Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald recently said it was foolish for anyone to write off Dion Jordan as a bust.   That just proves how foolish Beasley is.

Friday night, Dion Jordan played against the Falcons’ third- and fourth-string wannabe bench-warmers, and he didn’t make a single play.

He couldn’t beat guys who were just picked up as undrafted free-agents.

He couldn’t beat guys who were working day jobs last week.

Couldn’t beat guys who couldn’t beat other undrafted guys.

Our third-OVERALL pick playing against a bunch of Atlanta’s scrubs.  The scrubs won. Beasley is way wrong.  Jordan is a bust.

Maybe we are wrong.  Maybe Dion Jordan will shut us up and come out in Week One this season as a man a mission.  He’ll sack Tom Brady in Week One and…oh, wait a minute.  Dion isn’t allowed to play in Week One.  Or Week Two.  Or…you get the idea.

Dion Jordan.

This kid had been given every opportunity, and we have nothing to show for it.  When is it time to give up?  When is it time for writers like Beasley to realize when they are the ones being foolish?

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