More Draft Options as We Get Ready for the Buffalo Bills

As many of my readers know, I tolerate Jet fans and Patriot fans far easier than Bills fans.  There’s something about a fan base that watches their team lose 4 Super Bowls in a row, and yet they still won’t shut up.  So it really pains me to want to pull for a Bills’ victory in a few days, but I know deep down I have to.

We got the one win I wanted.   We even got a bonus win that I didn’t expect.  As I’ve mentioned, it’s time to turn it all off now.  2019 was an experiment, and we need to look ahead to 2020.

But…the players aren’t getting that message.  They are fighting for wins, and it’s hard to blame them.

So after a few days of sulking over “What might have been,” (it seems very unlikely now that we’ll get one of the top-top-top-tier players), I’m going to shift focus and remind myself about the unpredictability of the draft.

I have to think of guys like Ryan Leaf or JaMarcus Russell.  Both were utter busts.   Those are some recent, obvious examples that everyone brings up.  But there are a lot more draft busts who are more subtle.

Look at our last game, for example.   A game we wanted to lose turned into a win because the Colts had to use their 3rd-string QB.   And part of the reason they used a third-stringer is because Andrew Luck quit on them a week before the season.  Even before he quit on his team, was Luck a success?  We all remember the Suck for Luck season.  Peyton Manning was hurt, and the Colts lost 15 games.

At the time of the Luck draft, Manning was healthy again.   The Colts had a choice of sticking with Manning  (who went on to 2 more Super Bowls with Denver) or else drafting the can’t miss Andrew Luck.  We know what they did, and we know the results.   Tanking for Tua doesn’t mean the kid will be great.  He could be another decent QB like Andrew Luck or Matt Ryan.  Serviceable, but not game-changers like Mahomes or Russell Wilson (both of whom were taking later in the draft).  So there’s hope.

Drafting 3 stud linemen all in the first round is an unglamorous route to take, but you’re almost (almost!) assured that at least one of them will grow into an NFL stud.   But there are literally thousands of lineman busts too; you just don’t hear about them because of the nature of the position they play.

A month ago, I would have said DBs are a must draft too, but our ragtag group of unknown, undrafted, inexperienced guys are really playing well together.  All without Reshad Jones, X Howard, Minkah, Tankersley, etc.  It’s a miracle that won’t last, but it shows that the defense is coming around.   So maybe we don’t need to draft a whole slew of guys, but rather some replacements here and there.

So, while I still don’t want to win any more games, it’s not the end of the world if we sneak a few more victories in there.  I don’t like saying that, but I’m trying to be optimistic…

Your thoughts?   Was Andrew Luck ultimately a failure?  Is the Dolphins’ 2019 a failure if we don’t get one of the top QBs in the 2020 draft?



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  1. Author

    P.S. GO BROWNS GO tonight !!!!

  2. More food for thought… Lamar Jackson just barely made it into the first round thanks to Baltimore trading up to grab him. Looking back on it now, would you rather have him or any of the four QB’s taken at the top of the draft (Mayfield, Darnold, Allen, or Rosen)? Granted Lamar’s style of play will concern many about his longevity but you can’t argue that he has been FAR more successful than any of those other four with some people even going so far as to call him the MVP. So to your point, it’s a bit of a crap shoot. Who’s to say a couple years from now everyone won’t be wondering why someone didn’t take Herbert before Tua or Burrow?

    And I don’t think Luck was a “failure” but I think you can certainly say that injuries put him squarely in the “he coulda been something special, BUT…..” category. I think he’ll be remembered as a very good QB when healthy but never was able to stay healthy enough to be anything more than “very good”.

  3. There might be other ongoings such as letting Rosen sit for 1-2 years before he is ready. Draft O-line and D-line etc… and let Rosen come in when the team is really solid. Rosen has a very plus arm and they might feel he can learn the position. NOt sure this is true but it might be. Stay with Fitz for another year and then there is still a chance the go for Lawrence next year.

    1. Author

      Replacing Fitz with Tua, Herbert, or Burrow wouldn’t bother me.
      Replacing Fitz with Cam Newton or Colin Kaepernick would infuriate me.

  4. Thanks to the Browns for winning last night…..

    1. Author

      Yes, Larry.
      Let’s hope the Steeler woes continue. Pouncey is suspended a few games for his roll in the fight. I use the word “fight” loosely. When your teammate tackles a guy and pins him down–and then you come over and kick a defenseless man–Can you count that as a fight?
      Also, let’s hope Connor and JuJu stay hurt. Yeah yeah yeah…I know you’re not supposed to wish harm on other players, but we need the Steelers to lose!

      1. Steelers gonna be fighting hard for those wins! Hopefully they don’t win anymore because we need a good draft pick!! Anyone see Tua today?? Man terrible injury…I hope the guy is doing ok.

        1. Yeah, listen to the audio of Tua screaming in pain. He shoulda came out as a junior….

  5. Tua out for the year with a dislocated hip! Better steer clear of him!

    1. Author

      Interesting development indeed. He might slip even lower now.
      And Floridan…he’s only a junior, so I don’t think he was eligible to declare last year or else I’d agree with you.
      Going back for a wasted senior year is very risky for any junior prospect.

    2. Feel bad for the kid. He went from almost assuredly a top 5 pick to….. Well who knows right? Guess we’ll see what the official prognosis is but I’ve read some speculation that it’s similar to what ended Bo Jackson’s career. Hopefully he’s able to work his way back and maybe even be a great QB still…. But there’s no question that teams will be leery of the injury and it’ll affect his draft stock….. 😞

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