Ten Simple Memos for New Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor

1. Welcome, sir.
We’re all very excited to have you come aboard. We’re putting away all pessimism and look forward to what you bring to the table. You just spent a season working for Chip Kelly and his fast-paced, exciting offense. Maybe you even helped create that offense. You helped turn Philly into a playoff team in only one year.


2. QB Sneaks are legal in the NFL.
No one is sure why Mike Sherman never called a QB sneak. We had numerous 3rd-inches and 4th-inches throughout the season, but Sherman never called the sneak. Even worse, Joe Philbin never stepped in to correct this. For 16 weeks, Philbin let his friend Sherman call the same ridiculous plays when we needed an inch. Hopefully you can talk some sense into Philbin.

3. Don’t suspend loyal, dedicated Pro-Bowlers.
People seem to forget that the NFL did NOT SUSPEND Richie Incognito. It was the Dolphins. Now this might have come from Mr. Ross or from Joe Philbin or from Jeff Ireland or from Mike Sherman. But in any event, the Dolphins were a weaker team without Richie. Punish him if you want, but don’t make the team weaker, ever. Ever. And when 50 current Dolphins tell you how much they love and respect Richie, listen to THEM. Listen to your own players,
not the media.

4. Don’t call for pass plays when we simply need to run out the clock.
In 2012 vs. Arizona, Miami had the lead with about 3 minutes to play. We had the ball around midfield. We were running the ball tremendously well.  A few more handoffs, and game over. But no. Mike Sherman decided to call for a pass. Sack. Fumble. Defense recovers. Opponent scores. Dolphins lose.
In 2013 vs. Buffalo, Miami had the lead with about 3 minutes to play. We had the ball around midfield. We were running the ball tremendously well. A few more handoffs, and game over. But no. Mike Sherman decided to call for a pass. Sack. Fumble. Defense recovers. Opponent scores. Dolphins lose.
It’s almost spooky how an Offensive Coordinator can blow two games in the EXACT SAME WAY without learning a lesson. Even worse, is after he blew these games, his friend, the head coach Joe Philbin, said that Sherman made the right calls.
Mr. Lazor, please make the REAL right calls, not the Joe Philbin fantasy world of right calls, where your right calls end up losing you ball games.

5. Use Mike Wallace more, and better.
A lot of Dolfans have been on Mike Wallace’s back all year long for not earning his money. Here at Dolphins Truth, we think that is hogwash. Wallace’s lack of production is mostly due to a poor offensive scheme. For example, Wallace lined up on Tannehill’s right side on virtually every single play through the year. Sherman
never mixed it up. I think even a child would tell you that when you mix things up, it might confuse the other team. Mike Sherman refused to mix it up.
Also, there was a concern last year about Tannehill missing his long passes to Wallace all the time. When asked if they can practice this more, Philbin and Sherman said that you can’t practice the long ball too much, because you need time to practice other things. THAT quote is another reason we are so happy to be rid of Sherman. If you’re good at math but do poorly in science, you study science more. If Tannehill is awful at the long pass but is great at handing off to Lamar Miller for no gain, then you ask (demand, order) Tannehill to practice the bomb.
Devote a whole day to it. Devote a month to it. Whatever it takes.

6. Don’t call for spike plays when we have the defense on the ropes.
Mike Sherman killed us in the Raven game by calling for a spike play toward the end. Baltimore was tired and had the wrong defense on the field. But instead of taking advantage of that, Sherman called for a spike play to waste a down. His rationale: “I wanted to give the offense a breather.” What genius Sherman failed to realize is that
he also gave the Ravens a breather. They regrouped and stuffed us on 2nd down and then sacked us on third.
Thanks to Mike Sherman.

7. Don’t re-invent the entire offense.
Parts of what we did last year worked. We liked the short passes to Hartline, Gibson, and Matthews. Keep it up.
Study what we do well, and stick with it. Abandon what we don’t do well. Or make us better at it.

