News on Timmons and Gase and Cutler

Multiple sources are saying that Lawrence Timmons is back on the team, practicing in full and ready to play this Sunday against the Saints in London.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  He might “accidentally” get on the wrong plane and end up in Pittsburgh again.

Something is very fishy about this whole situation, and the truth may never be known.    Many reports speculate that he missed his kid and wanted to visit.   But if that were the case, then the Dolphins and Timmons would acknowledge that.   It’s odd and it’s probably unprecedented; but it’s NOT something to remain so hush-hush about.  Something more to this.   But it’s less important now if he’s truly back on the team and if he produces.

I’ll give Adam Gase credit for delivering an honest assessment of the Dolphins’ performance against the Jets.  He didn’t hold back.  He cursed.  He blamed players.  He said changes will be made.  He was angry.   I love that.

I think he took it easy in Jay Cutler, who deserved the blame more than anyone else.

Speaking of Cutler’s awful performance, one thing I noticed about him is he has the same demeanor as Ryan Tannehill.   You never see him mad.  Never see fire and passion.  Never see him scream at his line.  Many people disagree with me, but I feel that passion and a winning attitude are important characteristics of winners.  Tannehill is one of the most complacent pro athletes I’ve ever seen, and yet Cutler has him beat!  I do not see their will to win.  Ever.

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  1. I don’t like what happened in the Timmons situation but fact is they need as much help as they can get

  2. I absolutely agree with you regarding the lack of passion in our QB. While it may be unfair to compare any QB on our roster to Marino, I can distinctly remember Marino getting in his teammates’ faces, yelling and cursing, and ultimately firing his team up. The same goes for Gase. I see a lack of fire on the sidelines. I believe if this team showed some passion, agressiveness, and desire, the Dolphins can be scary good.

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