1972 Dolphins Named Greatest Team of All-time by the NFL


To celebrate its 100th anniversary, the NFL put together a list of its greatest teams, and the 1972 Dolphins took the top spot.    Some say this was an obvious choice.  The Herald today said it was not a surprise.

Me personally?  I’m very pleased and a little relieved.  A little surprised.  You see, despite their 17-0 perfect record, other teams and other analyses have pointed to “better” teams.  I remember a while ago, ESPN ran some computer simulation tournament using state-of-the-art statistical input, and the Dolphins didn’t win.

Other writers say the 72 Dolphins were good “for that era,” but they couldn’t compete in the modern game.  Hogwash.

All it takes is a few of those naysayers and a few computers, and before you know it, the Dolphins of 1972 might not have won this Top 100 Survey.  Thank goodness they did.

For anyone old enough to remember them, there simply was no better team.  TEAM is the key word there, because Bob Griese broke his ankle in Week 4.  The Dolphins had to rally around a backup QB, and still stayed perfect.  When Larry Csonka came out of games to rest, they put in Mercury Morris.  BOTH of those guys rushed for 1,000 yards.   The defense had no stars.  They were a bunch of no-names, but they were deadly.

All that stuff embodies teamwork.

Check out this video clip:   https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/watch/nfl-100-greatest-teams-no-1-1972-miami-dolphins/vi-BBWPIJ1

I love the way Joe Namath talks about that defense.  Such respect.


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  1. Really is awesome to see. They were a little before my time so I can’t say I can truly grasp how great they were but I’ve always thought they don’t get as much respect as they probably deserve just because it was so long ago now. Nice to see this time they most certainly did.

  2. I always questioned that simulation by ESPN. How does a computer compute a loss by a team with no losses? The probability of a loss is zero. Just a thought.

    1. Author

      I still think ESPN goes by popularity and what the “in” trend is.
      1985 Bears are always in the running, but they weren’t perfect.
      19-0 New England patriots wold be #1 if they weren’t, actually, 18-1. What a great day that was.

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