not try when he merely needs one yard?

    Why does this bum still have a job? How can Mr. Ross do this to us. How can Dolfans support this oaf and think he is better than a new coach?

  23. Author

    Connor Shaw, a fourth-string unknown bum of a QB for the Cleveland Browns, has his team about to defeat the Ravens. Joe Philbin could never defeat the Ravens with all our top offensive players in tact.

  24. Author

    Meanwhile, Geno Smith continues to burn us. yes, Geno Smith is embarrassing us once again.

  25. Author

    The ball on Wilson’s “interception” clearly hit the ground.

    Joe Philbin will NOT challenge plays where we clearly will benefit.

    Joe Philbin WILL challenge plays where we have no chance to benefit.

    Why does this man still have a job? And how the heck can Mr. Ross foist this clueless old dolt upon us for a fourth straight year.

  26. Author

    Anyway, it’s a tie game now against thw worst team in the AFC. Congrats to Joe Philbin for this doozy.

  27. Author

    I guess i should be on Kevin Coyle’s back a little, but it all falls into the fault of Joe Philbin. More important, this whole debacle of a three-year disaster is because Stephen Ross makes poor decisions.

  28. Author

    Jordan Kovaks just head-butted Eric Decker in the sack. Ouch. First time we slowed him down all day!!

  29. Author

    For those Dolfans who think continuity in a head coach is more important than making a change, I ask you why? I ask what is the worst that can happen? We are losing to the worst team in the league, but yet you call for us to continue this rather than change it?

  30. Author

    Kansas City and their backup scrub QB is playong better than our whole team. And as we mentioned earlier, Houston and its FOURTH-string QB are well on their way to a playoff berth. It is amazing what happens when a coach has a feel for the game of football.
    Houston went for it on 4th and one and now has the lead. Philbin refused to go for it on fourth-short twice, but then decided to try it on fourth-medium. Incredible stupididty and inconsistency.
    How on earth does Mr. Ross not see this?

  31. Author

    Joe Philbin is the only man on earth who thinks that Caleb Sturgis can make a long field goal?
    Has Philbin not watched Sturgis’s career? You remember Joe Philbin, right? He’s the guy who thought Sturgis was better than Pro Bowler Dan Carpenter.
    Why doesn’t Mr. Ross see how inept Philbin is at every single aspect of football?

  32. Author

    Where are the Dion Jorda fans today? Yet another ineffective and silent week from Dion. It’s laughable how many Dolfans say we need to play him more!!

  33. Author

    This could be the last Dolphin game for Jason Trusnik, and he is playing well and fighting for his job.
    Joe Philbin is performing like a man who knows there is no danger of losing his job. Mr. Ross has assured him that no matter how terrible he is, he will be welcomed back,
    Can you imagine how heartily the Philbin family must laugh at Mr. Ross?
    Yes, I can lose games left and right and never ever improve, but my boss will reward me anyway. Sweet!!

  34. Author

    This SHOULD be a happy day. This SHOULD be the day when Stephen Ross FINALLY realizes how inept Joe Philbin is. This should be the day when Ross announces the firing of Philbin, and us Dolfans have an exciting couple of weeks as we await a new head coach. I want to be excited.
    But no. Mr. Ross has already given a vote of confidence to Clueless Joe.
    There is no excitement in Miami, except for Joe Philbin.

  35. Author

    Fake punt. Philbin’s team unprepared. But Rex Ryan is on the hot seat and not Philbin?

    Mr. Ross, we BEG you to reconsider.

  36. Author

    Touchdown Jets.

    But Philbin’s job is guaranteed by his boss. Wow, do we have the worst owner in the NFL? Or the worst owner in pro sports? What do you think?

    1. I confirm we have the worst owner in professional sports! Ross IS the laughing stock of owners. A guy who made a ton of money and wants to be a something in a big way that gets attention….a real estate guy doesn’t make the big lights like a NFL owner. So he’s got enough money to donate to UMich and have them name their business school after him (Steven Ross School of Business) but who cares but Ross? Be an NFL owner and now I really am “BMOC”!!! Fin fans are once again being held hostage with an incompetent coach. There is little to give me any positive hope. Ross isn’t going to now renege on his proclaiming Philbin is keeping his job. The moron opens his big mouth BEFORE the season is over, especially when the last game which we play our most dreaded opponent has yet to be played. What is this moron thinking? This again show the lack of knowledge Ross has for football and timing for things such as this. Why is it the fans get it and Ross doesn’t? It starts at the top-the top is Ross. We’re doomed until he’s no longer the owner.

  37. Author

    There’s not enough room in this blog to list Joe Philbin’s mistakes. Just too many. But one Stephen Ross correction could make up for all of Philbin’s errors today.

    Ross won’t make the move, but it would be nice. And correct.

  38. Author

    Late roughing the passer against the Jets. Just decline it and end our misery.

  39. Author

    I don’t even mind watching this loss today. But what I DO mind is knowing that no change is coming.
    Ross has already stated that this type of season is acceptable to him, and he is too much of a coward to change it.
    We are stuck with this garbage for another year.

  40. I know they get paid a lot, but how’d you like to be one of the good players on this team who realizes that next season is already doomed…that must suck.

    1. I just commented about how sad I feel that no change in coach is coming. Nut you are right Maku…the players must feel a hundred times more sad than us fans.

      Like the blog said, only the Philbin family is happy today. Job security for Joe!

  41. Housecleaning time as several of these players apparently could care lessa bout winning. Time to shop all the Mike Pouncey types to get an extra pick or two in the upcoming draft.

  42. Lots of negatives today. Finn was clearly not healthy and cost them big. I like that he tried but I think that his days may be done. Unless the doctor tells me otherwise I cut my losses find another guy and hope the kids come back healthy and more experienced.

    Philbins not going anywhere so odds are Coyle will get pinched. He was slow to make changes so I’d be fine with that. If Jordan is miscast why not try him at LB a position of need? Shit the guy can cover a TE….

    Oline still needs 2 G’s durable ones!!!! Move Pouncey back to center hopefully Alberts back healthy. Need a durable S as well. I go BPA in the first round either way…

  43. Loss means Dolphins get Ravens and Chargers as opposed to Bengals and Chiefs. And they draft at 14 instead of 15. Would have been much better to send Rexy out humiliated rather than with that big ugly smile on his face.

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