New G.M. Must be Firm With Philbin

There have been a lot of reports about the rift between Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland.  If you believe the Miami media, the rift began when Jeff Ireland demanded changes after we got beat by a winless Tampa team.  Our offense was terrible that night, and Ireland rightfully demanded Philbin change some things.

Rumor has it that Ireland wanted Mike Sherman gone.  It’s rare for any Dolfan to side with Ireland, but in this case, Ireland was 100% correct.

Of course, Philbin would not fire his best friend Mike Sherman.  So this situation apparently got elevated all the way up to Mr. Ross, who chose Philbin’s side and allowed his pal Sherman to stay.

Now with Mr. Ross’s backing, Mike Sherman had job security.  He took that job security and drove us right OUT of the playoffs.  Finally, after the season, Mr. Ross demanded that Mike Sherman go.  Make no mistake about it…Joe Philbin did not fire Mike Sherman on his own.  He had to be threatened and coaxed to do so.

We need a GM who will have the power to fine, punish, and fire the head coach.  It makes the HC accountable.  With no accountability, Philbin is allowed to hire his best friends and watch them run our team into the ground.  No more.  No more.

Our opinion would be different if Philbin had a distinguished track record of success.  But he doesn’t.  He’s proven nothing and has accomplished nothing.  When he starts proving the GM wrong, then we’ll listen to him.  Until then, he is the one who needs to listen.

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