8. Change Tannehill’s cadence.
It’s laughable how even casual fans could tell you that when Tannehill says, “Go,” then a pass is coming. When he says, “Go Go,” then a run is coming. If regular fans can figure it out, then the defense did too. Mike Sherman never changed it. His pal Joe Philbin never stepped in to order Sherman to change it. Stand up to Joe Philbin and make him realize when he’s wrong.

9. Pitchouts are allowed in the NFL.
Apparently, Mike Sherman thought pitchouts were illegal. And flea-flickers. And Wildcats. There are so so many
creative plays available, but Sherman never called a one.

10. Develop a killer instinct in Tannehill.
When he throws interceptions, get mad at him. Make HIM mad at himself. No more sulking off the field looking so despondent. When the defense has a 12th man racing off the field, have Tannehill hurry to snap the ball to draw the penalty. Make him bark cadence differently to draw someone offsides. Peyton Manning does this stuff constantly, and Dolfans can only look on with envy. Get that killer instinct going in Tannehill, instead of always having him follow the book.

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  1. Great points so glad Sherman is gone!

    1. A few people still defend Mike Sherman’s experience, but I don’t get it. Philbin should have fired Sherman on his own, instead of being forced to fire Sherman.

  2. Sir you have crystalized my thoughts about all of the events you wrote about. To bad your summation cant land on the dolphin coach’s desk each morning like the daily paper. These are all my thoughts exactly. Never have I seen a team I followed make so many wrong decsions in every facet over a few decades now really. I want to start believing in the hex theory because it’s just become a real mess thats hard to like anymore.


    1. Richard is 101% correct!!!

  4. If Ross knew more about football and less about hollywood stars, glitz and glamor, we could have been a much better team.
    Lazor’s “ten memos” are basic rules for a team that wants to win in the NFL. When the majority of fans…
    who have never played a down of football…(and yes, this includes women), know what should have been been done to win, then you have to wonder “what were they thinking”???
    As a loyal season ticket holder for 43 years, and for the last nine, a 6 hour round trip drive…these are my thoughts!

    1. Amen Marianne. Ross should focus on players, not movie stars

  5. i don’t think our team is going to matter, until Ross sells the team. its apparent mr Ross doesn’t have a clue. any body i n their right mind wouldn’t come her to be told that can’t hire & fire there own coaches. thats ridiculous. this whole organization needs an overhaul and it starts with Mr Ross. then the coaching staff..

  6. Hopefully Lazor can talk some sense into our Coach, and Bumbling Owner..

    1. Right on, Rock and roll. One of the reasons I keep coming back to read Dolphins Truth.com is the way they discuss Joe Philbin. All you ever hear is how smart he is and all his experience, but this site goes beyond that and analyzes his decision. STARTING with his decision to hire his best friend, Mike Sherman 2 years ago.

  7. Dolphins have taken on the persona of our coach. No fire, no passion. You want a killer instinct from Tanny. Get a coach in here that will get in his face and challenge him. I cant believe Ross has not figured out what the rest of the NFL already knows. Joe is not an NFL coach.

  8. nice article. I’ve been saying the exact ( and i mean exact) same things all year long. mike sherman exhibited some of the worse play calling i have ever seen in my life. he ran THEE worse offense I’ve ever seen in my life. its kind of unbelievable that he never moved wallace around, it was like watching pee wee football. i like how he kept running stretch plays all year even though they never worked. with an awful o-line, he ran his first and second draw plays of the year week 17 against the jets on our only touchdown drive. my brother and I were laughing and high-fiving when it happened. anyways, its a good thing that we missed the playoffs. if we made the playoffs the shermanator would still be here.

    1. @greg. you’re right about if we made the playoffs. We’d be stuck with Shermie again.

  9. Do the Dolphins know about this site???
    Can somebody tell them??
    I’m a life long Dolphin fan, when I was a kid in Opa-Locka I lived accross the street from Byscaine Collage. The site of the Dolphins training camp.
    I think the thing Don Shula was best at was making a team greater than the sum its parts. Kinda like the evil one in N.E..
    And yes, I believe in the perfect cruse, and

    1. Author

      We do not think that Dolphin management knows about this page, but we welcome them to read it! We realize we are critical at times, but we are factual and the management can learn a thing or two just by reading what us fans think!

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