Mike Sherman Hired! Did Philbin help him again?

Yep, Mike Sherman has a job!

He’s now the head coach of a small high school in Massachusetts.

On his first day on the job, Sherman immediately called a timeout on offense so that the opponent could take a rest.  Then he prohibited his QB from ever running a QB sneak, and he told the QB that they were going to pass the ball when all they had to do was take a knee.  Vintage Mike Sherman!

When Mike Sherman was coach of the Packers, he had BOTH Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre and finished 4-12.  I point that out all the time.  He had Favre AND Rodgers and yet only won 4 games.    THAT is a terrible coach.

High School Coach Mikey Sherman

So when Green Bay fired him in disgrace, not a single NFL team wanted him.   Sherman was demoted down to the college ranks at Texas A&M, where he lost every bowl game he was in and, once again, got fired.

Again, not NFL team wanted him.  But then a funny thing happened.  Sherman’s best friend, an inexperienced elderly coach who had never called a play in his life, got the head coaching gig in Miami.  31 NFL teams said “No thanks” to Mike Sherman, but his pal Joe Philbin said, “Sure, come run my offense.”   It was the blind leading the blind.  The inept hiring the incompetent.  The unaccomplished working with undeserving.

Mike Sherman learned sleeping on the job from his boss, Joey P.
Mike Sherman learned sleeping on the job from his boss, Joey P.

A few years later, Sherman was fired yet again, sat out 2014 because no one wanted him, and now just took another demotion down to the high school level.  It’s insulting to the high school kids to say that Sherman is where he belongs.  He belongs no where near a football field.

We will not forgive or forget the boneheaded calls he made as Dolphins’ offensive coordinator.

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  1. Hopefully next year were all talking about how Sherman is hiring Philbin to be his QB Coach at whatever High School hes coaching at!

    1. Author

      That would be awesome!! I could just see some 15-year-old freshman kid raising his hand an asking coach Philbin why would you call a timeout while the clock was ticking on the other team.

  2. Hey-great news on my 64th birthday-NOT (again)!

  3. Author

    Happy Birthday, Karma!
    You were absolutely right about Rishard Matthews…no one wanted him !

  4. I know Sherman has Massachusetts roots and he probably only took the job because his old lady is riding him at home about why she continually has to make a boiled dinner with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

    This is a non-story. I’m sure his offense is good enough for Massachusetts (NOT a football powerhouse state) and he’s likely buying time until some college comes calling or God forbid the NFL again. Or maybe he’s riding off into the sunset coaching kids waiting for hockey season.

    I swear…… if the Dolphins spit out another 8-8 or 9-7 season Philbin should be hung from a palm tree (figuratively). We’ve got too much talent now. I’d go so far to say that if we go 10- 6 with a 1st round playoff loss Philbin still needs to go. Bill Lazor should be the coach & we should ALREADY be scouting the next best DC.

  5. Bryan I can’t say I’m sold on Lazor yet. I think he has done some really good things especially the first half of last year but then some boneheaded things.

    I will say we don’t know how much philbin was over riding him but I think it was quite a bit so I’ll reserve any ridicule of Lazor and conclude by saying I would love to see him as intern coach if philbin does his usual “screw-the-pooch” the first four games. That way we get a feel for him without burning another year.

    If philbin is gone after this year we need a real coach! It’s been decades we deserve it

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